Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Vision Of A Democratic Libya

A Vision Of A Democratic Libya

The interim national council hereby presents its vision for rebuilding the democratic state of Libya. This vision responds to the needs and aspirations of our people, while incorporating the historical changes brought about by the 17 February revolution.

We have learnt from the struggles of our past during the dark days of dictatorship that there is no alternative to building a free and democratic society and ensuring the supremacy of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations. This can only be achieved through dialogue, tolerance, co-operation, national cohesiveness and the active participation of all citizens. As we are familiar with being ruled by the authoritarian dictatorship of one man, the political authority that we seek must represent the free will of the people, without exclusion or suppression of any voice.
To that end, we will outline our aspirations for a modern, free and united state, following the defeat of the illegal Gaddafi regime. The interim national council will be guided by the following in our continuing march to freedom, through espousing the principles of political democracy. We recognise without reservation our obligation to: 
1. Draft a national constitution that clearly defines its nature, essence and purpose and establishes legal, political, civil, legislative, executive and judicial institutions. The constitution will also clarify the rights and obligations of citizens in a transparent manner, thus separating and balancing the three branches of legislative, executive and judicial powers.  ... Here read more


Statement of the Transitional National Council on Counter-Terrorism

The Transitional National Council affirms the Islamic identity of the Libyan People, its commitment to the moderate Islamic values, its full rejection to the extremist ideas and its commitment to combating them in all circumstances, and refuses the allegations aiming to associate al-Qaeda with the revolutionists in Libya.

After reading the above, and  reading this paranoid blind men’s no feeling, ballasting  fear of Al Qaeda monogram Arming Libyan rebels: Should U.S. do it?

and my answer is  DO IT! DO IT!

Kill Gaddafi!

Arming the Pro-Democracy Fighters

Kill Gaddafi! All the hotshots are sitting at geographic proximity,  talking elaborate variables, classic verbal prelude, courtesies on their well breed, snobbery  barbaric finality of Gaddafi, while so many people are suffering. Gaddafi must be killed  now.  World can not wait until  Gaddafi makes his mind up  for  manic rampages, and all his option run out,  well that would be so expensive  and too time consuming.  You know when you have in powerful position you have to have empathy. Not just sitting there talking all kind of supposition apposition imposition. We human are strange animal.  We think we see we feel, certain period yes we need something so desperate, unwavering belief your wish is not rejected so we ask nicely and nicely patiently,  but certain period our wishes not answered. We all strife and hared whoever we ask for, well why not Al Qaeda? We would say, that is right we are all pissed off!  We go to an opposit direction. Well all the hotshots(bastards I call them in private),  The timing running out, Just in Time Delivery! Relationship building is all about understanding! Most of the hotshots in hot seat  never had any experiences what is like to be that situation. Preserving their subjugate backside.   Right now The Fighters want Weapon! Give them, right now please!  You have their money-  billons billons seized from Gaddafi- that is rightfully belong to the Libyan,  take that money and give them weapons. Some nice powerful weapons all these nice modern machine guns, tanks.  You have the power; I get the solution! Kill Gaddafi!  His life more important than 6 millions life?  He won’t go as he said he will fight in his last bullet! Probably last Libyan!  Whose cost? That would be the world and Libyan cost. Worthy of human life, preserve the human dignity and decency, hope to the world, warning to all the tyrants around world. Your lone wisdom reach out  to the world and  kill Gaddafi.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Libya will be Rise From Its Ashes

Image from NYT

There is lots of people worry abut Libyan revolution and  after Gaddafi. Fear of they might link with Al Qaeda. In my view, yes there will be problems certainly, but that is normal in any sense any countries has to go through changes after civil war and long period dictatorships. If not that won’t be change. Change is always goes thought storms. Libyan changes would be good. That is depended on peoples( yea there are tribes). When you read Libyan history, their ingrained tribe cultures and rivalry that is normal too, many countries went through same things some centuries earlier. Vast desert, Sahara continent unkind to human existent until oil which is not long ago. Oil made all these Arab tribes urbanized and at financial stage at the world. Libya was one-man-show land, Gaddafi was a Libya, rest of Libyan no more than Gaddafi twinge. 40 years Libyan was deprived, fair share of oil wealth, and keep them in a dark, make sure content enough not thinking anything else. but this bloody technology get out of Gaddafi hands. Bloody Google, as they can see whole world googling around their fingertips and the bloody Facebook impetus inexhaustible new funfair…--ofcourse education, travel world become small--  make impossible whole young people in dark custody. Young people become deadly smart as they know Gaddafi doggedness. Now all the tribe want their fair share of pie too. money can do lots of things in a nomadic sand desert. they want to decent living. Why should they turn into their future anything other than that? That is not make it sense, they know they will lose lot if they do. Now all these Young People, put their life, in front line and fighting for freedom certainly they are not fighting some seedy criminal organisation Al Qaeda. If they lose this war, yes may be. But that is unlikely as it is now! So the world no more insulting Libyan. Blood bathed their soil. Their family and friend been killed front of them, human life was worthless, their homes have been ransacked. Bullet holes debris hurricanes went through. They know then their soil is their only soil left for defend.

Looking into their eyes, you know then who they are. There are no longer Omar or Ahmed, but they are the Libya. The Soul of Libya, Embodiment of Libya. Their powerful survival instinct. No fears, nothing matters anymore. A dark morbid gutted times zone, but they never forget who they are! Ardent survival! The powerful passionate vengeance to the world. They want to powerful Libya. So never ever going to suffer and humiliated by themselves mercy of other counties. They are fighting for themselves, the strong Libya! No one ever decide their faith but themselves only! How? The only way achieve this they have to be powerful, the democracy. Only the democracy will provide the powerful Libya, the independent Libya. They have seen it. Others did it, why not Libya! As the Omar Mukhtar has been the Libya. The powerful Libya will raise from its ashes like the Phoenix!
Image from Reuters  Finaly have some horse power!!   10 no make it 30 no make it 100 of these to fix gaddafis for sure!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Make it Simple!

This is Nato Chief says:
"Our goal is to protect civilians and civilian-populated areas under threat of attack from the Gadhafi regime," NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. "NATO will implement all aspects of the U.N. resolution. Nothing more, nothing less."
This Gaddafi army took away civilians they are cleary very young, may be underage

Libyans Seek News of Vanished Relatives- Where are they?

Where is Eman Al-Obeidy?

So many evidences so clear, so why not NATO arrest Gaddafi  and handover  to the  International Criminal Court or hand over ot the Libyan Transitional Government. There are years years bundles of evidences more than enough constructed cases and to execute him.  Gosh no worries world make it simple. World want to see some practically instead wangling over make it more complex, make it simple.  Gaddafi is the problems if he goes all the problems disappear in this particular context.  The only problem is Gaddafi nothing else at the moment. It seem to me that every thing justifiable that as long as that is protecting Civilians.

We should ask 40 children in the schools how to solve particular problems instead of all the hotshot ministries of 40 counties!  

This video from Misurate

Gaddafi terrorise  Libyan Civilian  in this way what evidence you want more!
We all put aside our differences our own agenda, think of the 6 million people freedom their decent humanly  existence they want nothing more than they want freedom, free  to speak to smile to walk and to breath thier own air  that is they all want! That is not sin, they didn't do, or they are not doing anyting wrong! so you, the world, you know what you have to do!
Here is people calling from Misurate! What can you World do about this? Nice cozy armchair shrink thinking about how to crazy Gaddafi next rampage how about make up some your mind killing Gaddafi off, no more room for one crazy despot thinking about so many innocent Civilian live!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Libyan Motley People’s Army  and Transitional Government!

The Ragtag Civilian Soldiers  didn’t have much weapons so whatever they could gather around scraps of Gaddafi army left, often very old, you could hardly called it weapon but belongs to junkyards. Now they gather whatever scraps from alliance bombing sits. But nice to see bit of new weapons too.  Imagine how on earth they thought they could confront full scale armed army with their bare hands and march this much that is indeed immenseness of their courage, will power and their hellish bravery.   I have deep deep admiration what they have done so far… much more to come

Sunday, March 27, 2011

How To...?

Al Jazeera's says 
The coalition forces can say everything they are doing is aimed at protecting civilians. But now it's not Gaddafi forces who are advancing, it's opposition forces advancing. The next big place on the map after Ras Lanuf is Sirte. Now that is a big city, it's Gaddafi's stronghold. If opposition fighters start advancing on that, how can you say it's Gaddafi's forces who are threatening civilians? Gaddafi's forces will be the ones holding the ground, and those that are advancing would be the opposition fighters. [It will be] much harder I think for the coalition then to act in favour of the opposition in the terms of that UN resolution.

As long as Gaddafi in there that is still war. Even if he surrender he is potentially arsenal, we all know how his mind work. So the allies keep doing it exactly what allies set out to do. if you are doing right thing every thing justifiable but then we have to know what is right thing to do


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Her Name is Eman Al-Obeidy

The world see and know her where about, whoever took her you can not harm her! The world know about her, so  make sure she should not be harmed!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Who doesn’t Like Fire Work!

Tornado jet Fire Work from The Telegraph

This Concerto spicy your fire show!

Played it this morning FM! I thought it nicely goes with this bombings. Amazing powerful all the air strikes, I must say feel good about it. Particularly listening this kind of pieces! You see destruction horror is no longer but it can be beautiful too which side you are in!
All the depressing graveyards will be a vermilions sunset shrine!

Libyan rebels take Ajdabiya
Libya rebels 'recapture key town'

US, Nato consider arming Libyan opposition

 Arming the Libyan People’s Army should have been a long ago, how could anyone fight with bare hands. They had no preparation, yes this is a war, and passion goes with discipline and weapons. Strategic mobilization,  logistics…etc… with a great flexibility…  they will have full modern weapons soon also training then it is matter time killing Gaddafi off, no more this  horror show!  Nice things happens to us all around!

Remember, all the Libyan People’s Army made from civilians, so the Coalition airstrike not violated anything. Coalition is protecting Libyan civilians. They went demonstration against Gaddafi and Gaddafi army shot them so they went out protects themselves, turn into the fighters with their bare hands that was where all this war start. They have been doing a immense job! They are civilians by all mean!!! Hoping all these nice weapon arrive  from all over the World soon! The world should give them nice modern weapons, rich far eastern countries give their support generously all equipments useful for wars and as well as weapons. just for example if any company want  advertising(free) on their product, this is a great chance expose their product, e.g I saw Toyota track goes around all the battle field with LPA, that exposed world wide least some hundred millions viewers you can imaging. I could not help myself thinking that what a great  free advertising!!! Any company die for that kind of exposure! Do you know how much you have to spend that kind global exposure! Now we all know gaddafi finished so you have to hurry up if you don’t want missed your great mechanising chance in here.

In addition, after this war Libya will need a huge reconstruction job, you know if you want  bit of piece pie that  business you better hurry up! Give everything what the LPA need generously selflessly!! Well we all know after all we are in business!!!  

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Ownership of Billions

All the frozen and seized money from Gaddafi around world, they should give back to People of the Libya urgently, in this case, care of Libyan Republic Interim Government, the World says Gaddafi lost his legitimacy of his leadership so naturally legitimacy goes to the Interim Government. So the money should release to the Interim Government. They badly need the money urgently. Also I saw a lady fighter! Their utmost duty is for care every children, this should be same important as the fighting in front line so they should organized themselves every level so that they can play a vital role in this galvanized war! Remember you can give your life to your children! They are so exposed to this horrendous of war! But they are very resilience as well.

Sanctions against Libya

Freezing Gaddafi’s billions

When I was looking the bare hand fighters, I had deep deep admiration, sadness and horror their bravery. And I hate the world, what the world become, and world not doing enough and the visual image haunted me all day and I belive it broke the world's heart too.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libyan People's Army

World watch this, around world, what is like to be that situation, all city bombarded we all support Libyan People, Gaddafi made all this horrendous war, World must give them Weapons, they fight with virtually empty hands. Hey you, Gaddafi side fake loyalist! 

This morning Libyan people wake up

They find Love in their soil
Bejewelled with pearly dew face
Godly smiling at skeleton edges
Top of their brothers’ grave
Weathered wearies sunbeam shadow
Their bruised tattered soul
Love pervade all, voice says
War and love one
Enemy is not enemy but our brothers and sisters
We don’t point gun to our own brothers and sisters
We see the true that see ourselves
That is now I don’t want to lie myself
All that clear now the sound of lone sand desert
Calling our love centuries centuries
We now hear our true voice
We are the One Libyan
That is right Libya is Libya
Can you hear my brothers
Do you understand?
We are all Libyan!

End of the day the gaddafi guy other side across the love fence to join their brothers! Come across the fence now to your brothers to the Libyan People’s Army! Be wise! don’t swayed by gaddafi money, that is not his money to give you that is your money, he steal it from you. Don’t sell your soul to a little nobody, give your soul to your land!

Libyan People’s Army Chief Wants Weapons!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


O man what a spectacle!

International forces bombard targets in Libya

You know now what we have gone into. War is itself no more war but techno. Always remember if you do things right - don't steal what is not yours!- you have no worries! What on earth Gaddafi think or thought Libya is his own and belong to him so he can or could do whatever he likes, that is 41 years has been. That comes end now! All the tyrants around world, see this, the land the resources soil the air is belong to the people, that is not yours take, make your own, but these things are belong to the people, they are the sovereign of these!!! You are the servant of your people! The people are your ruler! Remember that!!!  

Nic Robertson CNN
Umm distortions!  Gaddafi should not insulting Libyan people  intelligent anymore! He should remember Saddam Hussein Ending

All this mean, the problems has names it is called a  Gaddafi,  it is costly problems, so for sake of cost; human and economical cost, the problems should be eliminated  soon as soon as possible.

Libya: why Col Gaddafi will fight to the bitter end

What Furture Hold Gaddafi's

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Dear Wise Old Man

Omar Mukhtar las word is

"Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un." "To God we belong and to Him we shall return.".

Pass Through The Resolution Name Of The God and To Him We Shall Retune to Our Land!!!  

Libyan People is not a sweet bite of a meal Gaddafi can swallow. 41 years he tried to change our belief and opinion, God lets him down.

With God blood, God drew the victory!!!

You who measured the sea and the earth and the numberless sands, ...

So, sailor, don't spite me, don't be sparing with the shifting sands,

grant instead a little to my unburied bones and skull --
then may you stay safe whatever the east wind vents against
Hesperian waves when Venusian woods are beaten back,
may a great reward flow down to you from Jove and Neptune.

She Walks in Beauty

She walks in Beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellowed to that tender light

Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,

Had half impaired the nameless grace

Which waves in every raven tress,

Or softly lightens o'er her face;

Where thoughts serenely sweet express,

How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,

So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,

The smiles that win, the tints that glow,

But tell of days in goodness spent,

A mind at peace with all below,

A heart whose love is innocent!

Lord Bryon

I guess now His duty to protect and honour her to bloom!!!

Libya Live Blog - March 19

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Libyan People’s Army Power !

GOSH Remeber you have alreay now  6,906,427,410 friends!!! dont' forget few minus Gaddafis'!

NATO has said that regional support for such a move would be important, and the European Union has made it clear that it would prefer to see the Arab states back such a step before it takes action. The United States has said a no-flight zone is an option but has argued that the United Nations Security Council will have to approve it, too. ...

So we now only left UN Security Council approval, everyone want hold their hand. NATO and EU was shivering making their own decision for no-fly-zone for flying, passed the baton to the Arab States and they had no problem, making their decision. So it seem it will be kick off soon.  

So now I think  the Libyan People’s Army focus recruiting and training, full defence not attacking. Bidding time, it is matter of time now. Also one of State oil company also spend oil revenue for the Libyan Republic.

Yes the Three Week Old Revolution achieved a lot, the international support:

The Foreign Relations  also has been estblised
Libya protests: Diplomatic options

Meantime the  Libyan Republic Council ask outsiders to assist for their telecommunication system e.g. satellite system,  among other many things.

I see this LNC page Italy withdrew their support fot the Council, that is very opportunistic, it was sitting on the fence and now bit LPA setback they withdrew.  Italy support gaddafi 41 years,  30%  oil import from Libya Italy colonised Libyan for 35 years.  After 360 years under Ottoman Empire. History indicates that, Italy don’t want to the People of Libyan win this revolution. Ofcourse Libyan people never forget their history.  When the Chief of the Libyan Republic was interviewed by CNN, you can see the picture of Omar Mukhtar behind him, the picture is clearly to be seen, this is profound symbolic meaning to  the Libyan People. Symbol of their struggle to convey to the world, centuries of centuries,  their soil, their sovereign right, strip off destroyed by their colonial masters. "It is time we take control of our soil and our sovereign right!” it says.  Italy action is very short sighted and opportunistic should be condemned and the Libyan People never forgive forget that. Italy you will be deeply regret your thoughtless feeble wisdom soon!  

 God bless Arab League!!
Mind you I am fixable my believe system as I believes everything except what I don’t believe.

Funeral for  Ali Hassan al-Jaber from Al Jazeera

The below image from Al Jazeera

The LPA  Fighters have everything: campfires, trucks weapon, a lovely dusk, a cooking pot, a blanket and of course their own free Soil!

The LPA Emad al-Giryani Funeral

We Are Taking A United Stand Against A Thug Who Is Killing Muslims!

The World - We Are Taking A United Stand Against A Thug Who Is Killing Muslims!

Qaddafi cannot be allowed to think that he can massacre his people with impunity. And he cannot be free to make those attacks more lethal by using his airpower. If the UN cannot approve a resolution for implementing a no-fly zone, then the US and its allies in NATO and the Arab world must be prepared to prevent a massacre like the one that occurred in Srebrenica in 1995, when more than 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were slaughtered. ...

We Are  Taking A United Stand Against A Thug Who Is Killing Muslims!
INDEED Mr Kerry!
All we need now is a supersonic propeller in our brains and flying wing of love!! We the world now need sagacious leaders! and Go after the nobody gaddafi!    

Srebrenica massacre, July 1995 killing of more than 8,000 Bosniak men and boys

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear World We all Know Your Dirty Game!

Unveiling the World Dirty Game

Look if this child is your child what would you do?  You are not losing anything of backing up Libyan People is investment Ok! Now looking into your portfolio, you sell off gaddafi stock ok! Reinvesting to Libyan People stock! risk diversification, rough sum up your Hanging Man assessment possible Risk and Return. I bet Libyan People struggle is dragging on not so good for your return. Backing them is reducing your risk your return. EU country had immensely enjoyed nice cosy deal with tyrant Gaddfi for last 41 years! Can you all see his executioner approach him with his Noose for hanging gaddafi's neck. We all know your dirty game! Your 41 years dirty game with gaddafi - hump pump- should change to another a Good game. See you have nothing to loss! Only gain any game you play but backing up Libyan People make you feel good yes end of day a deep crimson wine gives your head elations instead chained into sadistic garter belt! Here is finest whip for your day, beat for your fettered untroubled conscience for the humanity!

Rebels Defiant as Qaddafi’s Forces Gain Momentum   and  Here the articles goes with!
Here Obama: Noose tightening on Gaddafi

US and EU say Muammar Gaddafi must go
Noam Chomsky warns against intervention in Libya, BUT for BUT only BUT, the world should responds if when the Libyan People Want INTERVENTION!!! The Libyan people want the world intervention! You the world get it! Gosh thick head the world! You need supersonic propeller in your brain to go fast!

Hoot! I kill  gaddafi bastards!! He says.   
I like this picture, what a handsome smile!

This make my day!

Yes, the French is a great! Mr Sarkozy bravo!

Also Bravo Portugal and UK too!

That I am going to long run now!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Here is the most experiences expert wise GENERAL MERRILL A. MCPEAK says, --remember the General is saying (Wow he has lots of Medallion for lots of dirty wars), -- OK! Make it as a simple! As:
“I can’t imagine an easier military problem,” he said. “If we can’t impose a no-fly zone over a not even third-rate military power like Libya, then we ought to take a hell of a lot of our military budget and spend it on something usable.”

He continued: “Just flying a few jets across the top of the friendlies would probably be enough to ground the Libyan Air Force, which is the objective.”

General McPeak added that there would be no need to maintain 24/7 coverage over Libya. As long as the Libyan Air Force knew that there was some risk of interception, its pilots would be much less motivated to drop bombs and more inclined to defect. ...
So seemed to the World can not make decision we all make decisions for them, we do it easy way, do make it easy from the complex, wit of simplicity. This wise old man says. Hey you world please listen these two oldmans' wisdom!   Very simplely prevent bloodshed!

The World if you have little conscience you can give huge cheer to The Chief of the National Libyan Council, and all the Libyan revolutionary people! If you can not trust them who you can trust. Don’t you all feel their earnest and noble asking for a little bit hand to their fighting for  their decent and  dignified existence. We all think U.S. President Mr Obama calling the shot! Becase he has the most powerful cool Air force in the World!

Update: Hey you the World your fellow members are joining to the Libyan National Council that is indeed smartly sweetly stepping, their foot work is agile so they can dance and sing any rhythm, rest of the world make please sure you are not left out as tainted morally rotten traitors conspire of the Gaddafi’s family!

When you are a real person, we all live ONE life, this is my opinion, think about it, you have no problem to make a decision that save life of 6 million people and that gives the 6 million people “Freedom” that is a precious gift of all! Remember this! So get into the bandwagon and rolling on! Make sure you are not missed out this great world historical event you remember as a lover not as a traditor!

This from Project Syndicate  

The UN Peremptory Brain Drain

Gosh what is going on, Wow the UN is the ultimate Chief affiliation decision tanker.  Its head over blown with no-fly! Gosh when these difference peroration perspiration anti… this anti…that cocky heads make their marble cherishing up. But you know that your riskless decision immensely good for humanity. Take out your brain calculator front of your head, slick go thought your flunky numbers, sums up and the historical number tells you that you are not losing anything, but a faultless error, you gain from the error! It is paradoxical supposition. How good is that you are able think on your feet to make nobility discoing that is profitable dictum!

"...The EU's first priority on Libya was to address the humanitarian crisis and assist with the evacuation."
I think the EU also must underhand that politically recognise  the NLC, as the legitimate Libyan People representative is one of most prime priority, this kind of decision the EU must not drag on must recognise the NLC right now as that i) gives straight signal to Gaddafi stop cling on power and stop killing people. It is preventive. That is also ii) to give the NLC effectively establishing or reestablising  legitimate political  power (credibility) dealing with outsiders, this mean they can establishes economical and political relations outside the world so that they can be self suffincent even if it is beginning, but it give positive signal for rest of the world, this can be effective. Also prevent a political vacuum. Preventive is much cheaper than cure!

I can understand the West bit worry, whether the NLC genuine or not, they are bit of doubt, but that is healthy thinking instead of completely trust so that our areal antenna alert, but hey all our make decisions bears bit of risk but you do quick dirty number work, your gut feeling tells you the risk is relatively < lts reward then well what the hell! Please the world stop phobia of Islam, remember enemy is in your camp much safe. Who knows they become a friends as they are just word.  I have a very strong opinion on this. Free!

This is from US Air Force Website, their Value. We must understand that they are professional armed fighters killers defenders and warriors. The world's most technologically sophisticated air force( probably very savages, cold-blood killers for their enemy), Gaddafi is shivering in his killing blanket! This kind of enchanting nobility, very moving I must say, and what is going on all the counties. I am glade that this noble decree in our alliance, this world beautiful and comforting again. It looks like a star war, from another galaxy. They might rune into full of ETs. It is very enchanting! 

The below is partly copy for your thought:

The Airman is a person of integrity, courage and conviction.Integrity is a character trait. ...

It is the willingness to do what is right even when no one is looking. It is the moral compass, the inner voice, the voice of self-control and the basis for the trust imperative in today's military. ..
It says, integrity is our moral compass… I like that!!  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You the World Please Bit of Help to Libyan People!

The Council’s statement

In this important historical juncture which Libya is passing through right now, we find ourselves at a turning point with only two solutions. Either we achieve freedom and race to catch up with humanity and world developments, or we are shackled and enslaved under the feet of the tyrant Mu’ammar Gaddafi where we shall live in the midst of history. From this junction came the announcement of the Transitional National Council, a step on the road to liberate every part of the Libyan lands from Aamsaad in the east to Raas Ajdair in the west, and from Sirte in the north to Gatrun in the south. To liberate Libya from the hands of the tyrant Mu’ammar Gaddafi who made lawful to himself the exploitation of his people and the wealth of this country. The number of martyrs and wounded and the extreme use of excessive force and mercenaries against his own people requires us to take the initiative and work on the Liberalization of Libya from such insanities. ...

Founding statement of the Interim Transitional National Council
1.The Council emphasised that the most important role is the one played by the youth. They were the base of foundation of the revolution and the focal power for the Libyan to reach where they stand today to be able to demand the termination of the dictatorial regime.   ....
Finally, even though the balance of power is uneven between the defenceless protestors and the tyrant regime’s mercenaries and private battalions, we will relay on the will of our people for a free and dignified existence. Furthermore, we request from the international community to fulfil its obligations to protect the Libyan people from any further genocide and crimes against humanity without any direct military intervention on Libya soil.
I believed that the Libya is not same as Iraq or Afghan. See this CIA Factbook, vast resources rich country, relatively high literacy, high urbanisation, just outside EU door step. They have their own resources for looking after their war, just a such that the Libyan People’s Army is so young inexperience, they had no preparation,  any war need to well disciplines and need many of strabismical strategies, of course high moral is one of the key recipes of wining but that does not alone guarantee the quick and dirty winning. Minimisation causality. LPA need quick and dirty winning. But they are unpolluted so outsiders you - the world have vast experience quick/dirty game. I believed that LPA need bit of hand OK?   The Libyan Republic - The Interim Transitional National Council wants outsiders’ hand, so bit of help, what is good thing about your in a power.

A reporter says: "The will and the determination and dedication that people are showing here on the ground, it just makes you speechless," if you are wiser you know people fighting for their freedom, it is good for your country. What is wrong with you all?

NATO chief also said “… it is our job to conduct prudent planning for any eventuality," we all are excited by his noble wording.

All these years most Libyan colonial masters and neighbouring counties have gain from Libyan people suffering, they blinded Gaddafi dictatorship, it is time for them return to Libyan people for their owing, help them free from 42 years suppression. Inevitably you can imagine what is unfold now they will never go back. You want one person Gaddifi die or 6,420,000 Libyan suffering and or possible tens of thousand causalities, choice is yours! Bit hurry up you the world!!

See this video from NYT
Read this snail walking   NO-fly-zone

P.S you have all these years experience of wars, so you know how to help LPA  in discreet manner so that  that they are must liberate their own country, respect their dignity and proud,  and their sense of ownership,  so when times comes LPA they won’t forget your thoughtfulness and kindness.

Wow this USA AirForce   amazing very HOOO...impressive  showing off thier wizardry, gee nice they say piece of cake to do things every day, they read probably  lots science fiction when they were kids wonder why Gaddafi his hands up already, you Gaddafi you have no show now!!  

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oil in Business

Strategic Points
From BBC


It is hard to tell with Google map doesn’t say where the things are in, but outsiders bit of help these seas and air and blocking roads where key points set up and besieged the City. So roads blocking through key check points Tripoli city so that you don’t need massive people to do, it must allied with Tripoli people. Strangling!!!

P.S. If The Libyan National Council want to no-fly-zone in their land up to them so UN should authorizing it,  in a humanitarian level,   no, not UN route,  that take too mess and too long, I think NATO will do (U.S. Naval Institute says so), what is good thing about you have horse power you have bit flaunting it, OK? Remember the Oil,  you are talking about Oil in here so you have to give whatever LNC wants! That is only LNC wants it. That would be save lots of civilians casualty.  Gaddafis’ attitude would be  if I can not have it no one can have it too!!

Here is a nice bird eye view map goes with your morning reading lively!

The New Face of Libya

2011 Libyan Uprising - Live Blog

Here is the Libya interim government, National Libyan Council and Here is the Libyan People Fighthing - 2011 Libyan uprising

A farther was looking for his son, finally he located his son, in a hospital freezer, a cabinet drawer has been pulled out front of him, there was a dead body feet, the father said “he is my son!” without expression his face was blank and his body also motionless. His hollowed voice was flat, whisper himself. Confirmation is a betrayal, without confirmation you still have fraction hope to cling onto, wonder the old man wished to die with his son right there… his son’s death brought him an expulsion and derivational shock which made his earth sunk into millon miles below where he stood. His powerful unbailable realty constitutes his own prolong. A dead man laid on the flat stillness table, a shadowed motionless life as Rembrandt’s portrait, lovely shaded shrouded, Rembrandt would paint that lovely shade over the dead man’s face. Yeah, a 15 years volunteer, he said that “I want to fight Gaddafi to protect our people!”. What a wit of proud! His spoke with his beautiful faces with full of passion and enliven! 15 years old, umm…set his life for his country. On the contrary, Gaddafi 40 years old son said he is fighting for his father! Well that says all! The Gaddafi family has no place for Libya, here is V, Victory for the Libya and the People of Libyan vs the Gaddafi family. Matter of time all the solders will come to the People of Libya, who going to fight for one crazy family! Actually I believe any proper country constitutional would say, a mad or mentally unstable person should be removing from the head of country.

Interesting things lots of tribes join to the People also majority of population is under 30 year of age. You know why now their blood is boiling “enough of the crazy tyrant!” Libya natural resources is belong to the people of Libya not Gaddafi family, which Gaddafi has been stealing it from the Libyan People for forty years. The natural resources are very sensitive issue in any country!

Here is also lots of nice Scenes From Libya - from NYT

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Libya Her Oily Love

Libya, Remember the War, the virtue of war is wining no matter what, and you have greatness strengths above all; the Oil and the Love. You have it flaunting them! It is called Oily Love the two things put together you have no problems. You must occupied Oil fields, also nothing wrong ask outside bit of help when you are stuck, e.g. weapons food medicine basic stuff for your people, ask them lots in civilian level, must keep trade as the economy is never stop...

Launch a huge propaganda for the rest of army, ask them come to you, the PEOPLE side!! They should come to anyway that is their rightful place! The army must serve their Libya, the People of Libya, not the despot who has no legitimacy!