Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snail To Hurricane Feet

Clashes has increased in Hama. Activists say dozens have been killed and many more have been wounded in the bloody attacks, a violation of the shaky ceasefire in the country.
Many of the victims are women and children. Peoople are dying because we don't have the necessary medical equipment or expertise to save those injured.

Russia and criminal  Assad ganged up two to tangos, thebloodsucker and the killer;  the Opposition to be balms all the  violent,  and  al-Qaeda snip in!! Be creative do not repeat old lies, we heard before again again day after day after… same old story… if anyone still believed Russian and criminal Assad lies, you honestly examined your brains and make it embalm sour vinegar, it is not laughable, we do not mentioned that kind of tasteless thing anywhere any more!  Assad should be buried at black sea...

Some people are so immensely creative to the humanity some succumbs are noting more than a just mere trashes criminals for their own greediness!  Then do we need  we world let these trashes exist for sake of our own sanity? Answer is yes so therefore we should think ourselves what we shouldn’t do or should do! but we should not let them get away with their crime. We human are immensely creative yet immensely destructive!

Thinking of, when we think of ourselves and the stars, milky way stars we re just one little being but we can be a immensely beautiful  beings, span of our time in here very short fleeting momentary,  we go we all go one way to the stars that is our home you know we should kind each other!    

In this high-tech arena, we human went moon remember? That was 40 or year ago.   Now people talking about developing a planetary resources mining,  can you not just stop a criminal killing rampage? I can not believe? Why let this one criminal alive while so many innocent people let die? No one doing business with Russia,  you can see what sort of country Russia is, helping a bloody thirsty criminal for its sustainability, all the countries who doing business with Russia you should be aware that!         

Thu, 26 Apr 2012, 01:33 GMT+3 - Hama

Children are among those reportedly killed by what activists say was a missile strike in the Syrian city of Hama.

Collectively we the world bring the justices! Forget about Annan’s, military action now ! Hurry up you dimwit hotshots, take out your brain form your litter bin and wash it put your  crystal bench, put few new speed dilators  and roiling up  so that make go faster! Before the killer doing another blow up 

Images taken from videos uploaded on YouTube on April 25, 2012 show people searching for survivors under the rubble of collapsed homes allegedly destroyed when a rocket fell during shelling by Syrian government forces on a neighborhood in the city of Hama.

Wed, 25 Apr 2012, 11:53 GMT+3 - Syria

Syrian opposition activists have accused the United Nations of "playing with Syrian lives" by dragging out the deployment of ceasefire monitors in the country. 

Responding to the announcement that it will take another month to deploy 100 unarmed military observers to oversee a shaky April 12 truce agreement, most activists reacted with a mixture of anger and apathy.
 "It takes them a month to arrive? Are they coming on horses?" said a resident from the city of Homs, which has endured sustained shelling by the army. He asked to be referred to only by the nickname 'Sami' for fear of arrest.  
..."After one month we will have maybe 1,000 or 2,000 people killed - it's ridiculous. How can the international community watch without moving quickly," said Mousab al-Hamadi, an opposition resident from Hama province, where activists say 31 people were killed on Monday when the army shelled and stormed the Arbaeen district of Hama city, a day after the monitors visited.

Yes UN carry their snails foot to horse driven carriages, and their brain comes with snail mail and their body comes with dispatch box!!!On the ground they have to put together their body and brain and feet !

Nice things is French is voicing military action according to the Chapter 7 here is you can read…hurry UN if not too careful you become NUN! 

The most insulting thing is, the international community as whole as a bystander,  of  disregarding human life, every single moment  there is innocent people is being killed  that is most insulting and frightening to see!  The criminal ending is near  the Syrian peoples’ victory near!   

The criminal Assad death is near so he is paranoid; all the Syrian people are executioners go after the criminal Assad! All the criminal supporters defect now you are innocence!