Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ME? Godly Enterprises

ME? I AM THE GOD MYSELF! I declared. Once a friend, who was a Muslim, looking at me with deep sympathy and deep sorrowful eyes, his eyes was saying “ what an unrescue-able soul!” pitied on me. After many times I got into trouble heated with ”religious” well wheeled verbal diarrhea wars, this passion fade away, like unrequited love, nothing in illicit affairs that held interest last long. People ask me whether I ever confused I was brought up from so many difference religions and which religion I am etc... Well I actually never confused who I was, what I was doing. I learnt I was in the middle very early. I was very careful, I must in the middle. As far as my memory goes, I had to pleases the both side of fences for survival. I never had goes between two Grandmammas. The perfect spy whose cover never blown up because of “perfect balance”. They both asked me lots of questions the otherside but I never told them nice things to both side. I always told them “ how nice to be at home or in here!...”. they both delighted that I had no sign of my brain has been washed dried coloured and become a “traitor”. In a Buddhist monastery I was a little enlightened Buddha, operating branding “searching yourself” business in a plum size cushion at jumbo size meditation. At Shamanism altar I was a little Witch Dr Faust, an authoritarian, sold my soul to the ten thousand ghosts, god of wheeler dealer of “magic potion” cure-all enterprises. Confucius teaching I was an ardent Disciple of Confucius, pursuing ethical conduct of life of high office, business in green-clean, cleaning up all the rottens and hazards, environmental friendly pollution free squawky clean business. And Christianity I was a little Jesus in sin franchise business, I carried a cross, made from strayed world sinned souls and across crossroad build huge congregates around. I was busy myself building all the difference enterprises, business in my vein. I was playing myself, honestly enjoyed myself, oscillated into world of my own, work-out-myself, I was never forget who I was for sure! What was the attraction? Tales, they are stories stories, after stories…

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crazy Season Crazy Reason

When I was a little, Christmas was a devilish confliction. Grandmamma (paternal) a tall handsome field marshal, fully uniformed with deep Buddhism- Confucianism Shamanism, readily waging religious war against Christians my maternal side of family. She was a bit of devil, piecing dark fiery eyes freeze you off, anything is threaten her territory. As her concern was I might end up the other side of fence. She made sure I read her old tattered script first and deep vow to the family altar in Christmas morning before I headed off. She was concern about my Sunday church going. But nevertheless let me go because I learn something from Sunday teaching. She was secretly terribly impressed by  "poor" but well educated people(my maternal side family members have far more university degree than my paternal side, and few of them western PhDs). She called them “ losers”. Because white coloured profession spread moved around cities foreign lands. The concept of my uncle as a preacher, his preaching is paid by people’s offering was horrified of her. So she put them down by calling them trickery bunch. And another hand my maternal side Grandmamma, petty patted (gosh I un intentionally degrading her grace, this bloody English fault never my fault!) most angelic gentle person you ever met, a great cookie baker. I can be a visual venom, she was hoping I jump permanently into their bandwagon, singing “Hallelujah Hallelujah … a great foghorn preaching, harbinger of their religion to world. A conjure of continuity sprouting bandwagon rider in her domain and bright red hammered sense of culture superiority in her calm eyes. She never criticised my other side family openly but they called my family as money-monger uncivilised thugs. That was why I was so untidy and uncivilised. Confucius teaching, wastage is sin, you have to earn your merit and Christianity offering and sharing is virtue. Always conflict two difference, discriminated each another other so I learnt the discrimination and conflict very early age and how to navigate in my best advantage.

Today Christmas is, start with meanness meaningless wordings. A chocker block of inbox mails, cards, saying “ happy Christmas…” bular bular… cities took out recycled decoration on the main street as “ Year after Year death of original theme park” people sense of sensibility into their cameras mobiles sheer fakery. Cities recycling is a duty free original free, don’t need to think. Everyone duty to buy something that carry on their plastic bags bags gargled air. Everything gargles. Their scary duty to live and eat and drink merry merry cross excitement of examiners. And they tell lie to their children generation and generation of Santa existence. So their children become lairs as well as their grandchildren. Dazzling police officials( I have very soft spot on them), summer branded rite of drunken season, using their sensory devices catches drunkards and full speeders. They armed with sculptured body, guns in their garter belt and hid “dark” spots and greeting with you “hot” saucy smile. If they like you they offer you “body and soul” deluxe escort services into the cell. So make sure you understand meaning of you like them but don’t let them like you! Family, in-laws fighting over Christmas lunch time. Children torn apart from bitter old first marriage, young creed free second marriages; tidal theme park at a family in hellish season, eat eat drink drink tittering human endeavour is the “ festivities in a little hellish pudding bowel”. Once in a visiting right holders, children in an old folk home wishing their parent Merry Christmas to their ending soon and grumbling about inheritance tax.

Season of illicit liaisons, I rather become a devil, dethrone Jesus birthday, and replacing communal with a devil, preaching people unhappiness in their goddamn Christmas and exchange to devil’s incarnation. People showering themself paper wrappings, bathed with alcohol, pickled sultry meat, dried themselves with sour infested air, kissing and hugging dark plagued body and gazing at pit-bull terrier eyeballed malicious soul searching game, and smiling greedy teethed leathery jaw lined botoxed mouth, saying “ merry fat Christmas” I the DEVIL SAY, hey you human ditch your goddamned spend-drafted gifted warping paper god and forever gone with a merchant of hell.

Monday, December 20, 2010

“Tong – il” It Is A Problem Solving After All!

Our wish are Toooong-iiiiiiillll our dream are Toooong-iiiiiiillll … “Tong – il” mean “Unification”, I am singing “the Unification Song” I have to learnt to sing when I first enter our little primary school and almost every single day(mornings) along with Handel's Water Music Suite or Bach and Beethoven something played at a loud speaker. After few years you are so tired of so goddamn familiarity and become your second skin and built into your sense system become blunt, whether you like it. So for long time sick to death of the familiar sounds. But now, the familiarity hit your nerve like a blanket, nostalgic warm loving glistering sunshine hope rise. Here our Korean soldiers are wearing deeply emotional golden bandaged word “Tong-il” “unification” in their helmets. For me it is a profundity and emotional creed. None Korean are hard to know what I am saying probably. I don’t know what cost is for Korea for the “unification” but it is our great mission for our generation, we can not handover this sacred and burdensome mission to our next generation. We are not enemies of enemies but brothers and sisters. We have no enemies for this scared mission but we only have our own kind, we have to gun point our own hearts for this mission at the heart of our land. That makes me unbearable sad. Unbearable sad that is all. But  However in our life we have to learn to put our emotion aside and have to completely cold blooded about something, if that is much a better outcome. It is a problem solving after all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

In My Perfect Opinion

“…When he was arrested in December 2008, Madoff’s account statements reflected 4,900 accounts with $65 billion in nonexistent investments, according to Picard. Investors lost about $20 billion in principal.” ... Read more
Death warranted Madoff ingenuity, logical explanation of this is he was very very greedy, it made him blinded. In his cell, he envies a street beggar his freedom, as a beggary much better life than Mad-off’s madness. He was doing unimaginable things imaginable way. His victims are mostly well educated well off. And years years little duck pretending a golden goose peddling on a fitly chicken soup, keep flouting without sinking, he had to smart but not smart enough to a perfect crime. Olden days in Asia or any where world that matter, traitors were exterminated “ three generations” traitor grandfather death warrens to his son and his grandson so on, completely rooted out that the way the land utter barren so that tainted seed never grow. Lots of stupid petty criminals, not smart enough covering up their stupidly.

I have deep sympathy of about certain crimes e.g. Australian first convict settlers, man, women and children had been condemn for stealing a loaf of bread or something so small. I am not saying, a hungry child goes to a shop steal a bread in here( is our adult responsibility(social moral) make sure a child is not stealing ). But white color criminals should have no mercy for their wrong doings. That kind size of stealing is not one man’s job. The level of education and involved that industry if they didn’t know what their father was doing they must stupid, the guy committed suicide was, for him easy way out. But he made his choice of his life, why people sympathize on once choice. His life he can do whatever he likes. But through before he hanged his neck at his own slaughterhouse, should hand over all the money he enriched from the wrong or pre-bargaining with the trustee of the victims. Whatever his was not his money he should have known. If he was a nobody his death unnoticed like many people jump off the West Gate bridge. Looking around million children suffering media so excited breathless coverage about a criminal’s son suicide instead not much coverage children’s’ suffering. Probably people read the suicide coverage with pleasure, rationalizing demonizing. It is a spectacle once unfortunate life because of greediness. Probably he could not get out but stuck into cooperated until the end.

Lastly you wonder teenager grandchildren should pay for his grandfather's sin? NOP, but 46 years sons who involved same company for many years, pay for his sin? YES. Especially in this case. This is my view and I am an “obstinate, stubborn or bigoted” opinionated in here.

Lastly lastly in my view criminals should not breeding, or “human hygiene” should not planted their tainted seeds or eggs in their soiled barren land.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Deadly Laughing Matter

You have to watch this “killing yourself laughing” when you can not sleep middle of the night, kill yourself for your amusement. Bit of vengeful when you don’t have the power-bear to print your own money or barking to everyone!   I am not sure who is this guy, with deadly laughing matter with glorious wit; make us laugh how splendours wit is.  Charming people can get away lots of things with their wit even if they are sometimes naughty. Finest honed wit so irresistible even if that is commercial. They can be very hard you can imagine you have to witty all the time. I like “Mr Bean” and I like Donald Duck Mickey Mouse kind of stuff, which I never grow out of. Wonder he might suffer from depression!   Anyway dead money is talking dead money is walking and dead money is laughing! The Fed Chief is  lots of dead laughing, I gather instead borrowing, printing much vigilant  job considering quantitative easing can be punitive easing so as my friend Donald Duck’s wit. But I believe always my friend Donald Duck is so “ducky”  so lovable that is why he is so still so young and charming still keep going and loved by millions children around world.

Ducky Update: End of the day, Donald Duck  is a bit of ordinary of out of ordinary. He is so perfectly clumsy and stupid. Yet he aggressively ingeniously gathers scrapes his battered tools, filtered drained make them out of ordinary to extraordinary, makes us laugh.   Sometimes make me cry and angry with his ridiculous stupidity and victimhood, but he bounces back with  incredible unexhaustible energy and resourcefulness. That is why he is so lovable and sustained his longevity. He is a genius maintained his magical images. Hot bad tempered always blow up himself.  That is why he is the Victor.  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My English

An eunuch sentence I can not comprehend as:
Prof Krugman says he advocates baby –killing thought his blog or columns that is a false statement, thus he would deletes if people say he advocated baby –killing through his blog because that is false statement? Then he says nothing of the sort…

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a beautiful thing

What a beauty!  The house and tree would have been through reign of horrors, errors and terrors eventful of   masterpieces.  it is desirously deliciously weathered, soften with fairly murmur, you could hear saucy squawky whispering chilly wind, touches softly your face, mournful string strips faintly,  your heart is broken, beauty is sometimes is so beautiful so painful  so  make you weep,   is then  days weathered away with dusk and  lovers wafting… how long these leaves rudely strike on sunset in my lovers eyes… that is what I am saying
P.S. BTW  I poached this picture from Flickr...

Sometimes I think we human are beautiful but also horridly ugly compare to nature, if nature left alone they would never ugly, most often man made them ugly… but then we are part of nature too… so nature goes like that way…  Neither bad nor good just mutual!  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Living up one’s expectation!

After reading a plaided meaningful meaningless!

1. Be impeccable with my word:
Nop I can not I am not a robot? But any way what is the “impeccable word means’ in my view every words is impeccable and packable in our life!
2. Don’t take anything personally:
Hey I am full blood human, my full of emotion and sensation are seasonal. I take it everything personally: rage and rage and calm down… I am the most calm faced a purest deep mountain lake Yet boiling volcano bottom of my heart. So boiling all the time! If I am not taking personally my own business who takes it personally? C’mon! Also I am very thick skinned and cold blooded beast!
3. Don’t make assumption:
Life is a supposition and proposition! A guessing game! Wheel of fortune! When I meet or read thing I asked myself “ what is this person’s motivation? Why s/he wrote these cabbages? I make my own judgement with sneerings and jostles, I am commanding the best of human practices with uncommitted human mind!
4. Always do once best:
Yeah, I try but not always; this is hardest word for living up your life! BUT how you justified “best” mean? This is where you make a self – justification! That makes you much easier to deal with, “do once best” meaningless impeccably dressed cabbages garbbages, littering around all www street corners?

Self Defence update: Bit clarification you know when I consider you are my friend I give you unconditional approval whatever you do, that is art of work! Not only A but AAAA+++! Straight from bottom of my heart and soul! Gosh it is very nice I am the position make a grading instead of “victim” for change!! Heehe… I just let you know even if you write cabbage garbbages! That is including my writing Of course!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

MY New Found Niche

Just quick thought provide you some information well known theory or something I challenge and it is deadly wrong( or only me perhaps but work for you). I have tested numerous times this MBTI, my :”pure” sponge mind sucks up everything with sheer of joy and finally come to say to myself “ hey don’t suck up, bit of filter yourself!” so that is what I am doing, so I become something of “cynic.” I don’t believed what you are saying unless I know everything what you are doing. You see I become “street-smart-cynic” so I become “cynic” of my type INXX, it says I am not an good salesman indeed so I proof myself this congeal well known theory completely wrong as: I found myself as “ People say that I could even pump up water from Yarra river and sell it if I want, I consider that is a great compliment. But mind you, you should not trust salesman! I bluff. So I let you know. I have been thinking why people say I am a good salesman? That is a good deadly question? I want to explore my new found niche and make profit of my skill!!! Gosh it is nice to people hounding you because you are “a good salesman” but you know the feeling, when you meet people first time you just know, whether s/he is your enemy or your ally, you just know… you can not explain these things of course… Basically selling ideas are based on trust and gut feeling... very basic human thing...
Mind you I am not an angel for sure, armed with full of poisonous thorns… Another mind you, I even speak with broken MY English with my selling pitch and most times my friend tell me I am deadly shy…
What is it then? I am asking myself… “Sincerity” I think I can be a sincere sucker-fence very much indeed when I connect to someone...BUT have you seen any genuine salesman?

BTW: P.S. People often ask me when I am quite as a mud-bud in the middle of meeting “ you are not convinced what I am saying? so I told them I am a well known “ cynic” and if they bluffed me off their wit that is breaking point but sometimes people are so serious by themselves unnecessary chocking air.

Mind You Update: Hey everyone this world isa kind of salesman remember that! Some are good some are not so good!

Mind you mind you update: Have you seen any genuine salesman?

A genuine saleman update: I bet you CANNOT answer for my last question for sure! Unless you are dodgy yourself!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Weaving Patten in Color People - Evolution

If you want to know who’s doing the parenting part right, start with immigrants, who know that learning is the way up. Last week, the 32 winners of Rhodes Scholarships for 2011 were announced — America’s top college grads. Here are half the names on that list: Mark Jia, Aakash Shah, Zujaja Tauqeer, Tracy Yang, William Zeng, Daniel Lage, Ye Jin Kang, Baltazar Zavala, Esther Uduehi, Prerna Nadathur, Priya Sury, Anna Alekeyeva, Fatima Sabar, Renugan Raidoo, Jennifer Lai, Varun Sivaram.

Do you see a pattern?

Read more!

Yeah! I can see the racist pattern racial tension:
Black + Cocoa +White+ Charcoal + Yellow + Pink +Copper = The race illumination racist of!! The Super Duper Race! Wonder someday some hundreds or years later, our tombs are guide by half man and half animal kind of species. The Little Girl always asks herself where she comes from…one two three… since all cities made from buildings gaps no elfin field left for green meadow == is the deserts land where there no days or nights just a day, sun and moon gallop together at the magenta sky, there is no season at but a just season, we need super duper races for sustainable for new environment and discover new energy from somewhere sky … continuously makes evolution… do you think what would happen then….? I think we might living at another galaxy…

P.S. I must say I make very racist comment in here! Politically incorrect as they say!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hey Girls Diamond and Ethics are Your Friend Hereafter

"...According to the Zimbabwean finance minister, Tendai Biti, four years after the military took over the diamond fields, the national treasury has received not one penny of royalties from the sale of Marange diamonds. Zimbabwe’s military and political elite has appropriated the diamond field’s immense wealth for itself, with no benefits for the millions of desperately poor Zimbabweans who need the kind of services that the country has the resources to provide.

This is not, of course, the first time that the discovery of resources in an undeveloped country has led to riches for a few rather than greater prosperity for all. Teodoro Obiang, the dictator of tiny, oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, has an official salary of $60,000, but owns six private jets and a $35 million house in Malibu,..."
Read More

Have a look your finger! Wow your filigreeing glittering diamond ring that is made from children hunger, think about it when you have perfumed champing glass in your fingers and eyeballing at your lover’s eyes, that is hungry children’s teardrops and people’s agonies. Buy all means buy them that way business is usual but, HOW the individual resources rich countries establish their political stability? that is priority and that is most challenge questions. Perhaps we need “organic diamond ring made from bloodless love!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dumbfound Moral Dog with a Emotional Head Wagging Rational Tail!

A Grumbling Moral,  don’t dare judge my moral tail,  I am the Sovereign  of my own moral, so my moral head and a-moral tail belong to me !!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Angelic Hidden Agenda!

I have known this long time ago, altruism has been caught by with its pants down!

…the view that people never intentionally act to benefit others except to obtain some good for themselves still possesses a powerful lure over our thinking.

The lure of this view — egoism — has two sources, one psychological, the other logical. Consider first the psychological. One reason people deny that altruism exists is that, looking inward, they doubt the purity of their own motives. We know that even when we appear to act unselfishly, other reasons for our behavior often rear their heads: the prospect of a future favor, the boost to reputation, or simply the good feeling that comes from appearing to act unselfishly. As Kant and Freud observed, people’s true motives may be hidden, even (or perhaps especially) from themselves. Even if we think we’re acting solely to further another person’s good, that might not be the real reason. (There might be no single “real reason” — actions can have multiple motives.)

So the psychological lure of egoism as a theory of human action is partly explained by a certain humility or skepticism people have about their own or others’ motives. There’s also a less flattering reason: denying the possibility of pure altruism provides a convenient excuse for selfish behavior. If “everybody is like that” — if everybody must be like that — we need not feel guilty about our own self-interested behavior or try to change it.
Altruists should not be confused with people who automatically sacrifice their own interests for others. We admire Paul Rusesabagina, the hotel manager who saved over 1,000 Tutsis and Hutus during the 1994 Rwandan genocide; we admire health workers who give up comfortable lives to treat sick people in hard places. But we don’t admire people who let others walk all over them; that amounts to lack of self-respect, not altruism.

Altruism is possible and altruism is real, although in healthy people it intertwines subtly with the well-being of the agent who does good. And this is crucial for seeing how to increase the amount of altruism in the world. Aristotle had it right in his “Nicomachean Ethics”: we have to raise people from their “very youth” and educate them “so as both to delight in and to be pained by the things that we ought.”

Gosh this is bit harsh why should I suffer unnecessary com'mon don’t kidding yourself! Yes I would like to delightful all the time! That is fair!

P.S Me first the formost my interest comes the first!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a Great Great!!!

It is so great people story, a great people, Pablo Neruda and Gabriela Mistral and my friend Josie’s country, who I met my English class long ago, he was keep telling me “ Young Sun you must recite to me some of great poems with your great broken English!” teased my broken English accent.

So I recite some of his native Mistral’s poem to him like this;

I believe in my heart that when
The wounded heart sunk within the depth of God sings
It rises from the pond alive
As if new-born.

I believe in my heart that what I wring from myself
To tinge life’s canvas
With red of pallid hue, thus cloaking it
In luminous garb.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am lost to the world

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Utilitarian Blanket

One a fine day Sunbeam shins the Child and the Monk lay out the utilitarian blanket under the Autumn tree for the lesson:

Master, why the fish monger professor has so much pain for fishes? He agonise august his pain for the fishes out of water. I have never thought about fishes's feeling rather than my delightful food than anything else or lazy summer day you play at the sea and kill them for your delightful pastime. And then he hangs out with powerful people for asking for help full poor people instead of going to tell poor people stop bedding and breeding! The Child asks

Well Child that is utilialaian logic, as he feels deeply deepplllyeeeelyy…only feel for fishes and poor people but no time for them but as powerful as he is, he has no feeling for powers and riches but he has only time for them! The Monk says

O the utilitarian logic is a whore’s garter belt, it is a silky attention for two faced affection! It is not for poor people’s, only for powerful people! The Child finishes off the Master’s word!

Friday, October 1, 2010

You Can Feast In Your Eyes

Young Sun Kim-Walker

The Songs of Economic

Genre -the Songs of Parrots

Hello friends here I am, I Want Therefore I Am
I kill therefore I am I steal therefore I am, I am back-knifing you therefore I am Greedy Supply! Greedy Demand! Greedy Supply! Greedy Demand! Therefore I Am! I am very sadden by my greedy nature but what I can I do therefore I am
The dear economic everywhere
Supply in spring and O summer I am full bloom I spend
O temperamental tearful autumn and deeply depressing winter
Demand and Supply everywhere and eternally,
Terms of understanding nature of cycle, die and reborn that is all about!
Who knows what is next around therefore I am in businesses glory of my greediness forever ever
Eternally... eternally...

--From dark cave man stone age text--
BTW I was looking for an incredible recording Kathleen Ferrier for this forever ever forever ever….
Here another logical parroting finishing line here!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Worldly World Lesson

The Monk and the Child

Wow you virtuous nasty old man when I was hanging out with you at the mountain you didn’t teach me right thing. You see this world revolved around
virtue becomes vice and prudence is folly
I deeply regrate that wasting my time deep deep mountain, kissing misty mornings their virgin mouths in a hard wooden floor, I was shivering as you told the “Way” to myself. Well after all but you vice old man you lie to me, you didn’t teach me the worldly word is all about vice and folly!

Well my Child without my teaching you ddin’t know the differences! The Monks says mawkishly

BTW: PS I get the above folly from here

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Dark Mad Horror Show

The Bush Ranger’s Ethics
The Teacher Nerd Kelly and the Child disciple are walking side by the early birds’ footy mad show.
All towns gone to a mad lucky horror show. The Gang of Gongs
Smelting of brewery house in a dark cave and a scary moral lesson.
Mr Nerd what is Ethics? The Child ask
O it is the worthy of man is a few bob!” The Nerd told splay
Why? The Child ask
It is our foundation! The Nerdy Nerd says
You mean men must be a worthy of few bob! The Child says
Don’t ask such useless question, it is better then nothing! Mr Nerd says
Well that is why you end up at a hanging gallows!
The worthy of man is he is the foundation! The Child whispers

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


HHAHAAHAA, I AM THE FISH KILLER!!! If Fish Could Scream, I never thought of about fish of life fish of speak fish cry fish scream fish oscillation miseries desirers. The felling feeling of fishes, I am not sure why. As long as I remember my bluest vest cobalt sea shore I am the King of the Fish Killer, remember that. I used this kind bamboo spear, of course not looking good as like this but old ones but sharp enough to kill anything. Cool summer around mid day, when the cobalt is no longer cobalt but divine breasts, she has snobbishness bossiness. Soul is crippling to the sea sounds, morning purple sea, her grand invitation, come my child my cool breasts, I give you a best prize. Rest tiger lily summer bed, hot stone burns your little feet, you jump jump top tiptoe dance to the sea song lullabies to the sea. It was a great masterpieces all things happen in that seas. Jumping in, across short distant little rocks –too small to call them island --- hehehe you can see fishes, all rainbow fishes crazy buoy around crystal waters, catch catch me, none of them told me their agonies, I couldn’t see their tear drops and couldn’t hear their agonies even if they had one, busy to chase and to kill them. So I was turned into a monster, the Killer. I think I have long lung, I can stay down at water very long time for holding my breath, I didn’t know how long but very long time. Without goggle, I can open my eyes and see the fishes and sea bottom, magic things down there; I chase fishes, I am a natural born swimmer, mind you, -- never swing rotten indoor swimming pool for sure-- easy to kill after few years practises. I am the Killer of Sea, the dominant killer! And pierce their body and hook them out surface, the magnificent coloured body try to escaped my spear by flick flick folic ferric, every move the fish took it hurt more but then it was my magnificent catch, I yelled at the shore “ here is my cacthhhhhhhhhhh…,” I rise my prize high with a great pride and wave it for my friends at shores to cheer. They yell back! When you are the killer you don’t hear what your prays’ feeling. Why should I? Ofcourse we only cares our summer barbecue at the shore! What are ethic of fishes? I only have a barbecue ethic.

P.S The King of Fish Killer Ethics; Kill, Kill and Kill truly sincerely,

Monday, September 20, 2010

Endearing Friendship

Monk and Atheist meeting at a timing bridge, long lost friendly coupling as:
Hello there how is going my friend? The Atheist asks the Monk.
Not much really doing nothing! How about you my dear friend? The Monk asks
Well I don’t believe what you are saying! The Atheist replaysreplies.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Name is Pearly Smile!

Thank you soooooooo muchhhh…! Cool summer morning, if you are not nice to me I drink you alive, morning birds say to pearly mist. Gum trees along with billabongs are all mine! What is your name? My name is Pearly mist! My name Wild flower!! My name is Uluru! I have a little tidied laptop, it only recognise my beautiful face! I can make the world beauty….fuuuful…! Thank you sooo muchhhh…hh.. Knightly brilliant investment for your portfolio, diversification of vivification, risks free return your wiz investment buz! I will grow like tall as the bluest sky, wings of your investment!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sheer Fortune of Bushrangers

Reintegrating Australian outback, a finest evening under the starry night, Nerd Kelly the King of bushranger, and the timid Child turn into the Hell-Rising-Wild-One from old ancient squeaky backward east, a kingly banquet bush tucker under reversed notional talismanic dining table, formed a teacher and a disciple relationship and celebrate their fresco bush tucker with drinks misty billabong wine. The King Nerd happy to teach his wizardly bushranger skills to his disciple with affection, dedication ambivalence. Hoping someday the Child will rules the vast outback, inherited his title of the King of bushranger. The Child also so enchanted by his heroic bushranger endeavours. Every Mr Nerd words the Child hangs on…

It is very important to us know who we are! We live and die with our own accord; we must rule this wild country with our trilogy! Our motto is “we never treat others what we would like to be treated OK! So we have to know other-kind in our extra-ordinary bush of life. Currently the parliament is hanged at open gallows. The power seat is siesta! We are going to overthrown them OK! Conquer the seat! You get it Child? Mr Nerd says
Yes Mr Nerd, I get it, gee you are the King of Wiz! Do you think, where the headless parliament heading for Mr King Nerd? The Child asks
I consult stars on my sky; umm… consecrated life with headless stars and heading for deepest long last fiasco of adagio…headless, powerful omen for our bush tucker for mankind. All the city people will be dead soon because they are dead-meat. Mr Nerd replies empathically.
Wow we can all go to profane of Benedictine, bars and nightclub dance lustful life away! Bonfire barflies bushrangers! The Child says
Well once we are out of bush we will be the once are warriors, then the once were bushrangers! My nerdy Nerd says
Aha! We are all parliamentarian then well well we are well equipped for ripping the whole system off from the bottom-line! The Child burst out.
Well Well you are indeed fast learner, my wiz disciple! The King Nerd bust his beaming his good fortune! You will be the King of warriors!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You'll Come a-Waltzing Matilda, with Me!

Bushranger Ned Kelly and the Child jolly walk side by side sang as they shoved that jumbuck in their tucker bag…, Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda … and they aim to the Advance Australia…,

Hello Ned, how long it takes time we get there? The child asks
Good question, I don’t know…, still wild and free mate! Ned answers
Did you see the parliament yet? Again the child asks
Yeah, it is hanging at the open gallows! Ned says

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Empty Head

Wow so many monks are doing nothings, so the child asked the master,

Master, why these monks sit and are doing nothings?
Well my child they are doing something, they are emptying their heads for nothings! Monk answered.
Wow master they are going to be all dummies because they will empty their heads! That is why "they laugh out loud to themselves and do nothing but smile.”

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Buddha’s Competitive Advantage!

Do Nothing!
Why do you think the Buddha is so popular ever? I finally cracked the Buddha’s secrete. His everlasting popularity is soaring to the sky and dwelling everyone head. His disciples are very busy, weaning finest robe go around world and preach his “nothingness.” Any wizardry formula can not be explained his centuries-old-devious-dead-man-shrewd-sitting-none discountable amortized investment. He is not even lift a finger, just sit there do “nothingness” money is rolling in, it is called the “enlightenment”. So all the mess come to him and learning his death-note “do nothingness! You must find yourself and you can do nothingness, be nothing, nothing is your ultimate happiness… the happiness, the goal of life, this is your life long endeavor, I am the dead proof! Come my child I am your saver, save yourself from my bosoms of nothingness, so all the mess are packing their pack of hopes and go to Buddha’ dark darkling dark ascendant rooms, mediate mediate through dead cloud, raping dead rain, dead bugs tear drops, kissing silenced misty dead mouths, think of dead lovers, thinking of nice dead glass wine, dead pecan pie etc…, and until finality the Death Knight come to their final dark night: knocking knocking… and saying “ hey you, your times up, lets go the next station of nothingness!”
The Death Knight dragges the child away so the child is calling to the Buddha
“Hey Buddha where is my happiness as you promised!”
My child I promised you the “nothingness! Finally you achieved it” I keep my promise always! Buddha says.

The child has been thinking it is so unfair the whole things so he declare with a burning vengeance as:

As the leaves of fall burn more crimson than the flowers of spring
All of creation is completely laid bare
As living is empty, and dying too, is also empty
I go forth smiling, within the ocean-like absorption of the Buddha
He dethrone the dead-greedy Buddha and become the new-greedy dead Buddha himself, reincarnation! It is called a deadly business!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ground Breaking Discovery

I really good look at my self this morning
Surprise surprise I was there with me
Amazing stuff
Kidding myself
Divine grace the hellish nine headed beasts
Earthly seven sea bodies
Licking truth her hellish tongue
You are the universal truth I told myself
Greediness of the truth have more
Always greedy for the sake of the truth
The truthfulness of sword
The truthfulness of shield
Play around poking around
That is going to be a fun
I need the whole truth nothing but the truth
Finally I made myself home within me
Declare I am the universe
The truth I am the truth!!!

Gee that was easy to beat the record!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finding Young Sun

Hey Young Sun
Do you find yourself?
Well yes or no
I thought I find true of the truth but then
I ask myself true and false question my findings
You see I find myself full of vileness full of vengeance full of nastiness all full of ugliness O I was a hellish beasts with nine heads I hate myself… true or false? =Truth
And I find myself also full of goodness full of graces full of virtue full of beauty I was a purest maiden I was smitten myself full of my merits and resoluteness…. True or false? = Truth

So Truth +Truth = Truth or False?

Child and the Master

Why do you say
Do nothingness?
How that is my utmost happiness
Negations of all my burning desire
Overcome emotional hiccups
Why is that Master? Child ask him dispassionate manner
That is what I have been doing ever since, the Master says
Wow I don’t want to be the Master of nothingness

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hey Young Sun Where Are You?

Where are you my child?
Here I am here
Where? OK I am looking for you now
Here I am here I am!
OK I still can’t see you! Where are you!
Here girl I am in here right here!
Hey you, Young Sun where are you?
You will find me soon if you want to…
Don’t rise your voice my child
Under the plum flowers

Child and Monk
Child ask
What is true?
Well true is true! Monk’s answer
What is mean “Well true is true?” Child ask
Well, the true is the true! Monk said to the child
Well master you are lying because you don’t know the true
So you can not tell me the true! Blunt child
Well that is the true! Monk says

Heavenly Mate

On a fine day under the plum tree
There is a bosom mate of Lie and True finally made a heavenly nuptial
Questions and answers for exchanged their vow ---
Hey True what do you think of me? Do you really love me? Lie’s passionate ask
Well you are my finest ever graceful thing as ever, my dearest love of my life of course! I am deeply smitten by your enchantment!
Now, my dearest lovely thing tell me the true what do you think of me? True ask Lie
Well you are my pack of goodness of heaven, my dearest of love, I can not bear let you out of my sight, we are heavenly mate! Lie says breathlessly

Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Things Comes So Easily!

Alan says I am a something of intellectual snob. I am not sure I am, but I have been thinking, the thing is I look into well known, I mean worldly well known, every one says so, hey I am not an angel. I don’t know what is this mean worldly well known, there is lots of brilliant people who is not well known but nevertheless they are brilliant. In this information age, there is unbelievable size of things out there for us. A huge challenge is then how we know what is right for us what I have to read and same time I don’t mind my brain washed, brain-drain by some brilliant minds instead of some of evils! People; e.g. Nobel medallist, entrepreneurs, with proven track record holders, they have a well known brand-brain in their sheaves so my choosing is purely connivance for me and time saving. I said to myself WOW they had this and that, so they must very really smart, I can pick their brains, Thanks! Thanks! Your tank size of emphysema noisy announcement! Anyway I am not have to go through immense data and filtering out. But simply tell my brain, hey you brain read this, it is recommend by Prof Krugman so my brain says Ok, safe, thick off, go on, read it but mind you he is not an angel but he is also a devil, mind your steps Ok. But I am reading this because he says it is one of his best specimen in his archipelago spacecraft! Gee thanks all the sweat and blood for the work I can read it freely He he hee definitely there is a such thing as free lunches!!! A Lot! All mine!

Update: Many thing I learn when I follow well-known brain-brands’ tracks, they disclose everything what they know kindly without reserve, sometimes they rant, they rant more the better while they rant they tell us more! Have a great sparing matches, they fight like boxers, instead on a ring but on their blogs. So a great opportunity for me harvest their hard work, this Project Syndicate also a great example of I picked up when I read Prof Mankiw blog.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Moral Is Fabric Of Our Life!

Pet hate going to supermarket, why so many people in the supermarket same time, they should shops middle of day while they are at work, few hours skipped from work, doesn’t’ matter, forget about loss time for economic terms, threat yourself, I say, well very same reason I go there. I just can not understand people loves shopping sake of shopping. Goaled their hand and feet trolley, dance around, made a supermarket is their ideal place rant and temple of auxiliary.

Self check out ideal for person like me, fast few items in a basket, probably that is why I had to so often, but then I go supermarket what I need when I need so desperately.

Tonight for example, my bread barking, yeah I have been trying, few time went to flops e.g flat bread reached flatness only, temperature was wrong so bunt, succumb bread, stone bread, finally last few time I was success of brakeage so I am proud of it. Bread becomes swollen like a maiden breasts inside my oven. This afternoon, I went supermarket for egg for my bread. I picked an egg tray and some dry fruit and went to a queue. O man, heck of long queue made me rampant and dismay, looking at the people at the queue with aghast, I hate the people too. Bitterly blames them my incipience inconvenient. Olden days some time I left basket right there I walked off, I couldn’t bothered waiting the long queue, but now I realized and become a wiser if I do that I lose my double time, so I won’t do that anymore. I become a smart aren’t I? so I sigh deeply, and put my basket side and was reading shelves, it was coffee and tea section, wow so many difference teas, I never trust tea drinkers I told myself, at coffee section I have never seen so many difference coffee honestly! Wow you coffee come from long way and thank you very much my every morning, I only trust coffee drinker like myself I told myself. I was looking around my right side which behind my queue; they are young Chinese girls netting away their mushy mushy stuff and left side a girl was reading away her waiting time, waste not want not. She a was faraway grail, don’t care her inference foot work in her basket-moving following queue. She was full deadly concentrations on her swastikas rowing brain is a waiting line striker. So I was interests in what she was reading. What are you reading? I asked her invisible way, and I was poking my head into her book too. I self- invited into her visual territory, reading her book, I was taller then her so I actually top of her head into her book. She was reading “ black gate never open” a book chapter, it was a science fiction. She was absorbed the afar. Getting interesting so I put my head more closely read the book with her, a line come to me “Moral Is Fabric Of Our Life!” humh…, then suddenly she was looking at me her blackest smartest silently eyes with be-wildest and her eyes were asking “what are you doing? So I said “gee that is interesting?” what is it? I bent my head her book face, it was wired wiry book cover. She didn’t do anything but she put her head into her book again, but she put her book out more distant so that I can read too. she couldn’t care less whether I invade her space, I could not care whether she share with me her book or not I just read her book away and the time came she fold her book without regarding my reading just gone to a check out counter….

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Impossible to Possible!

Alan says beyond impossible to describe the feeling… O yes the man indeed has feeling! Nietzsche also said that his feeling for Parsifal as a negation of all his feeling and deepest desire... and my feeling? well let me see...Impossible to Possible!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Styles and Enchantment

Australia I am blessing on your future!

Australia I am tapping on your pulses!

Romeo and Juliet Races

The princess and the prince of republic of Australia!

Indeed they are both handsome and good looking fit for the love race! They are bloody thirsty vampires! Suck your blood out from your vein name of love and left you bleeding to death! I salute the filthy democracy!! But mind you have to have a firm ground for the dirty game without the firm ground you can not win the game? So what is the firm ground? That is the questions! You can see their poisonous daggers behind their charming smile!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I Sold My Soul To The Devil!

While I was riding an escalator, I embarked a young lovers with school uniform, muggy buggy hug each other riding down while I was riding up to opposition. They were tangled sun snake and staved each other their space shuttle-crafted lips, invaded my space, her dark long hair beautifully covered his face too! what a view was! The frustrated Romeo and Juliet unions of regimentation at an escalator. WOW nice nice I said to myself bit loudly and to them as well, I was really cheering them you know! Mind you, I really mean you know, then they were suddenly parted their faces and lips, sense of sensibility, pit-bull terrier territorial eyeballing and sneering at me. They thought I invaded their privacy! Hey it is open space, I own the view, it is my view I snared at them back and I went up with merry merry! And been thinking that gee that was nice! In my days, school uniform means prisoner chaste-belt, you were bound to until the graduation, starched white collar with dark winkles mean uniform goes with black stocking black polished shoes, a coat during the winter and white tops with black skirts summer white socks! Public expect you behave such, a certain way as you were not betrayed their expectation. Uniforms provide the shelter for certain period of our life that we can concentration on things what we need to learn I suppose. As we didn’t have much chance to do things ourselves without the “you-know-what” scolding down hawk eyeballing, almost always herd, were flocking together excursions and nice timid uniform to concerts and sit nicely timed chair and listen docile timidity. Meet a boy? Hell no! Just side glance other timid school uniformed boys or some girls were infatuated their private tutors! I was crazed about the some hundred years old apotheosized Faust with seemliness passion! Yes Faust! I feast every fragment of his soul! What is wrong with me? Well yes I sold my soul to the devil long ago! So the young lovers, well they boiled their youth and reverenced their right in stark daylight! That was looking cool! Ditch uniform! Truly devilish yours!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Believe or Not

"You are a dreamer to seek what is not to be found here below." But she has been mine. I have possessed that heart, that noble soul, in whose presence I seemed to be more than I really was, because I was all that I could be. Good heavens! did then a single power of my soul remain unexercised? In her presence could I not display, to its full extent, that mysterious feeling with which my heart embraces nature? Was not our intercourse a perpetual web of the finest emotions, of the keenest wit, the varieties of which, even in their very eccentricity, bore the stamp of genius?

The words were for me! She declared, the 13 years old girl put her head into old love savage, she was the scavenger, consumed dead love fleshes, ravenously swallowed love wounds and godly agonies. Durance her entire world swaps off her ground forever caged agonistic to her soul. You never free from these words! You know. She just comes out from a primitive village to a huge big city, embarking into all the were white faced charming snobs, she was alone so dark ugly tall and timid country girl, didn’t know what to do with her dark skin and cohobated oddities. Just so ugly country girl! (Ever since I never suntanned my skin.) All the sky her field and sea so far away. So her confession was reading, music and painting and talking herself. Not that she wanted to do but not much else thing to do; while she could not fit into “sophistication” Thanks to the corded-booted iron gate custardy- no side glance, but a straight head up strict straight forward -- we could only feed; old boring stuffs, classics western literatures, bruised bleeding love songs, wonder why love is so agonizing never happy always bloody painful and deadly!! Winterreise for example you die with so sadness broken heartiness and immense lonesomeness. We learnt these brokenness hearts so young age! Leant to how to be sucker for love and die with love! Some girls are keep up so sucker for love and some never do! Thus we long for lunatic shelter for our tattered souls. I am afraid of these brokenness. I consciously avoid that kind of bareness so far or probably not! I don’t know?! Anyway my youth lots of German love songs inculpated into hermit salvaged delight. What is out come? Me now of course ridicule? Thereby huge space of my own important!

Goethe, he was the little girl salvations, “The Sorrows of Young Werther” O man, she was blown off! Read word by word in the rip caged unrequited love. He was the most romantic man in whole universe in her eyes, she become possessive of him. A devotee of her “he-never-died-for-sure” She memorized his lines, and deeply mourn he wrote these passionate lines to other woman instead of me. And been thinking these words were for me! She believed. When you read the “Roman Elegies,” make you more passionately pissed off so she stop read these one stage. Amazing all these years her “feverish infatuations” to “deep appreciation.” A soul dying for love, you know without love you can not ride the escalated deadly rollercoaster mad trap. But mind you this is my view only. But, however love is not always deadly trap either; it can be the victors'sucker I believe!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bit of Understanding!

Korea, politics and economic maturities put aside for while, spiritual maturity, we still long way to go to become one Korea. We used learn a song “the unification is our hope, the unification is our dearest dream …, the unification…,” alongside “ red north is our the first, and foremost deadly enemy of enemy…” Older generation still very hostile to the “bbahlgangee(red)” our generation bit of skeptical and “ none of my business” don’t care thing. Koreans we must understand that we have thousands years of same history, culture and same root, everything same but the ideology, which has been divide for more than six decades without Korean’s consent. Wounded land, she has been cut her waist; upper to “north” and down to “south” for how long she is going to suffer in this way? We wonder sometime. World become so close, global village but another side of our Korea is much distant than any other part of the world. One of most sad and heart wrenching things is, people ask me “where are you from?” “I am a Korean-Australian!” I answered and then they asked me again “ north or south? So I answered “Korea!” but then they insisted to know which part of “ north or south” this is happened about only 5 or years ago! Not long, used they just accepted as “ Korea” but now they wanted the clarification; “north or south “ they make me a choice where should I belong to, I want to belong to “Korea” not “north or south” that makes me immensely sad. When looking at from outside, objectively, in this way I can see things less subjectively, become more clearer my understanding of Korea. I am not talking about politics, I am talking about our own kind, humanity, when most people, emotionally economically rich; they are generous to others. That is goodness, or spiritual maturity. Prior to the Berlin Wall smashed down, I met many then West German people; I admired their generous affection of their then East Germans. They didn’t bar anyone talk badly about “East German!” All of them were keep saying “we are all same German!” They were very broad minded and spiritually mature, ownership of their mission in their generation “ the unification” their deep sympathy and willing to understand their ideologically different brothers and sisters. I wonder and hoping we “south” Korean people should learn from then the West German’s mindset, bit more affection to our “north” Korean brothers and sisters. We should reach them out with tolerance and understanding from civilian level. Economical maturity should go hand and hand with spiritual maturity, without these we only can sing “ the unification is our dearest hope, our dream is the unification…” is remain as just a dream only!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Secrete Receipt of Most Tasty Bread In the World!

Knock-out glorious! I don’t not buy breads, they were tasteless. My taste of food all based on my childhood food. cling on the unpretentious humble Korean countryside food, no arrogant just humble all home cooking. That is why I can not eat or drink any of instant food or drink. Simply my system is not used to these greasy fat saturated food, except ice-cream. I have also large problems with cooking my own food; I was not trained to cook even simple cooking, so my food taste is not really advanced still remain as primitive humble Korean country style home cooking, my childhood. Especially bread, my grandmamma breads, mixed with our own brewery beer! I am not making this up! See Here the evidence! If you tasted on her breads you could know what I mean. Say when you and your fried friend share the bread you don’t know even when your friend died beside of you because so tasty; soft white smell of beer, smell of brewery house in your mouth, smell of bit vinegar, mixed tangy hard to described taste, knock-out nevertless, inside red bean or nuts stuffed, sometimes just white so eat with golden honey beside pine tree log burning and read story books and cartoons. Especially cool season, a giant black pot at bathing room kitchen burning with pine lump logs burning, smell of pine logs burning away with “ccrik crickik… red hot fire warm you and you sit beside fire mouths, and reading while was waiting my buns ready. You would never guess city brewery like you – you loss- I win of course. Very nice sweet moment soon reward you tasty prize! Then finally steam huffing –puffing fluming furiously yelling from side lid, ignored their yelling for while, let them yelling, meaning good yelling for their dutiful tasks. And grandmamma or whoever duty that kitchen says; “ Child move little over!” So I move from the pot, then the lid flung was opened! Full scream of stream escaped their furry sudden force and saying “ gosh it was hot there!” then they all clearly away air, and then inside white linen clothed layer, there were buns nicely arrays lined up with their fate into my mouth. Yum yum you never know what I am saying you lose I win!! Do you think I should applied a paten for this receipt? Hummb..., But I only know how to eat?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I was heartbroken utterly last night for our another Korean team. I went a pub again, I was alone front of a small screen one corner and other corner had a huge screen already was occupied a gang Portugal supporters. They were keep saying “North Korea North Korea” every goals they shout, their cheers rose loudly so as my feeling was snaking down deeply, rainy ground all but sad. I said to them “just one goal guys just one goal!” but they didn't so I left when score was 4-0, and had a ice-cream underway home, sat a bench moon looking down at me, so I curse at her, she didn't do anything to the game for us, and had little cry, ice-cream taste was funny! Our guy were lost bit lost spirit so early, it was mind game yourself, I don’t know still why they gave away so many goals, not that they were bad players, but lost balance because they disappointed by themselves so early. They had to free of restraint of what was held for their spirit. All but sad, but that is game anyway one has to lose so that one wins. Life is that all about that. But mind you life is not end anyway we gather things again stand up and keep going again again… I think I am not going watching soccer for time being… I don’t want my heartbroken again that is why…going to read hard scores numbers… Not soccer scores mind you!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Chollima

All you have to do is run just like who you are truly from ancient soil
wild brave gracefully for your land across wounded river breasts
across heartless no man land just run for this moment for yours only

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Down Under Fire!!

My KIWI Mate All Whites All WOWW just now! Whooarly All Whites has a goal just now amazing stuff! Wow All Kiwi gone banana next few days!!! Promulgation of down under superiority I declare my ownership of down under, I must say our Socceroos too they did very well with 10 men ingratitude foot work. To be informed what is going on if I am not going to sleep OK! Here is Kiwi commentary head and head blog, gosh livery ants are creeping around ethic of goal, mush mush impious creeping words. They are talking about possessiveness, the possessor or possessed of the cult. Wonder all the live bloggers dead on Sunday, probably they hold their shunned hand on crimson glass and rituals exercise of end of Sunday...!wELL done Kiwis, don't be a such snob!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Disowning Red Devil Jellyfishes

Better Mood-UpDate; Write bit more of my bitterness of the red devil performance! Can you imagine I was in a pub! I would like to a feel really what is like to be whole mad crowd, a handsome Argentinean just sit behind my table and saying “Korean?” he was greeting and I said “yes! Are Argentinean?” he said “yes good luck!” But I just smiled, some how beneath, a devil said to me that “don’t say anything to him!” so I just smile at him and I saved my word! Anyway I regretted my stingy action I should have been nice to him too as he did to me! Honestly I have been thinking why so distinctively physically difference players! Argentinean was good, their magical foot work, graceful movement, art-form good natured, grotesquely grilled their affection each other, strangely loveable and touching, you see we Korean are brought up confused Confucius slab, we never display each other affection in a public sphere; restrain is virtue, you come long way to be little silly or half mad! I like the other Korean team Chollima, they might restoration of my sprit through guide by the genius loci! Still have a choice! It is nice to have lots of choice! So I can move my affection to one and another!

The red devil lost, they didn’t do well, they didn’t fight like warriors but bunch of jellyfishes tidal waggles, gingerly struggle with bunches of huge ablest of wreckages! So the red devils were waggled, weighed man-made terror horror! No where to be seen, ball there but no red devils there to greed with their sphare! Speed and gravity the counter-intuitive in your sphere, you have to conquer the sphere with speed! The red devil had no sense of direction, deadly bowlegged nothingness rupture! Any my passion soccer is a great mirage which retreat a deep mountain; surround by sharp of pertain cloud and I will fish not a jellyfishes but golden fishes! Telling myself “ Young Sun, don’t venture our as a physical rapture, it is a time for mental rapture, endurance is all about mental thing, you have to see yourself first and then see your enemies.” Surround by enemies without where you are you lose, you have to firmly bases, without base you are just a crippled, half blinded and deaf gulf open your gate for everyone come in come in! So you are homage ablest of wreckage of your own shore! You have to strong enough control that mess!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Tonight, here is the RED DEVIL, ready to the pageantry of vengeance and hate of their land of dream, born into conniving flesh “han” affiliation of self-mutilation self-pity. Whether they like it or not they have to live with whole Korean expectation of “ han” so their fight tonight is “to be killed or to kill their enemy”, in the field, the warriors of true war! Fierce urgency bold gravity utter grace they will fight for their land and their people with fortitude, determination, and mental agility ! Strategic movement is eloquent bony taunt beyond people’s imagination! That is what we made from, a double-winged altarpieces, fight like a gladiators if they win they will spare for their life otherwise they will buried in that field of angry Korean mobsters(I am one of them ofcourse)! To endure to underground, to gaggle, to be tuned dissimilated, and to devote of utter acolytes!"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Now our another Korean team "CHOLLIMA" ready to run!! Great Mystical name goes with the Great Guys! Beautiful romantic name indeed!

Also Our down under mate Kiwi All White has done a great job!! Well done All White! You should give your mate Socceroos some friendly wining even even tips!!

Some day, you know some day not long from now, terrible feeling that the two Korean team end up the Final? That would be very unbearably nice indeed love and vengeance pinnacle of their mane runs through waist of their land!! I think everyone should cheer up the first time "CHOLLIMA" !

A Great game well done Korean Red "CHOLLIMA" ! What a splendorous game! The Goal! We have a bright future!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Inferno Socceroos!

Inferno Socceroos mania! Your dammed performance! Are you not shame? Are you not mad or still not mad ye? Shame on you! If I were you I shave my head and go to deep mountain and tending bloody wound and friend of shame rest of your life and never come out this carnivorous jungle! I tell you what! I woke up -no alarm need to set, I can wake up any time I want -- and become an elaborate fateful spectator, watching the game --saw the mad Korean-Greece game!! Korean were mad weren’t they? Their faces were banqueting with hate, that vengefulness they can cater for tsunami for lovely monument-- I even was looking at a live blog too, I was thinking that if we have a goal I will participate the live blog too, shot my vocalic words through the world and decorate my heart with sheer glory of your gallantry! I said “ a goal guys just one gory goal start with, that will do! I was more then ready to convey my enthusiasm for the Socceroos! If a goal I might go out join rest of crow at a pub! Because if I watch the game with all together would be more fun, because been through Korean game, that would be fun watching whole madness. I could be tolerated crowd with sprit of comrade mates! Sneering live blog for German fans, growl myself “ don’t be a such a snob ass! Don’t honking your fingers through bullhorns in your keyboard! I will see you a little late, with my bullion gigantic words, crush your creepy pests off your beneath the beetle dung! Just a goal guys! I said to myself. I promised myself, your magic shot! Remote control laptop beside of me, ready to do to multi-tasks goddness multi-hands multi-heads. I was more then ready you know! O And I heard “ German get a goal……………………..llll, what? You are kidding, na na na… it can’ t be true! Too early only 9 minutes… It can’t be true…!!!. But it was true…! O no you can’t do that that is so early! What is so early? Never too early name of the game! O how could you do that!? all of sudden all the morning was broken, air is crack, my mouth is bitter with coffee, with a saliently motorcade to a stolen generations, land of tortoise feet marsupial mastiffs races, crocodile tears, land of blue sky and endless sandy moody, I hate you Socceroos, well yes you eat grass drink pearly mist, while enemies are carnivorous drink blood, there are full of carnivores in the camp and they all drink human blood, full of vultures. All meat eaters! Bloody vegan Socceroos, how could you win the game, what is Socceroos anyway? That is wrong name too! Gosh they have no vengeances, no burning hate! Born into silver-spoon in their mouths they have no desire fight to death! I growl growl…
Only 9 minutes they give them a goal, it is ridiculous losers… change the name and call yourself evil or monster, hurricane eyes, blood shot eyeballing with the enemies or man eater or hunted vampire or the ghost, rise from grave and suck the stinking enemies blood, buckle down your sacrament of beat yourself against shame million times and rejuvenated yourself thrust the world!!!..... Gosh I am utterly raving lost interest your bootlaces mish-mesh kick, your risible, nutty performance! And I am going to sleep! So I went to back to sleep!.... phone rang rang rang, ALAN was, he was saying Scocerroos lost German has 4 goals!... he said with no feeling in a matter of fact!! I must say the Scocerroos didn’t do well! What a detached third party’s non-sentimental comment! FM news wagering in goony kitsch wordings whaling whaling bloody all day the Scocerroos scarecrow lost by 4 goalll…. 4 goallls not only one but a 4 goallls…. No one want owns the scarecrow… But you know you would be the Killer again…!!! Killer…Not romance with nuns but with harlots... Executioner and Harlot will do...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Love Torment

Few days back, middle of night I woke up, a thing comes to my mind which made me a panic. The world cup soccer fever, the mania mania, I am not a great fan of any sport. Except my solitude activity- which I immensely enjoy--- Heinously, all of sudden a things really going to happens.
“Australian and Korean teams will end up the gory glory final WOW!!” O man! I was very excited very indeed excitement! I was a little girl again! I can see really that awesome glory happens! All of sudden, in a deep dilemma, I have to make a choice which team I am going to cheer!” I was thinking that it happens really and then thinking is not just thinking but it comes to reality that is happening. Truly I was torment by the prospect of the ultimate choice of love, old theme the choice of love, between two lovers! I have to make my mind up and make the choice and I was morbid the thinking of that happens! I said to myself “Young Sun you have to make your mind up which team you are going to cheer! I was deeply tormented by it honestly, sake of thinking, thinking over thinking, exploration continually presumptuously mulling over budding love of the two teams but I could not make my mind up after all still uhm...! Not that I am a patriot or traitor, but dread of the situation I might be in! Ensure myself if that happens I will go to the Simpson desert and wrestling over lone sunset, recite mongrel lone love or a deep mountain where ancient sages are living with clouds’ wit, a ravaged morning mist on buds sky stream, snowy love kiss to a pure orchids, I could lived with that sages’ mind forever so I don’t have to make the love choice! I am getting smarter and smarter!!!

P.S. I challenge Buruma’s prediction, I declare my two teams will be the glory of winners for sure! I also add a cheer to my fellow North Korean team doing well too! Gosh it really hard to make the endless choice!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I, The Colossal Sea Monster

Few months back, few nights continuously I was dreaming of me a dark colossal monster rising from sea bed. And a night I wend to my computer I search something but I can not remember what was I was searching for- I was sleeping probably- but I got out this image from the Wikipedia, I just accepted this monster as me without second thought - don’t ask me why I can not explain it but I just accept this monster was me that I was dreaming - and went to sleep again. On next day I try to find the exact page but I can not remember what page was, in this image I can not see my face, just dark face with a formable tails, just soaring to the dark sky.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

World View

When top level guys look down, they see only shit;

When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes

I found this from my inbox!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The World of the Knowledge Management!

The below is I find from my inbox.

Last month a world-wide survey was conducted by the UN.

The only question asked was:

"Could you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a massive failure because of the following:

1. In Eastern Europe they didn't know what "honest" meant.
2. In Western Europe they didn't know what "shortage" meant.
3. In Africa they didn't know what "food" meant.
4. In China they didn't know what "opinion" meant.
5. In the Middle East they didn't know what "solution" meant.
6. In South America they didn't know what "please" meant.
7. In the USA they didn't know what "the rest of the world" meant.
8. In Australia they hung up as soon as they heard the Indian accent.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

You Can Judge A Book By Its Face Surly!

I read somewhere, a guy was saying that he is ugly but his mind is beautiful, well I don’t think so. Well ugly mean ugly, this stingy guy presumably well known around traps, that doesn’t mean he has beautiful mind. He tries to save few buck for his cosmetic surgery. I think ugly people with ugliness are mindless. Their virulent mind tries to justify their coxcomb misery ugliness. Beautiful people with beautiful mind, faltering beguiled human offense, people hate them. How could you have an ugly face with beautiful mind? People with comfortable with their gruesome beauty they should not so worry about their thin knifed ugly bulginess. I have been thinking of cosmetic surgery, but I am afraid of seeing women’s shafted beauty, their face are thin plateful tofu, waste not want not beauty in the Chinese restaurant waste bin. Full of Botox-boozed-squished-kennel faces timeless beauty, we fined glory infinity of human farces. I supposed that is honest human endeavor too. They fried their face with dullard neon light roasted golden chicken crispy skin, and knifed with under gaveled thieves rioting hands as they come as wholesome un-favorite-misery-bar in their morning mirror. They faced on their full length mirror face to face with vampire impaired smile and asked, “mirror mirror who is the most gruesome beauty in the world? You of course!” mirror shout back at their face with venomous curses every morning. These pandering curses ruined the ugliest hob-knobs. Anyway I am just bit of misconstructions of ugly face beautiful mind analogy in here. Do not try to justify your ugly face, insult yourself hail yourself with flattery human fallacy! I hate ugly people they are deadly offensive! But remember the theme of Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Imperfect goddess

You know we all know about we are in the hand of madness, nature is greeting its greediness, thieves’ sultriness their empty wallets in a rustling green lined streets, I am in here read this defy me not drop dead gourmet glories of human niftiness. You know Shakespeare-in-waiting in their grave yard this is funnies thing, skeletons can dance in their bonny bums all night until dawn, you can imagine as English or any other languages is not your mother tongue sometime you come across this drop dead gorgeous hilarious delirious desirously verbal bloom-try-hard. I once, filled a visa applicant form, races section “yellow” can you imagine, that is right, when I translated Korean to English or any other language I am a “yellow” race that is what Korean is, so I only can translated Korean to English that is the exact word. O dear my word, you are declasses of grand with a rotten childish smile, dressed with an honorable thieves’ creed, an elegance amorous traitor in a lady arms, and here comes with the goddess revenge in her imperfect aegiss.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Proof Me Not Or Proof Not Me

While I was self-checking out a supermarket. I noticed a Chinese girl, about 15 or 16 years old just another side(by the way under age person can buy things at a supermarket without a patron?), hold her dearest weathered mobile and was absolutely full concentration on talking in her feeble tongue slaughtering at deem light. She was discussing a move with a friend. Unbelievable affliction of herself to know what was the move like in a middle of supermarket self-check out. She still feed goods in self-checking machine and talking simultaneously. Very very fast speaking with full of glees and rages with full of vigorous must-know. Cruel tempo on proof me not or proof not me everyone ears. She didn’t even notice everyone were watching her with bit of despair and amusement, just talking away happy waffled body language. If she is your sister, you could give her a huge scold with crocodile – teeth doodle smile. “ how could you so mean so selfish thankless, conformable with feeble derogatory in your clap-trap in your hell-sizzling in your tongue!” I could not help myself but was cheering her up evilly and saying to her in my breath’ “keep going keep going, don’t care about a huge queue behind you, they can wait until you finished your jostles consensual nonsense!” And all of sudden, a dandy with conscious stern faced Chinese girl with a supermarket uniform(a sourer milling face winkled well starched napkin look)- she could have been a older sister of the girl was-in-talking- about 18 years old appeared, and was circling around the girl-in-walkie-talkie like a hen in a chicken shade. She went around right side and poking her head to her and left side again and was poking head to her with very very stern sisterly nun face- few times. But still this girl-walkie-talkie, didn’t squawky in her bum from front of lunatic nerdy self-checking machine. I was watching both of them and was killing myself laughing alleging vigilance. Finally the girl-in-walkie-talkie full realizing of her found-dead-laughing-stock-self unclaimed fame and gather her famed goods and while the girl in-stern-sisterly-stern-face stood at near watching her out. And across I was watching them with wit of rails. What a fortunate night trespassing each other finest growing hilarious disposition. I hate a mobile, I was lionizing for and longing for a days where there was no mobiles! I was somehow longing for a privilege of closeness and longing for bit of primitiveness of tenderness from this morbid madness

Monday, April 26, 2010

Foolish of Probability!

Probability! Here is STROGATZ's scary touch flesh blooded chances of his life! Humh our life is Probability, everything are made from chance. I always have been thinking about “Probability” in our life; being killed by someone, or run over by cars or something… here, the life of Probability of being a woman. I have seen so many battered woman many difference background, with so many reasons, the reasons are never the same, so many women have been killed by their lovers name of love in here I gather; “love her so much so I killed her…” that is their dedicated excuse. Love is paradox I think. Anyway as long as human existence we have to live with that Probability that is also Probability! I never thought about math is so enchanting guise, roofed rooted with every province of Probabilities in our life. Probabilities are everything! What a silly thing to say! I must say. But then life is all about beat Probability! It is a vicissitudes of epitomizing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Road of Enlightenment – Be Silly

I really like to write myself, a new found niche for expert in exert myself in this world. Show me off, no one do that add-on mighty job, so I do myself until I get a famous for my foremost art of work of autographical immortal poem in my silliness. Then other person do that for me.

Prof Krugman says The moral, I believe, is that only someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously is really fit to produce ideas that make the world a much better place.

I have been thinking, this is word for me really honestly, I am a such girl not really take serious of myself, so do you think I can produce hot shot ideas that make the world a much better place? Well I don’t care whether my ideas make this world good or bad but rather I would like to be a fame-famous that is all. I think really this word a living profit of my being ! I made it as my creed” SILLY”, as it really encourage me became a silly girl! But what happen if I don’t take myself serious who does take serious of me? When I was a little girl I was not encourage to smile, because my grandmamma used to say: you should not smile abundantly because no one take you seriously! So I never smiled alligator-ish until I left the oldy-mouldy squawky confused Confucius dogma. I thought that was really hard become a good human being, but this word is really encourage me become a silly and same time become a good human; you have a cake and eat too! what it means is that “ you must be a silly girl then you are in a business, you can finish off your unfinished business!” Alan thinks I am a ridiculously impossible! I think I am a very natural -- I must padded infallibility my shoulder and let the world know that I am deadly serious person in a silliness gown. How this sound? Here I go with full of silliness with full of great ideas which make this world is reeling shining! When I die I tombstone will bears “here the greatest silliness refused to die!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thank Young Sun Kim-Walker

Thanks to Young Sun Kim-Walker, for such nasty temperament, it is difficult to understand her why she is so bad tempered and boiling all the time. Any decent human being without unprejudiced unable to understand her. So normal sane human don’t try Ok. If you can not deal with her just condemn her but you should aware she is vengeful, the coiled demon rising dark night deep oceanic bed, she is a cold blooded demon, she is after you if you are a stupid scumbag. Dark night, she is rising in her deep abyss and stalk you through your sleepless night with your dead end. Her slithering poisonous tongue You will be shiver, cold sweat though your spine, she will stark your white night as she made you as her enemies. Young Sun is well known for “ a dog with a bone!” She will never let you go without her justification if you are her mouth. So if you are a succumbag arsshole you better worries deep worry until you stupid brain melting into blood clots or brain hemorrhage and then finally you will end your little life. I thanks Young Sun, for her irascible nasty tongue makes her enemies full hysteria, sodomy of their own mouth their own ass and their own undoing, Young Sun she can not separate herself sanity for insanity, she is excitable, moody and bloody, just natural as unveiling mystery of human nature, truly remarkable hence no vagaries understanding where she is coming from. Anyway many thanks to Young Sun her nice commentary about her characteristics, her vengeful lucidly warnings for her enemies and her out of orbital suggestions.

Upgrade myself: I think I don’t want to pin down myself all nasty kind of thing. You see I care my friends how they think of me, so I have to wretch my keyboard defend my nasty self or bit of attempt to influence what you think of me. You know I can be very sweet pea(inside of me, a very old man and a little girl co-existent) if you are my friend but then I don’t make friend, I know lots of people but I don’t know who are my friend that is also problems. O yes I don’t think that is problem at all. I think no one want to be my friend because I don’t want to be your friend anyway. It is such grief making friend but it is joy to be a just a friend. But mind you I can be very very loyal you know, if you are my friend even if you don’t care about me, I never betray you but I betray myself, as I am very sweet sweet you know I want you know that my other side too; rubbery dark bitter sour. We all committed each other to death but we all go alone. You know we all come from this world wet seed, few seasons we grow ourselves warmth arranged begins and ends, and we departure from the season a turf of dry ash.