Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Devil The Rebel

REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori

REUTERS/Thaier al-Sudani

REUTERS/Amr Abdallah Dalsh

REUTERS/Esam Al-Fetori

Nafusa Freedom Fighters attack Gaddafi forces

This clips from The FEB 17th Libyan Youth Movement

The mountains shadow is change into the Giant Libyan Republic flag and  is blanketing all the land with striking tri-colours  

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The UN Libyan Resolution

 The primary responsibility of the Resolution is:

“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”
The UN mandate preciously set out for “…to ensure the protection for civilians”. You sitting there with your jostle fingers type of few wording “ French armed the rebels… this against the UN resolution etc…” that is wrong I dare say. How the civilian protect themselves without any weapon or no money to buy any weapon at all. They raised spontaneously to protect themselves pro-Gaddafi attack. Some of haunting heart breaking pictures video clips, make you tears tears and break your heart with the civilian incredible afford to fight back gaddafi’s solders mess attack without weapons, top of their mates’ dead bodies, foot stepping their mates’ blood that was unbelievable. Have a look the streets and buildings all these bullet holes holes wounds, cemeteries of Libya and her people in refugee camps. Then you know how to justified what is wrong what is right. The goodness prevail. You can interprets the French arming the rebel in many ways which side you are. But as long as the rebels concern that is their windfall from the sky because they desperately needed the weapons for protecting their families their homes their towns from gaddafis’ attack. Many ways you can protect the civilian, all but your own individual interpretation as long as the UN mandated permit, e.g recognition of the NTC, humanitarian money donations, unfreezing the seized money to the NTC, and killing Gaddafi also another and arming the rebel definitely too. The French arming the rebels was part of the UN mandate permits. I respect the French’ action and part of the UN Resolution protecting the civilian.

France confirms arms supply to Libya rebels

The French military spokesperson said France had become aware in early June that rebel-held villages had come under pressure from loyalist forces.

"We began by dropping humanitarian aid: food, water and medical supplies," he told the AFP news agency.

"During the operation, the situation for the civilians on the ground worsened. We dropped arms and means of self-defence, mainly ammunition."

Burkhard described the arms as "light infantry weapons of the rifle type" and said the drops were carried out over several days "so that civilians would not be massacred".

The UN mandate is all about the protection of the civilian, the civilian life comes fore most the first and anything secondary, after the civilian massacred what is the purpose of the Resolution? You can sitting in there dissect word by word try to find some arguments but sake of argument but you can not find more than as:
“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”

Thank French very much the wise judgment. so there!

Libya rebel chief says weapon deliveries will shorten war

"Giving them weapons we will be able decide the battle more quickly, so that we can shed as little blood as possible. Because the less blood we shed the faster we can think of the future and the more we can protect the Libyan people."
This also make a perfect sense to me. I think the world verbal frenzy, faulty finding, nit picking you can try if you can, I bet you can’t find anything other than  “ the French Gracious”, you are inferior and blinded by axis jealousies that is all. The problems is, we human are innate understanding and recognition of others’superiority. You dare to compare yourself with the French Gracious, that make you more inferior and the French look more superior that is all, that is nature of inferiority complex when they see other people superiority that make them so pissing little rotten pea-brain sauces, so they rage rage try to bring down the gracious, but the gracious never worry, why?  They know that in the end all about they did right things. That is foundation of the decent people characters. Ofcoures some might say the French action is “ political” but hey Gaddafi’  rockets cannons fired everywhere, the civilian can not protect themselves  armour jackets only. You can talk about political agendas in your cosy blanket. The civilian life we are talking about in here.   I bet you sitting in your freedom cradle drinking and thinking about how to make your richly rococo style looking superior. Hey don’t try, the UN Resolution is not your half backed tasteless potato chip. The Mandate is clear - to protect civilian from like Gaddafi.   swings your fingers tips, issuing your bitch sentence to bring down the French Gracious, but then this is free world, luckily you are born into lucky countries, ride with free golden cradle,   you never know what is like to be suppression, torture, duress, their loved one executed without trial in public places  and  disappeared  without traces, and they have to flee their own country…etc… a decency commanding respect whether that is political or not. The Berber Libyan can speak sing and named their children their own Tamazight after 41 years, without the French Gracious help they all had been massacred.  If you re unable to see the benevolence gift of  the French graceful action, you are indeed  ugly flunkies of Gaddafi.  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Building Civil Society Libya

Reunter: Gaddafi forces should not be disbanded after war-UK

LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) - A British-led team planning for a post-conflict Libya has recommended that Muammar Gaddafi's security forces should be left largely intact after a rebel victory, avoiding an error made after the Iraq war, a minister said on Tuesday. …
On the Libyan security forces, "the lesson is not to make the mistake that was made in Iraq," Mitchell told a news conference.

"One of the first things that should happen once Tripoli falls is that someone should get on the phone to the former Tripoli chief of police and tell him he's got a job and he needs to ensure the safety and security of the people of Tripoli," he said.
Imagine, what the world have seen what the Libyan have been through this atrocity. Deep suspicion and bloody vengeance all can understandable, if the world ask them forgive and forget all the atrocity and suffering they have been through that would be unfair. You would never know what their feeling unless you go through yourself; their loved ones never see their face again, they have been tortured, their houses their towns cities their business have been destroy and they had to fleet from their nests to wild field and another countries…etc. But The Rebel also have to thinking painfully- in their heads not their hearts in here- the higher noble purpose they set out they fight for “free democracy Libya, and they paid for heavy price for it so not let their country midst of another chaos ruinous - all of this is Gaddafi to blame allied by few of his inner circle of people. Professional solders are follow orders, they have not much option but kill to whoever they are told to kill. Police also follow their orders whoever told them to protect they protect. In a civil democracy society the solders job is killing enemy, the enemy is whoever threatening the nation’s security and police job is maintains civil order and protecting civilians from unlawfulness. Civilians very fond of them both and respect them, feel secure when we see them around that is one of fundamental of a civil society. You know then what is wrong in Libya. the Libyan solders were killing their own people and police is harming civilians by Gaddafi’s orders. They follow orders, not much they can do. So when Gaddafi finishes they have to listen the Libyan people.

Thus based on this, so we can ask questions how to build strong independent democracy Libya? so that the Libya make sure not failes into a sore spot of Europe. The Rebel could must do under the NTC leadership with allied by the international team when after the Rebel finish off Gaddafis:

1) Civil order- the NTC orders the rebels fighters must follow the international standard of norm to deal with civilians and other non-fighters.

2) Yes tell the Tripoli police chief he gets the job, …also the Army chief (not Gaddafis') too.

3) If surrender from pro-Gaddafi but may not so stop period of fighting both Nato and the Rebel and open political haggling and bargaining, who gets what. Understanding both side are victims of the Gaddafi and both Libyan people.

4) The NTC establish legal sanction and strictly adhere both sides which standard applicable law.

5) The Nato role is together with the Arab League facilitator, humanitarian protector, mediators support the transitions of army and polices, supporting the political settlement both side, give and take etc..

6) The NTC and the International team working establishing judicial system, nitty and gritty stuff, how to deal with accusers and prison systems.

7) Adopt a civil society model, civil society building begins, raid the foundation of the proper governances and transparency across all sectors of the governments.

8) Raid infrastructures; water, and sewages telecommunication and IT system upgrade etc…

9) Deregulation and privations state owned business, encourage entrepreneurship and encouraging foreign investment.

10) Investment on education science & technology and agricultures sectors.

P.S. O don’t forget remembering and  establishing  the fallen heroes’ monuments and looking after their family…   


WOW they get the arms and soul of Libya

A great job my friends both the Nato sky and the ground Rebels – what a team work, wonder if possible when the Nato bombing pro- Gaddafi solders’ ammunition depots could only damages a bit so that the Rebel could have rest of them! Only if possible, it could be hard do so but we can only ask!


Samuel Aranda for New York Times 

 Have a look this delightful boxes of ammunitions for change, they are all smiling, gee few more these laurel depots will be the Rebels’ goddess of victorious. Yeah, Oh how about this, a huge incentive for the pro-gaddafi defections the schemes are:

1) Capture Gaddafi alive $1 billon; this has to be large so that if more then one involved least worth of taking a risk, risk factor consider.
2) Take away Gaddafi head -Killing Gaddafi: must proof- like bin Laden- $500 million.
3) Capturing Gaddafi son and other $$$
4) A soldier defection; $$$
5) A soldier defection with ammunition $$$$, large the size more the incentive
6) A soldier defection navy ship $$$$$
7) A solder soldier  defection with ammunition depot( or tip off) $$$$$...etc…

Spelling was wrong but you read correctly as you are always wrong and I am alway right!! so my spelling was wrong your reading is correct!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh Yeah School

Greeting joys and happiness
Every corners of school backyards
Every corners of Libyan soil
Every hearts of her people
I can sing I speak my heart out
For her aspiration and purpose
I greet the world as I am part of
I am a proud of free Libyan
Our eyes to the boundless horizon

Gee awesome speech, what a passion! a very bright 8 years old?  I would like to share with you all my beautiful sunset too, since you are beautiful too! I am your friend!  The world is your friend too!

Criminal Gaddafi


Sunday, June 26, 2011

The NATO Bombs Gaddafi To Finish Him Off

Why Not Accepting Gaddafi Ceasefire Now – Gaddafi lying

1) Too many lives lost

2) Gaddafi has no firepower anymore

3) Continuously people defection from his side

4) The rebel movement on inside Tripoli, very very active large scale underground, this is increasing I believe the secrete police also turn blinded their activity and switch their side if the rebel give them assurance for their safety after liberation of the Tripoli.

5) The Rebel is getting stronger stronger and they are just outside Tripoli.

6) Some of the wealthiest NATO countries involved for bombing with their few billion for bombing is nothing, the UK PM said so.

7) NATOALLIES are getting united and determine to finish their job, well the only way, and they will not lose this battle for sure.

8) ICC: the Global court to rule on Gaddafi warrant.

9)The world united and standing by the Libyan democracy.

The UN mandate protection the civilian, with Gaddafi there is a no safe place for the civilian, he promised his revenge, that will be happen for sure if he remains power, so remove him from the Libyan soil entirely. The NATO continuously bomb Gaddafi until finish him off. If I were the Rebel I would definitely not swayed by Gaddafi lies, the AU is manipulated by Gaddafi, all of the AU members are benefit from Gaddfi generously from the Libyan people’ money. And most of them are anti-Western tyrants by themselves, they need Gaddafi ongoing funding which come from the Libyan coffer, To finish Gaddfi is the only solution. He continuously carried bombing while talking about ceasefire that way he pressures on the Rebel to accept AU proposal which manipulated by himself. This is not the times NATO stop bombing must continuously bomb as Gaddafi firepower very very weak, the Rebel is getting stronger and stronger, so NATO and not swayed by Gaddafi lies. He can not be trusted. He lies in every his breathing so make him stop breath.

Al Jazeera's Zeina Khodr,
"For them, there is no solution to this conflict unless Gaddafi actually leaves office [and] leaves power."

WOW Go To School

Wow Hee Haa I bet you all could not sleep, no more nightmares, your spirit lit your sad face to smile, your happiness and joy take over,  and  to go to the school, see your friends and play together.  I like cartoons the Disney cartoons; this is secret when I first was leaning (still learning) my English through watching the Disney cartoons and movies. Gaddafi is a killer and bad guy you forget him. I like to go excursions too, especially seaside mountain there are so many difference things in there and also horizon at containership across and sometimes odd bits have been washed up shores which are from other part of world,  Always nice to sing heart out even my foghorn voice no one tells  me how ugly my voice is, my brother has very beautiful voice but not me, I don’t know why, learning new things around us and what is going on the world. Been thinking of I really like the nature, biology, beautiful fragrance of wild flowers  but then I like so many other things too so I am bit of busy all the times preoccupied period of my obsession. I have been so many times told off asking so many obnoxious questions so now my best friends Goggles and Wikipedia all the cool smart blogs around feed my instable inundation queries. They never told me off since they don't know I am asking impossible questions. Sometimes I told myself, in a determination, that I am not deceived or brain washed  (try not to) by all the world of ideas put on my head. But inevitably I am information junky.  Anyway that is I am.  All things jumbles; melodies, soccer, desert, plants, sky and stone horizon and love and sea and the revolution that would be nice to learn. O don't forget my sunset that is right my sunset, the most beatiful sunset too that makes me sad too because of fleeting but always it comes back again.  The great people give freedome for their life. Through these, for us to return their great precious gift is to learn goodness and round off bad things, chisel our life in a such way that, we try to  become a proud of the world citizens and never end up like bad Gaddafi for sure!   

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Killing Gaddafi Is Part Of The UN Mandate

US Admiral Samuel Locklear, NATO’s joint operations chief in Naples. (GETTY photo)

US Admiral Samuel Locklear, NATO’s joint operations chief in Naples, is not a man who minces his words when defining his mission in Libya.

It is a definition that confirms China and Russia’s worst fears and has strengthened their determination to thwart any US or European attempt to embark on a repeat performance in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East and North Africa.

Admiral Locklear’s mission, he says unambiguously, is to kill Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi. He also believes that NATO will have to put troops on the ground in Libya to restore stability once his goal has been achieved.

As far as Admiral Locklear is concerned, that UN mandate authorizes the killing of Mr. Qaddafi.

“The UN authorization had three components: blockade, no fly zone, and civil protection. And Admiral Locklear explained that the scope of civil protection was being interpreted to permit the removal of the chain of command of Qaddafi’s military, which includes Qaddafi,” The Cable said. “He said that currently is the mission as NATO has defined.”
The Admiral comment is long period of his profession as a soldier, so he has the wisdom of the see thing simple way of wining the battle,  allies with profound knowledge of practicality and  intuition what should be done the Libya conflict.  His interpretation his manual (the UN Resolution) is self-contained if not perfect and how to execute it to his operation.   The problems solving is all about complexity to simplicity. At the war, he knows he  can not effort political complexities but simplicity of the wining the battle.  I just can not understand why the Nato-Allies  leaders  coy about killing Gaddafi while so many civilians are killed by Gaddafi. This mean the leaders’ thinking is one dimensional; liner to complexity, tangles -where the Admiral thinking is complex integration to the simplistic,- Gaddafi life more important than all the Libyan peoples’ life and their suffering and other side effect. I think the Nato-Allies leadership thinking should change and then able to see the solution. Thus let the expert soldiers interpret their manual and carried out their battle to protect Libyan civilians

Misurata June 22. [image reuters]
This is what Gaddafi is doing to the people of Libya, jus bombed ordinary houses or children park or streets and everywhere, like fragments  his brain pieces spilt out from his skull. Why the world let him still alive while let so many precious lives at his madness. A beyond of comprehensions really.

This must be end must!

Blanketing The Baby Democracy

Al Jazeera: House protests over US role in Libya

Thank you very much for the House of US Congress, you will never disappointed your gracious wise decision or no decision on not to pull the plug on the Democracy Libya. The unquestionable greatness democracy will be the laurel every corners of the world and unburdens suffering humanity! Thank you very much.

Mohammed Salem/Reuters
NYT: House Spurns Obama on Libya, but Does Not Cut Funds

Hassan Ammar/Associated Press

“The vote we have on the House today will have implications far beyond our shores and far into the future,” he said.

DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK NYT: Rebels Arm Tripoli Guerrillas and Cut Resources to Capital

Samuel Aranda for The New York Times
Already, the rebels say, they are in contact with apolitical or disaffected officials in the Tripoli police force, the Interior Ministry and other government departments to make plans to secure the city in the days after a potential ouster of Colonel Qaddafi. “In every ministry of the government we have people who will be going to their offices in the days after Qaddafi falls, so the government will not collapse,” Mr. Fekini said.

“A few thousand men with guns can’t control two million people,” he said.
1) The countries must release the seized money for the NTC for Libyan people on a humanitarian level. NTC continuously tireless diplomacy on this area. “Our money our people are suffering … so many great people give their life for freedom why the world community are not release some of their seizes money for the NTC, not their life they don’t have any sense of urgency…    I think the Rebel may be a deal with  some of the  Nato-Allies some of or all of them their defence cost for bombing Gaddafi when his conflict ends.

2) Continuously the rebel work on defection from all level of the Gaddafi side, closely attention and work on to the Tripoli security force. Wonderful to see so many defections all level, that is unquestionable courage.

3) Outside Rebel establis  effective and efficient communication Tripoli under ground rebels, e.g. set up  satellite systems at around the rebel controlled areas such as Western mountains for help the inside Tripoli rebel able to use mobile phone and internet access. It can be done.

Rueter: Tripoli opposition waits for its moment

Al Jazeera Blog: Judges at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, have said they will rule Monday on whether to order Muammar Gaddafi's arrest.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Unite World Last Push

Libyan Rebels in Misrata Urge End of Arms Embargo, Change in NATO Tactics
... “We need help in two directions: for NATO to change its attack technique, and also we should get better weapons,” Fathi Bashaga, a rebel spokesman, said late yesterday. “I am asking the UN and NATO to allow us to buy the equipment and weapons because now we are in a difficult situation.”

The Guardian; Gaddafi's weakness – oil

Suhaib Salem/Reuters

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gaddafi's Flunkies' Hell

BBC Andrew Harding from Misrata  Libya: Rockets rain down on Misrata
During the past week, local officials say, the rockets have killed two women and a man, and injured at least 11 people - including six children.
Twenty-six camels were also killed by one strike.

Suad Asheheh, seven months pregnant, lost a thumb and her arm was badly crushed when a rocket smashed into her kitchen.
On the remaining walls of her house are thousands of tiny pockmarks, caused by the ball-bearings which were packed inside the rocket, and fanned out on impact.

How can you world not see this so apparent sufferings  instead  blinded by few of Gaddafi’ flunkies lies, now  the world filter  your deem cloudy consciences from the people suffering so you can see and feel more clear mind and  heart instead by  Gaddafi’s  lies. Nato you must bomb, keep continuously without delay, there is always few people  would disagree as they have their own agenda, let them say whatever they wish we are not slightly moved by it. Nato –Allis’s agenda is protecting the civilians from Gaddafi’s attack. Severely bombing his and his flunkies compounds too.  Send clear messages to anyone who help Gaddafi is not safe either.

Control Media

Libyan rebels in Misrata take tough line on foreign media--Press face curbs on frontline reporting, internet links and translators, as insurgents go on alert for Gaddafi spies

All foreign media should understand the situation,  this is war, so many causality, the rebels need every precaution, yes sometimes so dangerously exposed their position,  as we don’t know much of the Gaddafi solders movement.

Rebel authorities in the besieged Libyan city of Misrata have introduced tough restrictions on foreign media, banning travel to the frontline, cutting internet access and ordering journalists to work only with officially approved translators

Bright Future for the Democracy World

Do not let our intellgent is clouded by  few propagandas of Gaddafi’s flunkies

Anis Mili/Reuters

The Libyan conflict, US might cost a sum of money but end of the day how about ripples effect on earning potential through the geographical US positioning and allied with Nato-Allies, think about potential return, the money spend on Libyan war is well spending. End of the day, population pressure on resources control is calling the shot. When you looking into budgetary you can not one single comportment separate from other total sum, but overall spending and overall return or future possibilities return. The Libyan is not Afghanistan - which is fighting Al Qaeda, deep entrenched corruptions among politicians, and drugs, low literacy, well yes they have rich resources too- but unavoidable the Libyan people popular uprising result of 41 years of suppression and terror. The Libyan majority is well educated; the front line rebels fighters are young professionals and students and very well educated. As we have seen they are fighting with incredible ingenuity. They want nothing more their dignity back. That is more important than their life so they prepare give their life to exchange for it and the democracy of Libya. If the US, - is one of great democracy and champion of the peoples’ dignity, not support this popular uprising, the world would be very disappointed and effect on US credibility and its future diplomacy around the world. That would be much tough for US doing business. So if the Libya democracy cost says 1 billion, but the “democracy” will provide regional security, solid foundation of the US-Allies geopolitical benefit which lead to ultimate political stability and lead to economic prosperity to the world, US is the biggest economy which has biggest slices of pie- in the long-run, then the money certainly well spend it.

The world collectively have deep a suspicion and uneasy feeling about the current economic recovery which is slow down or halted because of the Middle East up rising(Greek melting and US fiscal deficits), which is inevitable due to course. So how to untangles the conflict let the economics set the straight road again? Certainly the Libyans( other Middle Eastern countries people too) will not compromises less than what they deserve “ their democracy”. With respect the US democracy and the House of Congress, would be a mistake if they block the fund for the Libyan democracy, and it will send a wrong signal to Gaddafi and discouraging Alliances. To be frank every countries in the world effects on this North African and Middle East conflicts. If this conflict unnecessary drags on, the world would suffer. So Nato- Allies and the world single minded about to finish off Gaddafi – regime change - lets move on, do not let your thinking is clouded by few propagandas of Gaddafi’s flunkies, think of your own country future, peaceful worlds much better places for doing business and guarantee your country future prosperity than a terrorists’ world.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

International recognition of Libya's rebel movement

From  Reuters:
(Reuters) - Libya's rebel National Transitional Council has declared itself the sole legitimate representative of the Libyan people and formed an interim government while it conducts military operations aimed at removing Muammar Gaddafi.
Here NTC

Here is Wikipedia has 29 countries recognise the NTC, as a legitimate representatives of Libya and Libyan people. That is good enough reason the NTC should access the Libya Sovereign Fund which are frozen, billion around the world. The money is for the Libyan people they are the rightful owner of the money, the countries should release them to the Libyan people.

NO Gaddafi is the Solution

See below clip what Gaddafi is doing to the innocence civilians

From NYT -- Italian FM should ask Gaddafi stop attacking the civilian people for change not the way around, when the civilian safe and then the Nato stop bombing. As long as Gaddafi alive the civilian is not safe. If have any casualty because the Nato, deeply sad but without complete transparent, it is hard to know whether again Gaddafi propaganda machine job for the fabrication, but then again that is Gaddafi account for, he deliberately set out civilian area for shields for carrying out the atrocity his unforgivable crime

Zohra Bensemra/Reuters

France expressed a different view, saying the military operations against Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, should be "intensified".
"Any pause in operations would risk allowing him to play for time and to reorganise. In the end, it would be the civilian population that would suffer from the smallest sign of weakness on our behalf," Bernard Valero, a French foreign ministry spokesman, said. …

Every single day innocent civilian are killed by Gaddafi’s attacks, there is no safe places for the civilians. Their houses and towns completely destroyed by Gaddafi indiscriminate attacks. The Libyan people only ask for democracy; freedom; human dignity and result their loved one killed or are disappeared. Why not ask Gaddafi stop terrorising instead the Nato.

Beijing Backing the Revolutionary

BEIJING — China’s foreign minister met here with the leader of Libya’s rebel opposition on Wednesday and said in a statement afterward that the opposition was “an important dialogue partner,” the latest in a series of Chinese moves to improve ties to the opposition.
I am glade that China finally comes to terms of the significant of the revolutionary and their fighting. China could have been watching carefully, with rational and intuition majored all aspects of the progress of conflict. Their move  positive signal to the rest of the world.   Congratulation to the Revolutionaries for the success!  

UK As Long As it Takes

The Guardian - UK can maintain Libya operations for 'as long as it takes', says Cameron

The below from CNN - Misrata Random Attack

BBC--Andrew Harding reports,  Libya rebels fight for town of Zliten under heavy fire

Stitch the Love

AP Source: AP

 NYT -- Chinese Officials Greet Libyan Rebel Leader in Beijing

“China believes that the Libyan opposition National Transitional Council has become an important political force in Libya,” Mr. Hong said on Tuesday. “We would like to remain in contact with the N.T.C. and work towards a political solution.”
The Australian --All Gaddafi’s Fault
"We are sorry for the loss of civilian life," said rebel spokesman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga. "We hold the Gaddafi regime responsible for having placed military armaments and rocket launchers near civilian areas."

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Lover Of Lovers

Relatives mourned a rebel fighter, killed during a battle with the military forces of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi in Misurata, during his funeral in Misurata. Zohra Bensemra/Reuters
My friend, you are a beloved brother and beloved son to all Libyan and a beloved lover all the lovers around the world. Shrouded by blanket and sunlit garden of laurel, and peaceful sleep in your victorious bier and lays on peacefully on Libya breasts!  My friend, your Libya forever, the seed you planted for your beloved Libya, the freedom will blooms every corners of her soil; as the star of red sand desert, an enchanting flower on street corners, benches and altars, the mighty cloud of wings and a life giver in lovers’ oasis, the fragrance wind from seven seas and enduring lucky charm for your lovers and harbinger of the peace. My friend your precious gift always with us the token of ever lasting love!


ⵍⵉⴱⵢⴰ) إلى الأبد

ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ Congratulation!!

Al Jazeera's James Bays has been spending time with the ancient Berber people and filed this report:

Berber languages

Revolution is a great! That is centrepieces!  Free up everything!  everyone can sings, name, and cry and love all sort of language! Wow, what a great song! O lots of agreat things are happening my friends!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Crumbling Gaddafi

Executing Punishing Striking Gaddafis

Hassan Ammar/Associated Press

BENGHAZI, Libya, June 20 (Reuters) - More than 20 troops from Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's forces have defected from a brigade based in southern Libya and joined the rebellion, rebels said on Monday. ...Keep Reading

 Among Gaddafis close associates fearful their-would- assassins, about their greedy trashes sculptured worthless  life,  while so many precious gifted young men’s life lost.  The Executioners Rebels execute few of these trashes worthless lives  definitely  justified for  ending  majority of Libyan’s  suffering. Signs of the Gaddafi’s supporters disintegrations here there everywhere for sure, a great news for destructions and ending Gaddafi’s.

Cool The Rebels, the Executioners, The Assassins,  the target is a great choice! it is a great warning to the Gaddafi’s supporters. Yes disposes few of the worthless greedy rats will do the job marvellously, sake of the Libya and her sufferings!!!

CNN - By David McKenzie What's really going on in Gadhafi's Tripoli?
"Ninety percent of the people in Tripoli hate Gadhafi," Mahmoud told me over sips of espresso at a corner coffee shop this weekend. "All his people do is tell lies. If anyone tells you different they are just afraid."

This will ends soon my friends! The Cats will kill all the  filty rats soon!!

The Catalysis Creative Geniuses

The Exclusive Weapons for the Rebels

That's when about eight schools across the city turned into weapons' workshops. Volunteers flooded in to help.
"We had no time to learn, we had to just become creative," said Ali Ibrahim, who used to drive trucks and now builds rockets”


Creativity don’t need time and lesions just love and passion that is all! Love makes them ardent creative geniuses! When you are in love you don’t need to go the school but go the Revolutionary Weapon Production area! Love teaches you everything!
Libyan Rebel Leader to Visit China

The Chinese foreign ministry said in a statement Monday that Mustafa Abdel-Jalil, head of the Transitional National Council, will make a two-day visit beginning Tuesday

Create roads and options,  opens the doors

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Most Precious Gift

To All the Gaddafis’ Supporters

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

To you Gaddafis supporters, you sold your dignity and the Libya’s future to a little rat Gaddafi who live at a hole. While your feeble life hangs around  rat holes,  shelter your shameful conscience, so many gifted young Libyan life lost, you would never know what sort of gift they could  give to the Libyan and her people! The young people give their life to the Libya and all the Libyan while you little rats are supporting one just little feeble nobody Gaddafi and his family! What sort of man are you? Be a man! Stop supporting one mad rat who strips all Libyan’ dignity and freedom and steal Libyan blood for his own and his family. Remember this! The splendours  blooms fells under the tree, the Rebels’ grace  granted to the most precious gift of fruit to the Libya,   is called the “Freedom!”  Free Libya shall live forever ever!  Beacon of Their precious Gift! 

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

The Rebels’ Fortuities

Why make simple things so complex, ultimate ingenuity problems solving is complex to simple. I mean the UN Resolution is so simple as;

“… to protect the Libyan population and reaffirming that parties to armed conflicts bear the primary responsibility to take all feasible steps to ensure the protection for civilians.”

How could it make simpler than this, it is almost open ended… Nato can do things that protect civilians.
So silliness in here, what is the Gaddafi commander centre means anything anywhere where he commends his atrocity that mean with his mobile at his little rate hole or one of his henchmen’s houses, that is become his commander centre.


Nato should bomb more severely, continually, causes and effect, all the seed of problems is Gaddafi, without Gaddafi this atrocity stops. Why the world let Gaddafi breathing while so millions of Libyan are suffering. Why and how you compare mad Gaddafi life to millions of peoples’ life. The world leaderships are joke! They are dragged by one man’s delusion and deception. Also you all Gaddafi’s  henchmen, we all live one life, what is your life has been so far? Gaddafi has been sucked Libyan people’s  blood last 41 years. Be a man, you can not take your  money to your grave, be a man and ditch Gaddafi now, not too late.  Must save the young men’s precious life for the future of your country you calls her Libya!      

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gaddafi's Delusion

Reuters-Finbarr O'Reilly

To sojourn in Tripoli is to travel deep into a world of illusionism and deceit. This is a world where much of the evidence available to an outsider suggests that Colonel Qaddafi, the “Brother Leader” and “Revolutionary Guide,” has led his followers into a narrowing cul-de-sac; where few if any with access to the colonel, by their own accounts, seem ready even to whisper that the game may be up; a world where a battalion of official spokesmen, inured to a lifetime of wrenching reality into the shapes commanded by propaganda, seem intent on turning truth on its head — a world, in short, where a leader beset by a murderous civil war thinks it normal to spend his Sunday afternoon playing chess. Keep Reading
Gaddafi’s pink peep show- Gaddafi, a leading man lead by examples- the truth is I am not telling lie because that is only I know and know how to tell, nothing else what else I can tell? Thus I am the most desirable man in the world! Gaddafi says.

The Nalut Falcons

The revolutionaries destroyed six armoured vehciles and killed more than 45 enemy soldiers. The rebels surrounded Gaddafi's forces,...

The Rebels Come from the Darkness!

Gaddafi's soldiers afraid of the Rebels  
“We are afraid,” Refat said. “We are standing under the light and they come from the darkness...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Leading The Arab Spring

US Must Lead and Active the Arab Spring

Mohammed Salem.Reuters
Americans will support a President who makes the case for military force based on American interests and values. In Libya, that means deposing Gadhafi and his henchmen so that his regime doesn't survive as a vindictive supporter of global terrorism; to show that the U.S. will stand for Arab freedom when it has the means to make a difference and can do so at reasonable cost; and now that NATO and the U.S. are implicated, to show that both can't be defeated by a crackpot authoritarian and his ruthless sons...
It would be hugely costly — for this country’s credibility, for the future of NATO and for the people of Libya — if Congress were to force President Obama to abandon military operations over Libya. However, Mr. Obama cannot evade his responsibility, under the War Powers Act, to seek Congressional approval to continue the operation.
We support the Libya campaign, although like many Americans we are frustrated that it has dragged on this long. We are eager to hear from the president about what additional nonmilitary pressures he is rallying to finally end Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s murderous reign.

If Washington were to cut off its support now, the NATO campaign would unravel. The cost to relations with Europe and the unity of the military alliance would be enormous — likely felt all the way to Afghanistan.

Partisan brinkmanship or not, Mr. Obama doesn’t have a choice. He needs to go to Congress and make his case. Congress then needs to authorize continued American support for NATO’s air campaign over Libya.
 I have deep respect the American’s democracy, no matter what still the most powerful country in this earth. It is a brand magic, a great and priceless commodity which promises the prosperity. Schools around the world, children are learning American history from their primary school along with their own history. No another countries has the grand privilege so far. So most of world educated population grow with America hate and love relationship- well yes if you don’t love someone there is no hate either- with the US. China never catches up America unless they change their political systems and they have no Google no Facebook…etc. how utterly a great to see this check and balance democracy, that gives the President Obama most powerful man in the earth yet when come to terms of democracy the American people calling the shoot, how wonderful systems is that? It tells who is the Boss. How delightful to see this kind of magic in this midst of the Arab Spring. With deep respect the US House of Congress, they should not divided and to send mixed signals to the American enemies and allies around the world. It is degrading the American brand magic! The World says the Yankee should do it better!


The Gaddafi’s Final Show

REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Enjoy here the Gaddafi final caricatures

Libya Is Very Desirable

Moon Never Tell You The True

This from Reuters
"We have spoken out against the misuse of the good intentions in Resolution 1973," Zuma said during a budget speech in parliament.

Without wasting my precious word in this thrash statement, I don’t know who Zuma is! But this statement is a stupidest, and I am very sorry to the people who suppose to be lead by Zuma. Is he president of his own bed room or what? Has he seen the atrocity of the Libya? Which has been carried out by Gaddafi? You can not see the suffering of the millions of Libyans instead of talking about nonsense he is dome to be in his position! Wonder why despite of all the Africans countries have rich natural resources their people are still starving!  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Rebel Grad Rockets

The Rebels' Cool Heavy Weapons- Very Cool Indeed!

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

I am listening this now  

Last night I saw moon at the sky, she was seamless, as if she has never known any agony or sorrow but I know she has seen the whole. I like that that seemliness.  When I see this Arab Spring and Libya, thinking of the fundamentals. There are no fundamentals to build with the structural elicitation.  How could you build your house(organisation or country) without a foundation? The foundation could or would determine the structural of the house and that determined how long the house will long last.   I see we human system (society whatever you call it) interaction in this way.  I have seen so many people( thinking of the quality of leadership, or quality of human being) down fail, ruinous not only their own but others,  try to build something without any foundation, that can not be long last. Soon or later, it may take few years or 40 years but it can not be sustain for sure.  These people fundamentally substandard soul I dare say, thus they unable to detect others’ dignity  that is where all their downfall begins with…Can we all finish this stupid  nonsense?  So that we can go on our life with some dignity and the children can go to school too…and some people able to cycle their brain for draining  and I hate to see people abased their brain for draining.  Do you think  I should abandon  this worldly world for my own luxury of silence, actually been thinking silence is a rare commodity... 

P.S As we are asking how you build a sustainable country  hundreds and thousand of years to come without ruins? We have seen they are continually adoptive and  mutability to change  new systems which is utmost new and difference than old ones,  AND also a firm foundation with along with the good leadership always(if not right they change it to fit), the Unite Kingdome for an example...

What happen if you bicycle your brain for while what would happen your brain? Gone into orbit