Sunday, July 22, 2012

Criminal Madness

TWO Different Endings 

a freedom fighter buried with millions of people's hearts                                           a traitor  buried with nobody's heart           

The criminal completely mad and  he intent to destroy whole Syria, anyone kill him that is the most patriot act to  Syria and her people!   

The world leaders are just repeating same wording! Non-effective wordings, " criminal should go...!"  well words is very easy cost nothing, also they don't want to commit money so they are saying excusing " supply non-lethal weapons...etc" How the FSA army fight for the criminal gangs without heavy weapons?   Remember weather you like it or not the HURRICANE WIND BLOW ONE DIRECTION - THAT IS FREEDOM FIGHTERS' DIRECTION!!! remember that!



This is to all of the Syrians living abroad, inshAllah one day you will be coming home, and to all the people that supported Syria and the FSA and called Syria their 2nd or 3rd Home, All are welcome to come to Syria!..The Return is soon inshAllah!By Allah swt Syria will be FREE!

Suggestion:  the gulf nations or even the revolutionist side( their new nation will be meet the honourable golden  prize)   set up prizes - billions -  for whoever kill the criminal Assad, the  pool is big enough, group or individual... speed up bring forward his down!