Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Buddha’s Competitive Advantage!

Do Nothing!
Why do you think the Buddha is so popular ever? I finally cracked the Buddha’s secrete. His everlasting popularity is soaring to the sky and dwelling everyone head. His disciples are very busy, weaning finest robe go around world and preach his “nothingness.” Any wizardry formula can not be explained his centuries-old-devious-dead-man-shrewd-sitting-none discountable amortized investment. He is not even lift a finger, just sit there do “nothingness” money is rolling in, it is called the “enlightenment”. So all the mess come to him and learning his death-note “do nothingness! You must find yourself and you can do nothingness, be nothing, nothing is your ultimate happiness… the happiness, the goal of life, this is your life long endeavor, I am the dead proof! Come my child I am your saver, save yourself from my bosoms of nothingness, so all the mess are packing their pack of hopes and go to Buddha’ dark darkling dark ascendant rooms, mediate mediate through dead cloud, raping dead rain, dead bugs tear drops, kissing silenced misty dead mouths, think of dead lovers, thinking of nice dead glass wine, dead pecan pie etc…, and until finality the Death Knight come to their final dark night: knocking knocking… and saying “ hey you, your times up, lets go the next station of nothingness!”
The Death Knight dragges the child away so the child is calling to the Buddha
“Hey Buddha where is my happiness as you promised!”
My child I promised you the “nothingness! Finally you achieved it” I keep my promise always! Buddha says.

The child has been thinking it is so unfair the whole things so he declare with a burning vengeance as:

As the leaves of fall burn more crimson than the flowers of spring
All of creation is completely laid bare
As living is empty, and dying too, is also empty
I go forth smiling, within the ocean-like absorption of the Buddha
He dethrone the dead-greedy Buddha and become the new-greedy dead Buddha himself, reincarnation! It is called a deadly business!