Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wild Medallion

I am a Wild Flower
Harbinger of dawn
From lone distant 
The medallion of sum beam
Pearly face beaming smile
Flicker of hope

O Last night
My lonesome sadness
Walk around milky way
Tearfully strewn stars at cloud
Looking for vein
Thwacks bloody love
Waking up with a proof
For a season of life
Traitorous anguish that blur  
O we re night keepers
Breathless wind torches
Glam of bystander

I adorn my life
For your forehead  
Colourful beaming garland   
Vomited bloody love
Give a life take a life
Hoping that is forever love
A foundation of darkness
Brighten up the night all night
Torches our tortured darkness
Soul of beauty that burns
O Love that flicker hopes

Let’s make nest 
A soul that has splendour
Love that has a victory
I knifed my heart out to you
Bruised my soul opens
Agonies of crimson zest 
That burns forever ever
I am in you for your song
Wail for your beauty
Vomited my blood
For the splendour 

8:00pm 4/5/2014

 Young Sun Kim-Walker 

This is frist draft, for you!