Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Syria Plan B?

Clinton 'hopeful', but has Syria Plan B

..."We want to see a political process begin, but if violence is renewed, the regime reverts to shelling its own people and causing a great deal of death and injury,* then we're going to have to get back to planning what our next steps are," she said.
 When maam? How many more gallon of Syrian peoples’ blood you want maam?
* I underlined

In my view: Revolutionaries and FSA media release or social network sites re where about revolutionaries and FSA should very very careful should not give away any clues, should not exposed in anyway, no personal information how small they  may be,  any backgrounds as assad thugs dissect everything from every social network sites they go through gathering their information.  Should learned from Libya, the world should know things what is going on... but remember journalists  are all instinctively looking for authenticity source of their coverage that may be compromise situations, so revolutionary work with media should remember  where they are coming from! Don’t get it wrong we the world  very grateful some of journalists’   courageous heroic coverage of Syria and elsewhere which have been beyond for their professionalism and more than I can only humbly describe as “ goodness and grace” for the world.