Friday, April 13, 2012

Annan's Cease Fire?

Reports indicated that Egyptian authorities allowed passage to a cargo ship transporting heavy and medium weapons bound to the Assad regime. The ship that departed from Djibouti and headed to Tartus passed through the Suez Canal yesterday and reached the port of Tartus today. Egypt has repetitively allowed sanctioned weapon shipments bound to the regime and sanctioned Syrian oil, to pass through its territorial waters 

Hama#Alsharqiah: Assad snipers on stand ready to kill, like Gargoyles on rooftops! 14-04-2012 , so much for cease fire!!

The revolutionary narration is, my very basic Arabic interpretation something like this” … this is Kofi Annan’s cease fire… this is Kofi Annan ceasefire… snipers are  killing people… !” 

"There was shelling last night in the old part of the city, in Jurat al-Shayah and al-Qarabis. And I have heard eight shells fall in the past hour," Karm Abu Rabea, a resident activist who lives in an adjacent neighbourhood, said on Saturday morning.

Update: Lots of Children are doing demonstration, they want their dream come true, terrible nightmares must come to end, lots orphans. How could anyone take away their precious childhood, and let them prisoner of their own youth and dream. You know world you should descent things, you should not listen stupid Cossacks, you should listen your conscience, just little brave that is all, making decision, need bit of braveness.


Via FSA - Turkey could seek NATO's help to deal with Syria 
Turkey says it could seek NATO's help in case the Syrian troops violate its borders again.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čantold reporters late yesterday that "NATO has responsibilities to protect the Turkish border according to Article 5." He was referring to the article in the alliance's treaty stating that an attack against one NATOmember shall be considered an attack against all members.
Syrian forces have opened fire across the Turkish border Monday, killing two people in a Turkish refugee camp near the border.

Somehow the NATO dragging into this Syrian uprising that is good things to do! If the Gulf nation meets some to the cost still that is much cheaper options! Much cheater option! The Guild Nations GDP is over trillion, I mean their interest, few billons dollars would be much cheaper option for meeting cost NATO! 


If you let the black mailer black mail to you  continually you are black mailed by the succumb  blackmailer forever until you cut the biblical code! You ask yourself why you give Russia continuously black mail you. If this drags on cost much more greater than what you try to avoid! Syrian people is not back down until the criminal goes, and Russian is driven by that criminal, probably cozy deals- give half of the Syria- to the Russian exchange support him! It is time Western dimwits say NO to the Russia OK say NO to the Russia sake of the whole region or world,  to be frankly who is Russia anyway, they bite into supporting criminal role for parasite, they are not a big player, not much influential that Geo setting but, they try to put in their indispensable position by supporting the criminal regime. You ask yourself “ if I refuse to black mailed by crying Putin what I get out?” you ask that question, well you will see you are not much losing in there, Putin can not afford completely let the ruined Syria either isn’t!   

Listening what UNSC, talking hears eyes ears well O boy they don’t have ears they don’t have eyes, but they only have ruptured well crafted worldly craps traps, gosh how many innocence people blood in their racing tongue, nature of justices is nature of blackmailers conjure, NO more! You know all the shot-hot dimwits are no willingness things make  work but their gathering is warmth of their failed performance. Their desire is not offend anyone but remain rails to be seen without any effectiveness while the innocence people blood spread and atrocity of millions of people will be stave and homeless.

I can not believe US+Western allied+ the Gulf nations+ Turkey are black mailed by one non-important country Russia!   

 Every one said Annan is a smart man, a man of peace,  so his smart ceasefire mean in the mess world point of view, a bunch of  dimwits’ a matchlessly groomed and  latched spaniel’s medallion for their colossi diplomacy!    Dear Allah start with all the Gods in the world universal please punish all the hotshots in their under table dimorphic diplomacy!

I am not sure whether any history, there is full scale of “full stop” demonstration except few area of emergency areas, “Zero Hours” is good ideas but much bigger intensive  organized scales. Clear authority and leadership, systemically cell structural recruitment and system building and chain management. Small cells are minimized damage. Outside SNC make sure all the logistic system into the places and supplies chain well maintained.  I think...