Sunday, April 8, 2012

Massinger of the Justice

Go brave gallantry sisters! Raise your heads proudly and walk boldly alongside your brothers, revolution is not only for our brothers!

"Commander of Free Syrian Army refuses regime demand for a 'written guarantee' to end fighting. "
I agree FSA’s  decision, let the criminal keeps his lie himself, the world move forward!     

This ordinary innocent man ask his family where about- wonder where Assad family is! Assad didn’t have any option, but how could he?  He take away so many innocence peoples’ life, their family their beloved life, how could he survival after all of this? His action are out of desperation , lie after lie and making up things as he goes, he has no intention keep any promise but act of desperation for extending another day his life, so we do not extent anymore his life another day expense of thousand people innocents life.  He is not a leader but a criminal, his life are numbered, he is begging his life! All of your Assad army solders wake up, mess defect, just switch another side!   

Amazing, this revolutionary from Homs was burned alive by Assad gangs, Assad watch this video who he against, he may think he can killed tens of thousand people like his father did Hama 30 years ago and survived but he must know 30 years is long time, most revolutionaries and fighters are young, they are new breeders and educated, they carried out high-tech revolution, they know how heck and smart, outside world has bird eyes view of what is happening in Syria, assad carried his crime under the cellars but, wall has eyes and ears, every his crime, every atrocities and tortures, violation human dignity recorded and have witness, all of you who are still in loser Assad side, should know he is biding his life for another day now, defect now! You are innocent victim too! Assad is a criminal, Syrian are 22 millions, remember that. All these brave martyrs are hell keepers of Assad!