Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rich Powerful Friends

Powerful oil rich Saudi Arabiaand other Gulf State(CCAS) trillion dollars GDP-  backing Syrian people dream come true, very powerful countries with money with their benevolence FSA soldiers will have salary. A great  starting point pretty encouraging.   Real power is also beautiful too, you know that too!  The FSA has very powerful friends now, allies you don’t need to tell the criminal killers what you are doing, only messages cross to the other side solders, it is safe  for massive defection that environment...,   

UP date: Complete chocking supplies chain through sanction, Assad has  no money to pay salary to all the solders or no money to buy weapons.  I believed other people won’t give him money any more becase he has no future, so he has to spend his own or his close family money to  pay all the army personal and buy weapons?!  No way!  the solders would  be traitors if they are not defect earlier, Assad end is near,  that message should cross to them, and when solders defection there would be money and glory, hero welcome waiting for them! And than it is a pretty clear picture! OK, you SNC and the FSA must must unite with all cost as perfect alternative candidate for replacement, you must put aide your differences  but for your Syria, you must work together to united! 
The SNC speech is a great one, they should stick into it, must unite with all costs, provide to the world “solid alternative”