Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Things Comes So Easily!

Alan says I am a something of intellectual snob. I am not sure I am, but I have been thinking, the thing is I look into well known, I mean worldly well known, every one says so, hey I am not an angel. I don’t know what is this mean worldly well known, there is lots of brilliant people who is not well known but nevertheless they are brilliant. In this information age, there is unbelievable size of things out there for us. A huge challenge is then how we know what is right for us what I have to read and same time I don’t mind my brain washed, brain-drain by some brilliant minds instead of some of evils! People; e.g. Nobel medallist, entrepreneurs, with proven track record holders, they have a well known brand-brain in their sheaves so my choosing is purely connivance for me and time saving. I said to myself WOW they had this and that, so they must very really smart, I can pick their brains, Thanks! Thanks! Your tank size of emphysema noisy announcement! Anyway I am not have to go through immense data and filtering out. But simply tell my brain, hey you brain read this, it is recommend by Prof Krugman so my brain says Ok, safe, thick off, go on, read it but mind you he is not an angel but he is also a devil, mind your steps Ok. But I am reading this because he says it is one of his best specimen in his archipelago spacecraft! Gee thanks all the sweat and blood for the work I can read it freely He he hee definitely there is a such thing as free lunches!!! A Lot! All mine!

Update: Many thing I learn when I follow well-known brain-brands’ tracks, they disclose everything what they know kindly without reserve, sometimes they rant, they rant more the better while they rant they tell us more! Have a great sparing matches, they fight like boxers, instead on a ring but on their blogs. So a great opportunity for me harvest their hard work, this Project Syndicate also a great example of I picked up when I read Prof Mankiw blog.