Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faith Of Tyants

All the tyrants’ faith are same, soon or later they are all expired with disgraces  by their courageous people and some were(are) gone down drains or some are gone with wheelie bins, like any other goods. They are all  forever gone!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Freedom Is Essential Worth To Fight For

Freedom is not exclusive commodity but essential for all of us as long as we breathe. Some people are lucky enough, they have never experienced what is like to be years years of fear and suppression. In history,  most revolutions are hefty cost of people life and bloody- of course there are few exceptions, but nevertheless when people dare to challenge and want to change their suppressor, they believe themselves, they no longer fear of tyrants that is the beginning of their blooded (or bloodless ) victory. The heroic Libyan people, the great Libyan people they had enough of Gaddafis all the reasons. Not like Egypt, they had to fight with guns; so many young people was willing to give their precious life for the freedom, which so many life shed blood during the revolution. Without NATOs' help – you can argue in many ways its involvement- but end of the day, the inexperience civilians freedom fighters' bloody courage alone was impossible to the victory. Let alone without NATO intervention, Gaddafi wipe off eastern side of country by a huge massacre possibly. Last 6 months Gaddafi carried out atrocities, his intention and his capability were very clear and have been proven. So they needed outside help and they asked for and they get it, for whatever reasons. That may be commercial reasons i.e. oil or disguised as humanitarian, nevertheless same. So post Gaddafi, some Nato countries want to fair share of rebuilding Libya is fair. If I were Libyan people I am happy to give any commercial contracts to whom, they helped me when I had my darkest time and wanted that help so desperately. Well hindsight, some countries have been sitting at the fence all along, they didn’t take any risk, or almost the risk has been removed, so now they want to fair share of pie, well that is too bad if they miss out their share of the pie. Involvement other country’s conflict like any other investment- trade, economical benefit for the countries who involve that conflict, sometimes years years to come. In Libya Nato-allies involvement is investment. War any war is very inexpensive expensive, these countries have been spending on fortune air strikes bombings and toppling Gaddafi. They want to have the rebuilding contracts what they have been destroying last 6 months, that is the finest, two faces of the world of politics. I must say. For Libyan, cost side point of view they paid hefty prices for their freedom with blood and money but otherwise Gaddafi was going be crowned as a king of kings or an emperor of emperors- all of his sons were princes of thieves on a kingdom of thieves, make their own kingdom of thieves. Under Gaddafi, Libyan were forever enslaved second rated citizen they don’t have right and dignity but living as Gaddafi’s mercy, Libya was not their own Libya.

NOW they have their own Libya, Libya belongs to all the People of Libya.  They are identified by themselves as courageous proud of Libyan or Barber Libyan, what they stood for and what they fight for.  In this case NATO have been doing a finest thier part of job for toppling Gaddafi and hoping NATO will stands for any other conflicts around world, like  what they have showing us  at Libya.  And after that they get a reward for it so what, everyone needs a good reward if they are doing a great job!!! To be frankly, there is no such thing as free as free but we are all agent of our own personal interest that is same as the world of politics too.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

NTC IN Charge Tripoli

Libya rebels move base to capital of Tripoli  AFP

LIBYA's rebels have announced the transfer of their leadership to Tripoli from their Benghazi base, boosted by a UN decision to release millions of dollars of cash aid within days.

"I declare the beginning and assumption of the executive committee's work in Tripoli," Ali Tahuni, a senior official of the rebel National Transitional Council, told a press conference in the capital.
"Long live democratic and constitutional Libya and glory to our martyrs," he said, announcing the holders of key posts in a new provisional government....

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hand In Hand Build The New Libya

LIBYA: Rebel leaders say transition 'begins immediately'

Mahmoud Jibril, one of the leaders of the Libyan rebel government, said that the country's transition "begins immediately"
"This is the new Libya where every Libyan works as a beloved brother, hand in hand, to serve the interests of the nation to ensure equality and justice for everyone," he said

Monday, August 22, 2011


Sunday, August 21, 2011


Congregations, the great people of Libya  and long live  free Libya!

The UN(or equivalence i.e. EU or whoever readily available and deployable right now hence UN will be take time to go through)contingency team for the Libya they must go into the Tripoli right now!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tripoli Have Waken Up

Wow Free Libya!

UPDATE 1-Libyan rebels fight for Tripoli airbase –activist: From Reuters

“Tripoli as a whole has revolted ... Shouts of 'God is Greatest' are emanating from mosque minarets," said the activist, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"There is information that Tajourah has been completely liberated, the (pro-Gaddafi) brigades started from yesterday to withdraw completely from this restive suburb."

Gaddafi's days numbered, opposition must prepare -US: From Reuters

The United States has recognised the rebels' National Transitional Council (NTC) as Libya's legitimate authority. Feltman called on its leaders to uphold human rights and ensure an inclusive and representative government after Gaddafi goes.

They should work together now and plan to establish the rule of law, set up transparent and accountable institutions and provide safety and services.

Libya: Gaddafi faces final battle as fighting erupts in Tripoli : The Telegraph

Fighting has erupted in Tripoli after rebels closed in on the Libyan capital, raising hopes among his opponents that Muammar Gaddafi’s regime is finally on the brink of collapse

Libya rebels 'begin Tripoli attack' : Mirror

Libya Rebels Start Offensive to Wrest Capital Tripoli From Qaddafi’s Grip : Bloomberg

Friday, August 19, 2011

Victors and Protectors


From Al Jazeera:

"I won't expect any kind of rush in next several days and hope they would take all the strategic patience required."
The NTC must ready or quickly formed civil order teams each liberate cities towns( they should be  -sleeper cells -within liberate towns),  their movement coordinates with the freedom fighters frontlines. After the freedom fighters liberates the cities and towns, while the freedom fighters  clear up pro-Gaddafi fighters thoroughly and the team maintained civil order and  must implements  security systems their  liberated cities and towns,  cooperation with other liberated areas. Restore normal civilians life as much as possible, less disturb  previous administrative  e.g. public servants should work so that cities town administrations  are should functioning, police/security are  must functioning,  encourage people open shops and markets.
Also the freedom fighters not revenge pro-Gaddafi ordinary civilians, ofcoures there would be exceptions but most of them are innocence victims of Gaddafi, even if their wrongdoing are grave it is not the time, there will be time they can be address by law.


This music goes for the brave freedom fighters who fighte sweat and blood for their Libya,  and also the fallen heroes whose life under the laurel tree, fertilize their free Libya, come alive as beauty and goodness!

Here Freee Misurata  so many Misurata Zliten freedom fighters have fallen for taking Zliten! But we all remember their precious life will be blooms forever, every road sides every cities every towns the vast desert and every lovers’ hearts what they fought for what they stood for, for their free and democracy of Libya,

SURMAN, Libya | Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:38am EDT :Reuters

Libya rebels take another town in West -Reuters witness

Foreigners mass evacuation in Tripoli: From Free Misurata

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Face of Victors




 From Free Misurata

Copyright 2011 The New York Times Company

An RAF Typhoon takes off for a mission over Libya. Photo: EPA

Libya: RAF airstrikes sink boat filled with Gaddafi troops after refinery battle

...“I’m sure they are hearing the internal communications of the regime leaders who now know they are facing the end.”

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Music for the Victors

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 - 14:39 - Libya

According to the news agency AP, the Libyan opposition have cut off the oil pipeline to Tripoli from Zawiya.

You never tired of this music, very romantic and full of emotion, you want to lose yourself unknowns.  Hours days months when we are fighting our senses are height of alert, hyper sensitive, instinctive to survival, copulation of bloody surroundings. We never mistake about the war and romance, think of, but they are all the same, tragic of  human faith, whether you are emperor in a  palace or beggar on the street, death is death, in that regard, why Gaddafi cling on power? Cost of so many lives last 40 or years. He has no right to kill so many innocent people and disregard their dignity for so long. He has no empathy of human soul.   At times when a time is tough,   we long for touch deep inside with our authentic soul and searching for a shelter within us. Sometimes despair if we can not.  Least that way we can not be a mere killing or war machine but we can be a human full human regardless what, so that we never forget that who we are.   See through eye of Libya and the Arab Spring, the tapestry of the world of politics and economical power game, which weaved into all animalistic human civilizations.  Nevertheless no matter how much we are advanced by still we are human with full emotion  therefore we feel the tragic of human farce we feel the joy of ridicules we feel the beauty of human soul who believes in goodness .

Monday, August 15, 2011

Music For All The Freedom Fighters

Beethoven - Symphony No 5 by alexandru2006

When the freedom fighters fight they fight like this music, can you feel this music? I feel anyway bluster, a mad man full of anger rage passion pain full of loath explosion and cool coiled with vengeance and always never lose your cool, calculation utterances and otherness! Finish off unfinished business that makes us more of longings! I am a believer, always the goodness prevail! How dare Gaddafi think he can get away with after this atrocity, so many precious lives fallen becase of one man’s stupidity and greediness.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Winner

Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 22:36 - Libya  From Al Jazeera

Colonel Jomaa Ibrahim, a spokesman for the rebel military council in the western mountains, has told Al Jazeera that "opposition fighters are in control of Az Zawiyah, surman, Agilette and Gharyan. There are clashes in Az-Zawiyah and Gharyan as opposition forces are pushing pro-Gaddafi forces out".

A great everyone ready to protect their Libya and fight for their people!

A dream, a sun bleached rugged town edge where  quite mid summer heat was silencing field, there was a village gas station like, trees covered low mound see throughthe the blue sky,  a main street there was a water tap, crystal sounds water stream flow down,  a freedom fighter was drinking water from the tap!  

Az-Zawiyah Free

Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 10:56 - Libya From Al Jazeera
The gains are possible "because the Gaddafi forces' defences were weak and that fighters received help from inside the city. As they expected, residents took up arms and fought alongside them when they arrived.
."The town had previously risen up against Gaddafi, but government forces quelled that uprising.

"Today's victory would be the opposition's most significant in months because they were just 50km from Tripoli, a mere half an hour's drive, if they could hold the territory and stave off a Gaddafi counter offensive," our correspondent said.
Great people of Az-Zawiyah  they have been waiting for last few months for this moment. Their brothers and sons have been working so hard inside and outside.  I am glade that they finally free!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Freedom Figthers Busy at the Frontlines

Girls flash victory sign at the rebel-held town of Benghazi, Libya, Friday, Aug. 12, 2011. (AP / Alexandre Meneghini)

Saturday, August 13, 2011 - 21:18 - Libya ; From Al Jazeera

A rebel force of about 200 fighters advancing from the south reached a bridge on Az-Zawiyah's southwestern outskirts, and some rebels pushed farther into the city's central main square.

They tore down the green flag of Gaddafi's regime from a mosque minaret and put up two rebel flags. An Associated Press reporter traveling with the rebels saw hundreds of residents rush into the streets, greeting the fighters with chants of "God is great."
Speaking to the AP by telephone, Abu Riyak said residents were now joining up with the rebels' assault, saying, "95 percent of Az-Zawiyah's people are with the revolution."

Libyan rebels claim capture of key Gadhafi stronghold- From the AP

  Libya rebels capture Tawurgha town

Libyan opposition launches new offensive


Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 06:55 - Libya  From Al Jazeera

Good morning, welcome to Al Jazeera's live coverage of the continuing military action in Libya.
Everyone  busy that is inculding me, and all happy becuase we are wining!Gaddafis so desperate now they are making up things and lies as they always have been doing but we don’t lie becase we are wining! So many frontlines are absolutely blusterous by the freedom fighters, high morals are the freedom fighters' wining secretes! They have everything to live for! Gaddafi has everything to dies for!

Misrata Never Alone but New Spring!

Orla Guerin   BBC News, Misrata

Libya's rebel-held Misrata numbed by loss and trauma - But Never Alone for Sure
The city has been liberated - up to a point. The regime's men have been driven out, but they are just over half an hour's drive away.

Misrata is still cut off - accessible only by sea. And the city has been numbed by layer upon layer of loss and trauma - much of it unspoken.

Local medical officials believe about 1,000 people have been killed and 8,000 injured.

There have been amputees. And then there are the missing - another 900 or so.

One family has more than 10 missing members. A 13-year-old boy has been waiting for them here, wondering if they will ever come home.
"We will be one hand after Gaddafi is gone,"
The world know your bravery and ingenuity for standing up and beat the tyrant Gaddafi, that spirit will live forever and all the way Tripoli and all the way to democarcy. Wake up my friend! Let’s go my friend! Let’s march forward my friend, let’s warm your frozen soul, like the storm, give yourself new life give yourself new blood into your numbed skeleton body, thwack the spring field, everything so fresh and joyful, let’s flow through every veins every streams every corners and every streets, deep breath in deep breath out, stretch to four corners with your strong limbs, nourished by the spirit of fortitude and lively life, Where cycle benign with never endings! Let’s go my friend! Your spring now!

Preparing Post-Gaddafi

Post-Qaddafi Instability in Libya - CPA Contingency Planning Memorandum No. 12   From US : Council on Foreign Relations


Multiple threats to Libya's stability and public order could emerge if the Qaddafi regime falls. Scenarios range from Qaddafi loyalist forces launching a violent resistance to internecine warfare breaking out among the rebel factions. This instability in Libya could lead to a humanitarian disaster, the emergence of a new authoritarian ruler, or even the country’s dissolution. Given these potential consequences, Daniel Serwer recommends in this Center for Preventive Action Contingency Planning Memorandum that the European Union lead a post-Qaddafi stabilization force in Libya. The force preferably should fall under the United Nations umbrella with modest participation from the African Union and Arab League. The United States should support the stabilization effort with the aim of helping to establish a united and sovereign Libya with inclusive democratic institutions. Keep reading

My only comments on this not “if Gaddafi falls…” but When Gaddafi falls …,

Friday, August 12, 2011

NATO Obligations Must Be Fulfilled

Libya withdrawal without agreement 'calamity'

It would be calamitous if NATO ended its mission in Libya before a negotiated settlement between the two sides, one of Canada's top soldiers told MPs Friday.
To withdraw under the country's current conditions, he said, "would be a calamity. An absolute calamity."

NATO must  be fulfilled its obligations, you can not withdrew midst of the war.  That would be the worst scenario. In recent days, Gaddafi full focuses on propaganda   the NATO because he hopes  some people pressured on the  NATO so they can stop the bombings. But if NATO stops the whole Libya into the chaos. EU or international community should aware of the consequences of the regional – oil exporting countries- political and economical chaos. We don’t want anymore necessary conflict. Also the civilians fighters are moving and wining territories steadily and their moral is high.   Gaddafi is the problems as we diagnosed  five months ago, NATO able to pinpoint the problem and get rid of. Without Gaddafi the Libyan civilian safe. Gaddafi is the very danger. The interpretation of  the UN Resolution is up to the  NATO.   

Libya is not asking money, when many countries accept the NTC as the sole legitimate government in Libya- should hurry up- and also many countries release the money they seized from the Gaddafis, and continuously pressured on Gaddafi then the civilian fighters in bushiness in their land.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Wellness The Most Important

Thursday, August 11, 2011 - 09:24 - Libya From: Al Jazeera

Intense fighting coupled with the desert heat and the Muslim holy month of Ramadan seems to be taking a toll on Libya's opposition fighters. Commander Fawzi BoKatif acknowledged to AP news agency that his forces were facing ver "very exhausting conditions". He said:

"A lot of the rebels have tried to fast, but we have tried to convince most of them to eat and break their fast because of the intensive fighting and the heat and high temperature since it's a semi-desert like area, even if the food supplies are available and continuously under their grasp, but because of the severe conditions so we convince them to eat and not fast."
The freedom fighters must have food, this is an exceptional circumstance. Their health is not only theirs but for the victory of this conflict and free Libya and belong to the whole Libyan people. Without their united healthy body and healthy mind they can not sustained the hardship of the deserts heat and figthing. They must nourish with decent food and drink lots of water with some vitamin supplement.  We all must understand least try to understand what is like to be in their situation. The Allah definitely would  understand that too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Capturing Brega

Aug 10 (Reuters) - Libya's rebels said on Wednesday they were on the verge of capturing the coastal oil town of Brega, in what could be a decisive step toward unlocking the country's oil wealth and forcing out Muammar Gaddafi.


Libya presence with her new style, dignity and elegance befit her democracy.

NATO and Libyan officials both refuted damaging claims Wednesday in the 6-month old civil war, with NATO insisting its airstrike killed soldiers and mercenaries, not 85 civiliansas state-run TV claimed.

Gaddafi new tactic try to blame Nato but that is a futile attempt. So many lies, all the bodies probably they kill, or Gaddafi soldiers or mercenaries.  

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Libya Embassy in London

tweeted by @HanyBeshr: Rebel flag goes up at Libya embassy in London:

I think that is very healthy democracy process. That is not cracks and divisions. That is disagreement and agreement part of democracy systems. Looking at any democracy people are unhappy about something they have right to speak out.   Differences that is precisely all about democracy. End of the day what is matter most is that, their common goal is topples Gaddafi.  Also the NTC must understand that, it is a war so their priority are the frontlines, not internal investigation it can be done, take time.  I am sure the NTC chief will handles their differences.  One thing make sure through, among them there is no Gaddafi flunkeys.

Young and Old Libya

Acacus Mountains Libya

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Freedom Fighters Formidable March

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reported rebels advanced an offensive in Bir Ghanem and Surman as well. She said, "Rebels advanced some 30km and are only 50km from the city of Surman.

"If they manage to take that town they will be able to cut off Gaddafi's main supply line in the west."

Here comes the victors, their formidable  march is will of free Libya, wings of their feet are propellers of the free Libya!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Allah Heavenly Blessing The Civilian Fighters

Our friends are very busy their front lines, very busy indeed. The Chief Jalil plea to his brave civilian fighters unite to topples Gaddafis "We need to unite now for a bigger cause." Sounds of golden creed. And here is the ever benevolent visionary Qatar flying in flying out delivery democracy services.  Looking good my friends you are going to really looking good my friends! Benevolent Allah always with us!

How you fighting a war with mercenaries. They don’t have sacred duty of their country, thus they have no loyalty to anyone, but their loyalty is their money, but then how many people they care of having money after their death. Whereas the civilian fighters all volunteers, even some of them are second generation of Libyans who lives overseas.  Theirs all sense of collective moral duty of their motherland, they all finding themselves share together one commonality that  is Libya their own soil.

Al Jazeera: Libyan rebels push towards Az Zawiyah

All the countries have been traded Libya,  for ending this war is your interest also Libya’s. By all means when a country is stable politically  it will be a good prosper trading partners which beneficial both ways economically. Gaddafi has no future. So everyone’s interest this conflict end should be bring forward. The civilian fighters biggest problems lack of ammunition, so international communities Libya trading partners should donated or loan for lots ammunition for the civilian fighters. Already few countries have been doing this, hoping  more countries involved this much better for whole.  

Lots of Front Lines!

Rebels have captured Bir Ghanam, a strategically important town in western Libya, ahead of a push towards Zawiyah: Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr reports

Our Friends civilian fighters are getting stronger and smarter and smarter, because when your ground is strong moral you can stand firmly with dignity and command your respect. That ground provide immense power of sustainability and tenacity. Allah teaches us, --Zen teaches us this also too. You see all the religion are same that is all up to you --Under Gaddafi 41 years Libya was an international terrorist and a laughing stock, no countries respected Libya, that was why perhaps Gaddafi brought his grandiose title “king of king” from   some of African tyrants. People with substance don’t need  feeble ego mongering. Anyway Bir Ghanam  is a great strategic victory and a great route to the freedom. Zawiyah, the great people of Zawiyah so keen and they know their times has come. Gaddafi soldiers have been taking drugs, I am not sure what sort of drug they are taking but there were lots of syringe lay around the ground where they use to stay, well that is end of Gaddafi!  How drug addicts fights on front line war?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Who Can Stone At People Asking For Their Freedom?

Bob Strong/Reuters

Bob Strong/Reuters
Blaming the Civilian fighters for fighting for their freedom. Gaddafis should not blame the Nato bombing! Why blames the Nato?  Blame the Libyan Civilian fighters for going for their freedom and free Libya 41 years of suppression and terror. The Civilian fighters is the problems to Gaddafi, not Nato-Allies for sure! The civilians fighters ask the Nato for help!  If the Civilian didn’t fight back to Gaddafi and if they are happy about Gaddaf 41 years rule, if they are happy about let Gaddafi family monopolies Libya soil,  if they are happy about Gaddafi family stealing all the Oil money and make no division  between Libyan sovereign bank account and Gaddafi family bank account, and if they are happy about Gaddafi is an international  terrorist with lot of proven track record and therefore  if they are happy about Libya branded as a terrorist state  in eyes of  the world community forever...etc then THIS CONFLICT  never would happen for sure? So blames goes to the formidable civilian fighting for their freedom. Have a great day my friends! Everything goes your way my friends!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Tripoli Brigade


Here comes the Tripoli Brigade, flying with soul of Libyan soil, the tiara of their dream in her forehead, glittering sunbeam tenacity, rolling dews in her roadsides, the spectres of summer blooms on mountain edges, every stones engraves their spoken deed, their formidable valour is justice of free land, their aim is clear, their road is clear! Here the great guys comes with freedom, The world applaud to their great journey! Move over coward Gaddafi you are expired! When the legend of civilization flourishes at Mediterranean Sea, then people are walking with their dignity their laurel will be planted at the freedom square, it will be grow like the giant shooting star at Mediterranean Sea. They are called themselves free Libya Libya Libya!


From Al Jazeera: A view of a tanker in Benghazi August 4, 2011. The Libyan tanker reported to have been seized by rebels opposing Muammar Gaddafi arrived in the rebel-held port of Benghazi on Thursday after being cleared to proceed by NATO ships enforcing an arms embargo, NATO said.


The rebels against the Libyan government captured the Cartagena, a ship loaded with 40,000 tons of oilproducts, on its way from Malta to Tripoli on Thursday.

This shipment was on its way to the western side to Gadhafi's brigades and by God's blessing our fierce men and our heroes from the east and the west were able to capture the ship," Abdel Hamid Ali, the Harbour Navy Engineer.

Bob Strong/Reuters

Their death never will be death but shining golden medallions of the free Libya for sure!

 Knowing  how to Gaddafi operates,  they claim Nato hit civilians at Zlitan, may be may be not. Gaddafi try to provoke civilians anger something to make the Nato look bad, may be this case too. Who knows Gaddafis killed them.  Yes smell of Gaddafi set up something that Nato look bad in here. He desperate to do everything to make civilian angry toward to Nato. Least we should give a doubt Gaddafi's claim, I am deeply sorry for civilian death, but either way Gaddafi account for, without him this never happens. I mean his case Libya is his family business, unbelievable how they think of Libya, Gaddafi and his family regard Liyba so little if they can not have anyone can have kind of attribute.  

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The First Libyan Republic Ambassador in US

U.S. hands over Libyan Embassy to rebel movement, official says

The U.S. State Department has said Ali Aujali, Libya's opposition representative, can become the official head of mission

Gaddafi son is lying in his body language. And he is in a great strain, any rational person knows, Gaddafi lost, no one alliance with losers with mental problems. What  are you getting out from Gaddafis? You have to ask that way?  Libya is a very delicious piece of cake doesn’t need a constitution!!! Well amazing stuff of Gaddafis’ perspective.   Many of Libyan people sacrifices their life for the freedom, for them Libya is not  a family business -delicious pieces of cake for fatting their own greediness-  rather  they want to free her from terror of monopolisation and they want to share  free and dignified Libya for every Libyan people.  

The Great Movement - Bring the Justic

String of tyrants  will follow Mubarak steps - The next is Gaddafi …and Assad … – they all will be captured –  will be caged- will be brought trials – the killers  will all plea not guilty of they  killing and  wrongs – SO The people/freedom fighters will read out their verdicts as they are the judges of the people and freedom fighters’ court and  will say “ you are guilty you will be either dead by hanging in our merciless  bloody rob…or…”

The Invincible Freedom Fighters

A young Libyan rebel test fires an anti-aircraft gun at a front line checkpoint near Tiji in western Libya, August 1, 2011.

REUTERS/Bob Strong

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A rude Arab awakening : Marwan Bishara is Al Jazeera

Once people dare to rise in defiance against dictators, as in Syria, regimes lose much of their capacity to instill fear or command loyalty [Reuters

Once people dare to rise in defiance against dictators, as is the case in Libya, Yemen and Syria, it means that the regimes have lost their deterrence, their hegemony and their capacity to instill fear or command loyalty. While an exact estimate is impossible, one could safely assume that the regimes lose about half of their power when they lose their dissuasive effect.

Once force is used and fails to tame or silence protesters, but rather brings them out in greater numbers, it diminishes the regimes' power by another factor, say, by a quarter.
Spot on! If they have no moral ground they have nothing to stands for, anyway YES we are striking the winning ball!  This is a great movement unavoidable it is our time my friends  no one take away this avoidable flow!   Here is a quiz for Gaddafi, when you are expired where you go?  

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Great Guys Sacred War

Libya's rebels to fight on through Ramadan

Libyan rebels celebrate after capturing the town of Al-Ghazaya in western Libya from loyalist forces in July 2011 (AFP/File, Florent Marcie)

"The Koran specifically says the sick, travellers and combatants do not have to respect the fast if they are unable to," Brahim said of the dawn-to-dusk fast observant Muslims are expected to adhere to during Ramadan.

"Our cause is also sacred -- it's a jihad. There is no question of us giving Kadhafi the advantage, especially since he's in a poor position. This is not the moment" to stop fighting, he added.
The Great Guys march is  sacred, in the eyes  of the God we are free and equal. You all  tyrants around the world all will punished by  your very own people you try to suppress! They all raise  like burning hell and bullet into your head! Remember that!  


Al Jazeera's Hoda Abdel Hamid has just been reporting live from just outside the western town of Zlitan, where rebel forces are advancing.

People under Gaddafi control areas are they either say they support Gaddafi or they nor support both side. That is common situation like this as; i) they afraid Gaddafi ii) they are brain washed by Gaddafi they don’t know what is going on, iii) they will changed their side whoever wins. So this case, probably Gaddafi using as “civilian” as shield so the NATO and the freedom fighters they have to whatever necessary they have to. Every conflict unavoidable casualties, but situation like the Zlitan, Gaddafi soldiers are pretending as civilians. Up to the freedom fighters want to streets fight that is up to them and if they need outside help(NATO) by all means ask them too. If there is NO Gaddafi soldiers inside Zlitan there would be no need to fights. If Gaddafi using the civilians as shields then NATO have to protect civilians too. If I were freedom fighters if the outcome would be bigger than the casualties than we go for it. For the NATO, there would be always casualties in any conflicts no matter how much they are careful but as long as the casualties are not intentional and protecting much bigger civilians lives as a whole then there would be certainly a justification.

The fall of Zlitan also poses problems for Gaddafi in finding new troops to hold the expanding front line around Misrata without drawing off other forces needed on the eastern front and in the Nafusa mountains to the west....
Photograph: Reuters

Will of People

How Long Can   You Against Will Of the  People? No matter how much you fractured their spirits, you can not bend them, their radian love shutter from their supernova,   they will bouncing back again again, you can not against the course of the stream.