Monday, April 30, 2012

Waiting US Leadership

While Syria burns, Obama stands idly by- from the Chicago Tribune
I kid you not. A board. Russia flies planeloads of weapons to Damascus. Iran supplies money, trainers, agents, more weapons. And what does America do? Support a feckless U.N. peace mission that does nothing to stop the killing. (Indeed, some of the civilians who met with the peacekeepers were summarily executed.) And establish an Atrocities Prevention Board. …
But that's false. It's not the only alternative. Why aren't we organizing, training and arming the Syrian rebels in their sanctuaries in Turkey? Nothing unilateral here. Saudi Arabia is already planning to do so. Turkey has turned decisively against Syrian President Bashar Assad. And the French are pushing for even more direct intervention.
Instead, Obama insists that we can only act with support of the "international community," meaning the U.N. Security Council — where Russia and China have a permanent veto. By what logic does the moral legitimacy of U.S. action require the blessing of a thug like Vladimir Putin and the butchers of Tiananmen Square?
If we are not prepared to intervene, even indirectly by arming and training Syrians who want to liberate themselves, be candid. And then be quiet. Don't pretend the U.N. is doing anything. Don't pretend the U.S. is doing anything. And don't embarrass the nation with an Atrocities Prevention Board. The tragedies of Rwanda, Darfur and now Syria did not result from lack of information or lack of interagency coordination, but from lack of will.
 We the whole world is waiting for US leadership in action Syria! If  US not help Syrian people who is going to help them?


Below are handout pictures, released by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) to the AFP news agency, reportedly showing damaged buildings and vehicles following the blasts in the city of Idlib, northwest Syria:

This images is released by the Assad criminal regime, saying that they are the evidence of   explosion by “ armed terrorists ”.  I am not a forensic analysis or expert about crime scene, but this scene is not new but least few months old well settled, there is no dust but well settled well exposed skeleton damages,   the explosion is well washed well cleaned by the air is clean old well calmly settled in, clean car tire marks  on the street well settled into. The men’s facials expression is not enough emotion at the front of atrocity…so on… the criminal regime bit more creative if they want to convince the world for their true fabrication. I am just saying… that is all! 


Last few days, the criminal regime has blamed appalling to the UN Chief’s comment about stop the criminal regime violent against innocent people, now they put the UN observer general Mood's  picture in such way that, it appears, and looks like Mood is part of  the criminal government!  It is subtle display but message is clear, calculated imagery propaganda. So the Opposition do not misunderstanding this fabrication, fair open mind about this and give Mood fair go, he was born into democracy, his blood stream would be free and fair,  hoping what he can see what he can hear on the ground unbiased way from the ordinary people not only the criminal regime, that is we all are asking! But then we are not relay on his abilities to solve this conflict, remember he and his team is an observer, unarmed nothing more nothingness!  

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Everything is Possible

Everything is Possible in New Syria

A Syrian Kurd walks past giant Kurdish (L) and Syrian opposition flags ahead of a sit-in in front of the United Nations headquarters in Beirut, in solidarity with anti-government protesters in Syria, April 29, 2012.

 Just quick note(correction) that, apparently the below re "Lutfallah II"  weapon shipment story  acutely unconfirmed sources of, the weapons  intended destination, whether for the criminal regime or to the Opposition revolutionary, we have to open mined about situation like this. The criminal is everything making  up lie or fabricated story, look as bad as possible to the Opposition revolutionary but it has been so long no one believe his fabrication. The below is from Al Jazeera: 

"There is still a lot of mystery and speculation about this ship. We don’t know where it is coming from or where it is going. Why should we believe the story of the regime that this shipment of weapons is going to the rebels, why don't we say that it is actually going to support theshabiha (thugs) of the Assad regime … there are no independent investigations in Lebanon. The Lebanese government is supporting the regime and they will emphasise his story."
- Farah Atassi, a Syrian political activist 
I still believe it should or could be very nice  if the destinations were to the Revolutionary! They needed them so much for protection their people!  


A Nice Place to Live

Boy holds a sign that reads, "Bashar al-Assad destroyed my home, the street has become my home", in centre of Homs [Reuters]

Don’t worry my friend, Assad will be out of the planet and out of Syria all together very soon, yes he will even no planet to live with, but you will have a grand new Syria,  you can build your  freedom houses every cities and every streets  and much nice planet to live! 

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inevitable People Power

Reuters via NYT
 “The desired outcome is not collapse and civil war and a failed state and a couple lost decades for Syria,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, adding that resolving the crisis requires time for both raising the pressure and providing an exit. “Without pressure the regime will not look for an exit, but without an exit they are going to fight to the death,” Mr. Salem said. ...

The great people of Syria, they deserve  and are commanding support from the world, the world should not fail to deliver what they want! Tyranny comes and goes,  the Syria embodies of Syria people!

Damm! Damm! That would have been a great help for FSA, have to establish supply chains without go through well charted seas. Have to arm Free Syrian Army so that they can defend by themselves!  do you think FSA defend the criminal tanks with bar hands? Ridiculous, course for the horse,  again again we know all that which side lying and attacking, the Opposition revolutionaries  are not lying or whatsoever has no incentive attacking first.  The criminal goes round killing peaceful protest or innocent people, again again.   Thank you so much your kindness benefactors to the Syrian people, they will remember you kindness forever bottom of their heart! I love Libyan people they help Syrian people they know what is like to be help when time like this!!  That is why they are the winners!   

Now the criminal run out all the lying and option, no one believe his lying now turn against the UN, well so far basically the UN shield for his crime for drags on so far, finally the UN had enough of the criminal lying and his mad rampage,  so this criminal attacking UN!  He says why the UN and the world against my killing innocence people? I have every right to kill the Syrian people because they against me, I am innocent for my crime for killing tense thousands of innocence they are guilty becase they against me! Why they want freedom and dignity?  

A great to  the revolutionaries are empowered, they go after the criminal everywhere sea land and sky! That little duck drown to black sea with alive! 

SUMMARY (28/04/2012): At least 52 martrys have fallen, mostly in Hama, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib and Homs. Many places came under shelling today, including Hama, Homs, Hayyan, Atareb, Saraqib, Jabal az-Zawiyah and Bakh'a. The recent increase in protests in Damascus has been accompanied by an increase in the number of explosions in the capital. Just a few hours ago there was an explosion in Bab Touma, which came after explosions in Qazaz, Midan, Adawi, Kafr Batna, Jaramana, Duma - all in the last 48 hours and coinciding with the regime accusing Ban Ki Moon of encouraging the "terrorists."

UPdate: Without arms you want to the criminal  kills all of the Opposition  and wipe off the Syrian people from this earth? BE reasonable, the Opposition  FSA is self defense as we all entitles to do so… what are you arguing whether the FSA get supplies weapon from outside if they do that so what? Hoping the ship  "Lutfallah II"   was  intend to the opposition  as they have perfectly  right reason to have to have weapon. It was nice to know they get weapon from outside. Again blow up things, suicide bomber kind of thing that is all come from Assad planted, a purpose of manipulation to world so that the criminal would say he  has lawful reason to attack the Syrian people("armed gangs"), hey we heard that before! So not sways by his lie anymore please, please do not gullible ok?  he tries to tell world that it may be al-Qaeda et al inside of the revolutionaries, so the killer try to fend off  US allies (US et al are paranoid by al-Qaeda) to help the Opposition.   be reasonable the Opposition painfully aware that  what is US et al’s  opinion al-Qaeda and they don’t want ruined their chance to help from US et al  so all the be al-Qaeda and suicide bomber is all planted by assay he is again bullshit to the world!

Update; we don't believed what is the criminal regime propaganda machine broadcasting, that mouthpiece of the criminal as everything is lie.  

UPDate: Just quick note that, apparently the above re "Lutfallah II"  weapon shipment story  acutely unconfirmed sources of, the weapons  intended destination, whether for the criminal regime or to the Opposition revolutionary, we have to open mined about situation like this. The criminal is everything making  up lie or fabricated story, look as bad as possible to the Opposition revolutionary but it has been so long no one believe his fabrication. The below is from Al Jazeera: 

"There is still a lot of mystery and speculation about this ship. We don’t know where it is coming from or where it is going. Why should we believe the story of the regime that this shipment of weapons is going to the rebels, why don't we say that it is actually going to support theshabiha (thugs) of the Assad regime … there are no independent investigations in Lebanon. The Lebanese government is supporting the regime and they will emphasise his story."
- Farah Atassi, a Syrian political activist 

Friday, April 27, 2012

Immense Syrian Voice

Who can denied their dream and hope? 

Syrian Kurdish women wear the colors of the Kurdish and Syrian pre-Baath era national flags during a rally in Qamishli [Reuters]

They are lilies of dillies, all forms they will planet at olive groves at barren soil that will spring up at gallant hills valleys and heart of lovers and their victorious laurels 

What a love humh? All the Syrian people, take immense risk their life to try to make their dream come true. So brave so much sacrifices  so much love in them. So much precious life, young yet extinguished their life because of a senseless a criminal madness without flourish in their potential,  they could have been glittering stars of world, possible contribution of the world too we should consider. Cost so much not only Syrian but the world as whole is immense. That is why all the stupid tyrannies or tyrannical system that drag down lowest cast of  human dignity they  must eliminated with all cost sake of  our collective humanity! That way our civilization make  advance and  forward that much nice place to live with harmony.  

We human are proud of ourselves different than mere animals because we able to think able to expresses ourselves with all forms  that is our holy privilege. we have morals, of course everyone difference standard but we all certain we “should not do” we “should do”  that is depended on how where which we brought up…etc. one things so clear Syria, the criminal Assad treat with Syrian people nothing more than animals, disregard their dignity as human being, and their intelligent  in all form that is appalling. So we don’t regard him as our own human kind  but he is nothing more than lowest level of some kind animal, who happen to be power just went out madcap rampage killing people because they don’t want a madcap animal.  This is my blunt thought of day! 


One simple  reason so many people have been killed because  the criminal assad   wants in power,  he and his family occupied Syrian more than necessary, all the outsiders whoever  support this criminal remember this is  Syrian people v one lowest criminal.  getting rid of this criminal shall bring peace within the region.  Why are you backing up a hopeless criminal?  For what? Do not wastes your breath and energy!


Annan’s  mission unconsummated  with Syrian people! 

Anti-government demonstrators during a protest in the town of Hass in Idlib province on April 27 [AFP]

 Wonderful sense of humor goes with a great people of Syria! Should we laugh or cry?    
Whole world standing ovation for your bravery!



UN: We are doing our best for keep going on the ceased ceasefire!
US: We are monitoring carefully for  the ceased ceasefire!
Criminal assad: I am fully committed to my ceased ceasefire!
Syrian People: We are telling the world the ceased ceasefire!  
I say: Gee... everybody tries terribly hard to make  this ceased ceasefire!   

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The UN Chapter 7

As ever the video can't be authenticated but the presence of the UN vehicle would make it difficult to fake.

 Protesters were forced to take cover behind UN vehicles when Syrian soldiers opened fire during an inspection visit to the southern city of Dera'a, according to video footage from activists

The Arab League plans to call on the UN Security Council to protect Syrian civilians under Chapter 7 of the UN charter, acording to a draft statement seen by Reuters.

"The Arab League will assign its Arab representatives in the UN Security Council in the meeting set to take place May 5 to
ask the Security Council to protect Syrian civilians immediately in accordance with Chapter Seven of the Security Council
charter," the draft read.

Chapter 7 of the UN charter allows the Security Council to authorise actions ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions to military intervention.

Teach lesson to the all tarnished stupid human in a power, without accountabilities  abusing  their  position!  Good on you whoever calling Chapter 7, there is we stand for!

This is happen where stupid criminal in power and unchecked! Assad ending is  near Syrian people victory is near! The world must act now! We will never forgive the criminal treat people in this inhuman way!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snail To Hurricane Feet

Clashes has increased in Hama. Activists say dozens have been killed and many more have been wounded in the bloody attacks, a violation of the shaky ceasefire in the country.
Many of the victims are women and children. Peoople are dying because we don't have the necessary medical equipment or expertise to save those injured.

Russia and criminal  Assad ganged up two to tangos, thebloodsucker and the killer;  the Opposition to be balms all the  violent,  and  al-Qaeda snip in!! Be creative do not repeat old lies, we heard before again again day after day after… same old story… if anyone still believed Russian and criminal Assad lies, you honestly examined your brains and make it embalm sour vinegar, it is not laughable, we do not mentioned that kind of tasteless thing anywhere any more!  Assad should be buried at black sea...

Some people are so immensely creative to the humanity some succumbs are noting more than a just mere trashes criminals for their own greediness!  Then do we need  we world let these trashes exist for sake of our own sanity? Answer is yes so therefore we should think ourselves what we shouldn’t do or should do! but we should not let them get away with their crime. We human are immensely creative yet immensely destructive!

Thinking of, when we think of ourselves and the stars, milky way stars we re just one little being but we can be a immensely beautiful  beings, span of our time in here very short fleeting momentary,  we go we all go one way to the stars that is our home you know we should kind each other!    

In this high-tech arena, we human went moon remember? That was 40 or year ago.   Now people talking about developing a planetary resources mining,  can you not just stop a criminal killing rampage? I can not believe? Why let this one criminal alive while so many innocent people let die? No one doing business with Russia,  you can see what sort of country Russia is, helping a bloody thirsty criminal for its sustainability, all the countries who doing business with Russia you should be aware that!         

Thu, 26 Apr 2012, 01:33 GMT+3 - Hama

Children are among those reportedly killed by what activists say was a missile strike in the Syrian city of Hama.

Collectively we the world bring the justices! Forget about Annan’s, military action now ! Hurry up you dimwit hotshots, take out your brain form your litter bin and wash it put your  crystal bench, put few new speed dilators  and roiling up  so that make go faster! Before the killer doing another blow up 

Images taken from videos uploaded on YouTube on April 25, 2012 show people searching for survivors under the rubble of collapsed homes allegedly destroyed when a rocket fell during shelling by Syrian government forces on a neighborhood in the city of Hama.

Wed, 25 Apr 2012, 11:53 GMT+3 - Syria

Syrian opposition activists have accused the United Nations of "playing with Syrian lives" by dragging out the deployment of ceasefire monitors in the country. 

Responding to the announcement that it will take another month to deploy 100 unarmed military observers to oversee a shaky April 12 truce agreement, most activists reacted with a mixture of anger and apathy.
 "It takes them a month to arrive? Are they coming on horses?" said a resident from the city of Homs, which has endured sustained shelling by the army. He asked to be referred to only by the nickname 'Sami' for fear of arrest.  
..."After one month we will have maybe 1,000 or 2,000 people killed - it's ridiculous. How can the international community watch without moving quickly," said Mousab al-Hamadi, an opposition resident from Hama province, where activists say 31 people were killed on Monday when the army shelled and stormed the Arbaeen district of Hama city, a day after the monitors visited.

Yes UN carry their snails foot to horse driven carriages, and their brain comes with snail mail and their body comes with dispatch box!!!On the ground they have to put together their body and brain and feet !

Nice things is French is voicing military action according to the Chapter 7 here is you can read…hurry UN if not too careful you become NUN! 

The most insulting thing is, the international community as whole as a bystander,  of  disregarding human life, every single moment  there is innocent people is being killed  that is most insulting and frightening to see!  The criminal ending is near  the Syrian peoples’ victory near!   

The criminal Assad death is near so he is paranoid; all the Syrian people are executioners go after the criminal Assad! All the criminal supporters defect now you are innocence!  

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Circle has to be broken

The world speak one voice!

 Action Action you hotshots! Do not try to find your piece of peace from your "no faith doomed assad" but find yourself Action Please!!!

Put the criminal assad death is the only way this useless endless unyielding circle Syrian people suffering, so from now on, the world looking for finishing up the criminal, 1) no more dealing with the criminal  2) no more dealing with the criminal) no more dealing with the criminal!  I mean the world the democracy whole world has this immense firepower  to end this atrocity!  

This from twitter: Assad has run out of money,Syrians run outof fear,the World out of humanity,UN out of credibility and the US out of options Ha ha... O yes Syrian  run out fear, only with determination bravery passion yearning for freedom and  want to kill  the criminal Assad.

Assad has run out of money; no money no honey, when you buy love with money this happen, true love survives without money that is Syrian peoples’ love     Who wants to be a loser’s friend? ...humb no one... how about you Russia... Iran...? no...? Then who wants to be victor Syrian peoples friends?  O yes Me O yes you too  and you the whole world!!!


Assad is Doomed

A no-fly, no-drive zone on the border with Turkey would critically alter the terms of engagement. Everyone is waiting on Washington's leadership.
 There is enough outrage—and resources—in the region to bring down the regime in Damascus if and when an American decision to do so is made. And there are two borders, the Jordanian and the Turkish, from which a determined effort could be made. 
A no-fly, no-drive zone on the border with Turkey would critically alter the terms of engagement and encourage greater defections from the regime's forces. Everyone is waiting on Washington's green light and its leadership.
 Turkey would act, but only under the banner of NATO, and in partnership with the U.S. Importantly, none of the proposals for Syria's rescue call for American boots on the ground. In the markets in Dubai, the Assad dictatorship is dumping its gold reserves—at a discount. In the long run, this regime is doomed. But that is hardly consolation to an outgunned rebellion.
 We shouldn't be waiting on a Syrian Srebrenica before the regime is pushed into its grave. It is a waste of time—and of precious lives—to buy into a wishful diplomacy that maintains that a few hundred U.N. observers will ward off the evils of a merciless sectarian tyranny. 
This is 23.04.2012

IDLIB (23/04/2012): The massacre in Hama wasn't the only massacre yesterday. 13 people, most of them from the same family, were killed in the village of Jarjanaz in Idlib province when a tank shell landed on their house. This video shows their funeral last night.

Let’s face is the Annan’s mission failed whether you like it or not! I think all the “Friend of Syrian” counties under the American leadership; send well trained well armed marinas or special military personals to the Syrian as observes.  About 80 countries “Friend of Syria”. I believed they all happy to send around 300-400 armed millinery personals until the Assad is finished. They all comes with their own resources, Gulf countries is willing to meet extra resources!  Why are you asking the criminal for stop killing people? Instead you should kill him! If this drag on cost immense world economy, Syrian people will not stop until the criminal is finished.    

Opposition leaderships inside Syrian along with free Syrian Army leadership actively directly engaging other Arab counties i.e. Gulf Nations other “Friend of Syrian” countries” for help. We have seen their superhuman bravery, willingly to give their life to  their country and their people, so  going to talk to other countries for help their dream  a  pieces of cake.  Assad is finished! 

Update; Media says the criminal doesn’t want “friend of Syria” a part of UN observe mission… he want only his friend i.e. Russia China, and Iran and ganged up killing all the Syrian who against his own family business! So our question  the UN has to listen the criminal demand this and that?  Or a criminal who is in death row, has right to chose his own exclusive witness of his crime! So Russian hold criminal  hand for killing, and he make things up  as he goes…



Ok I have not reading whole article yet but while I think of another thing as I get this “ Resistant is Futile”  from the Borg Yes the Borg I am interesting in


We are going to sing song to the criminal assad from now on until he is finished

Assad, You are a criminal!  Syria doesn’t want you! You are dead!   

To be frankly he is good as dead!  No place in the world he can hide his crime! 


Syrian Solution!

Solution:  30,000- 50,000 armed special UN forces deployment in Syria!!!

...Another activist told AP: "Those observers brought destruction upon us. Any area they visit, the regime attacks. It's a tragedy."

Here is Assad UN observes are not peacekeepers but messengers of death! Bring to death to Syrian people!

Anaan he must should tell the true the UNSC that he failed his mission! Now Now! can he understand that he has to say to the world  he failed his mission!  Stop help that criminal  continues carried out this unspeakable  atrocity! Anann is guilty he is playing his ego expense of thousand of innocence peoples blood and agony! He is a stupid man with disgrace with humanity! 

All the “Friend of Syrian” country about 80 countries? The UN should ask them contribution about 300-400 military personal each countries, that fix up that criminals! Otherwise little 300 personals never work, waste time that give that criminal  more time!  Or it is time NATO should involved!   

O these young people innocence young people their sin is only they want to freedom they want dignity they know that what have been missing in their life, they want their country same as like other country they want their future same as like other people around world that is their only sin!   

Look at them that is what they want, freedom of sunny shade summer olive green trees their dream is large than whole blue sky their freedom song echoes every corners of the world! 

 "The Syrian opposition says this was a manipulated explosion by the government to show the UN observers that there are terrorist groups in the country," our correspondent said.

If anyone still believe this Assad lie “ armed gangs” or “al-Qaeda” accusing opposition they carry their brains on litter box so they  should going to exam their brains.This is war, an unfair war, a criminal Assad whose family which occupied Syria over years, lost legitimacy v over 21 millions Syrian people  who want their country back from its occupier!

 This is very an interest clips; it shows that how the opposition strategic city has been blocked off. No one knew what was going on… that is why so many people missing…   

This is from Reuters: 

(Reuters) - Bashar al-Assad's international allies must realize the Syrian president is "finished" and persuade him to step down to avoid further bloodshed, Tunisian President Moncef al-Marzouki said in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday. 
Assad "will go one way or another ... dead or alive," he added.

One thing for certain, he will be dead… after all of this  he is alive somewhere while so many innocence dead? Are you kidding?  we just hope that his ending near… so that  save innocence people life…  

Monday, April 23, 2012

Anana Work of Art

Good Morning Hotshots!

Do you have ceasefire at your frilled squeezed charcoaled  mind  yet!  Hoping your joyful morning squared into your day of dreadful and eating up your nightly tomb excavation journey for innocent peoples’ agony! Blood thirsty vampires!

This is Kofi Anana work of art, cost of gallon of innocent peoples' blood and agony! 

See Cleary

Every equipments( choppers)  the UN Observers need they should be from the UN not Assad region; i) he lost credibility, common you don’t  trust lair’s promises’ promises, ii) the observes must have freedom manures every situations in their capacity not reliance anyone but themselves, this also considerion their own safety, iii) there is no such ceasefire  in Syrian never will until Assad is  removed, vi) so the Observer must work on base this…   

You know you will never grow up like a criminal  that is for sure!   Pointed guns at the children's class rooms! 

A nice hotshots UNSC masterpieces ofceasefire

 Should frame their work of art, a surrogated participation of unity!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Like Butterflies

These awesome things you can imagine, after school you take your net go to the mountain. Wild flowers are smelting away there are full of butterflies. Swapping over them your net you catch them heee heee..., flick flock, they are all mine!  When you grow with a rotten big city you only can see bridges bus stops dirty waters but in village; there are stream bluest sky smiling summer, full gowned cobalt summer seashell happiness, so many sounds where you wondrous,  white mighty snowy winter there are warmest tales! I like butterflies they are very charming!  Hoping Syrian children get their freedom and happiness soon! BTW this is from CNN!

Ceasefire Mean Shelling In Syria

 Your safety is our freedom and our life! Please take good care of yourself!   Free Syrian Army and Opposition  say to the UN observers 

Syrian troops stormed and shelled districts in a suburb of the capital Damascus Sunday, ...

What is ceasefire  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Proud of Part

Images from space track relentless spread of humanity- Very moving humb… how we human are  so creative  and innovative, very emotional when you see this kind our ingenuity and yet so destructive…    



You know when you grow up Sagan amazing story we are so sure that we are good as we can be  and we can also bad as we can be!  Immensity our cosmos… this magnificent cosmos we are proud of part… no matter what we should grateful for part of this magnificence!!

I try to understand why we are as we are that is all... 

Zero Hour!

Not really good but there is a room to work with the resolution to the opposition, hoping the Observer Impartial Assessment!

Hey! now we do the Zero Hour!  Shot down everything! Completely and utterly!!!

Man Is The Measure Of All Things

Friday, April 20, 2012

Talking Tougher

Here is my interpretation of just in case you don’t understand what the conversation is!! 

Wolf: why don’t you call Assad a criminal? He is a war criminal, isn't he? 
Clinton: Well  ahh…humb…Well I am not call him a criminal, but I am here trying to force  him stop killing innocence unarmed people, there is bundles of evidences his killing and torturing;  babies,  children and mothers and innocence people, shelling cities and destroy cities, drive people out of their home.  You know I never call him a criminal; I try very hard to stop his killing innocent people in here that is all!  Do you get my point?  
World; !##%%^&*()__+++_@!#$%^^&??????????????????????????????????????????    


Timor Goksel, a former UN spokesman who served with the UN Interim Force UNIFIL for more than 20 years in Lebanon, told Al Jazeera

"But they need one thing from the Syrians, and that's what the Syrians are going to use - they [the UN] are telling the Syrians that 'you are responsible for the safety and the security of these observers. That gives Syria a lot of latitude in saying 'you cannot go there today, it's not safe'."

But sitting at the hotel room with computer screen how they monitor what is going on?  How could they feel people movement? amazing I can not believe! Why? opposition has no incentive whatsoever threatening the UN observers safeties, on the contrary!!  We need unbiased UN observer in here “unbiased”; they should not let down the world the whole world is watching, for their unbiased observation and assessment on the ground, on site assessment not in the hotel room assessment! The UN can not afford biased assessments the eyes of the World!

"We don't want to be used as a tool for escalating the situation. So we will avoid going on patrols on Fridays," Colonel Ahmed Himmiche, from Morocco, said.

No one using the UN observe as a tool for sure! They should  observe on the ground  unbiasesly   that is the world asking for!  I think the world hotshots don’t get the messages… they know  the criminal should go  and for the 98% Syrian people think he is a criminal as they can not accept him and there is no ceased fire  on Syrian soil until the criminal goes…  


...French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told a French news channel on Friday that France was also drafting a resolution designed to allow a larger observer force to be deployed in Syria with up to 500 observers as well as helicopters.
I like the number 500 and as well choppers!


This is interesting re: Syria. When Assad rĂ©gime fails that is a major for blow Iran, this is may work…

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warrior’s Magnificent Whip

To the members of the Syrian National Council,
You are the first to know that the Syrian regime did not implement the ceasefire and you are the first to know that Homs’ neighbourhoods and its suburbs are still being shelled with heavy artillery and mortars.
You are the ones who know that there are tens of martyrs and injured every day. You are the ones to know that our houses were destroyed upon our heads and that the residents have been displaced from their homes.
But unfortunately, we have not read for you a single statement or an official press release.
We are dying day and night and you are only watching the news bulletins as if the cities that are being shelled are not your cities; and the people who are dying are not your people.
You must, as soon as possible, release official statements and daily announcements saying that the Syrian regime has not implemented the ceasefire
You must pressure the UN Security Council to send the international observers to Homs as soon as possible.
You must hold daily press conferences to expose the videos documenting crimes, which prove that the Syrian regime did not implement to the ceasefire.
You must submit official requests to the UN Security Council demanding immediate direct military intervention, direct military strikes and the arming of the Free Syrian Army.
These are the demands of the Syrian people. And anyone who does not respond to these demands does not represent the Syrian people and has no right to speak on behalf of the Syrian people.
Today, 19 April, 2012

This is the SNC daily work schedules “To Dos”! They should read and remember every single word for their holy text made from Syrian peoples’ blood and agony! They must carried out their daily “To Dos” dutifully effectively that is their obligation for the Syrian people! Their Leadership is servicing their people, carried out their request and executing their demand that should comes first foremost for their services!

Update: I just quick look at the SNC website, they are busying of promoting their images, picture with Kofi Annan et al…, Syrian people suffering images are nowhere or Homs et al other cities’ destruction no where  to be seen!  Hidden somewhere? I can not find. SNC leadership if they are genuinely want to win this war or cares about freedom they should  prepare kneel down to whoever can help to free to  the peoples from their immense suffering!  SNC  to represented or don’t understand their role clearly in my view.  Every country politician’s policy decisions are based on public opinion, no every politicians are very sensitive public opinion. So SNC try influencing and  changing  French et al politician mind, they should getting into “French People heart” not  meaningless pictures with politicians,  five star dinning…, none of these SNC pictures getting world’s sympathy of, people don’t want their  tax to  aid to well tailored suite well nourished at five star dinning ineffective people  at living at safe country. But they don't  mind share of their fortunet to “Syrian peoples’ suffering, dying, starving babies, violation human dignity, how FSA fights, how activists risking their life for their dream etc… images,” getting into Friend people heart” fast immensely effective! Trustworthy!  Well without winning the war there is no point promoting you for positions! I think the Free Syrian Army Commander should be the head of the SNC! In my view the Commander has more capability than any of the opposition leadership, he has proven his leadership for commanding vast spread around FSA!    

NATO Alliance's Mutual Defenc

"Turkey is considering formally invoking Article Four of the North Atlantic Treaty," Clinton said, at a meeting in Paris of senior envoys from countries seeking to pressure Bashar al-Assad's Syrian regime.
 Things should be work out...

News Headlines Syria

 This is how the day unfold!     




The criminal at his breakfast table and reading his morning news at this tablets:  
Thanks all the fools UN and Paris march,   I am enjoying my bloodymary for cheering up my bloody good day! Thanks for all you fools!  And he signed off “highest shiniest medallion” for Kofi Annan for his highly attributable contribution to his bloody regime!  
And tells his emergency aid for blood supplies thugs, “the fools’ days in Paris finished so  dispatch thousand tanks more! I need thousand gallon of fresh blood for my dinner!!  

I am having my nice coffee... moving on...glancing... grumbling how could Syrian people  endure all of this and unbelievable  hotshots dimwits… how could the world so rotten… are we all  rotten too?  Do you know how many years are you living in this world? Few of decent things you should do while you are in this planet, think of.  We all go disappear one tuff of dust one day!  All these millions Syrian people yearnings, their dreams their sacrifice their blood for just one criminal’s madness that should bring to end! As our consciences clear, our dream is burning that shall never be extinguished by unspeakable mere little criminal, no matter what and there are millions of or billons of lovers in this planet against injustices!       Happy day all!