Monday, April 16, 2012

Honour and Absurdness

Via from Free Syrian Army 

The world you should open your eyes to see and open your heart to hear the brave people’s yearning!

So absurd things is,  everyone knows actually all the hotshots admits that Assad is lying, then still they are keeping on Anan…, they have been saying  Assad will  NEVER compliant or never intend to do it  but Anan plain is tool for his  bidding time, or more nick picking wordings…, carried out mess atrocity.  We all understand where Assad coming from, he has no option, he has to fight until either he himself been killed  or  the 21.5 million people back down their knees( this 98%  of Syrian population, assuming he can only afford to buy 2% population this figure is going down drain.). Or he will carried killing until he can afford. Ask yourself if Assad can not pay his servants,  how many servants there for serve the criminal? Anyway mean time least Free Syrian Army should be arm, they can defend by themselves and as well civilian too, they are incredible empowered, they are willing to fight as they have been trained for fight. Knowing their  honorable mission as protecting their nation and their people. They are warriors as every nation have! Solders who is shooting  innocent civilians and destroying all the cities  they lost their legitimacy of nations national army. They are not army but Assad private thugs.  So if FSA are armed they will be very very effective fighters, utilized  their ability fully and increase the capacity hugely. It appears that they don’t need( this is  my own opinion I may wrong in here)  a huge artillery or tanks,  but smart individual portable arms enough “ hit and run” kind of operations and super hi-tech. Also all revolutionary, who unleveled bravery we have seen,  are very very smart, impressive tech-smart,  they know they are in danger but they are in there, here or everywhere, carried incredible honorable work, world should support them whatever they need. These two must effectively unite same body work.  You know when world is peaceful we all can benefit from it.  Syrian never goes backward, how could that be? When you are powerful position, you can execute your power beautifully and magnificently for the humanity. We all know power is beautifully thing when you are using for goodness. What is difference Assad and Hitler?  We all know that politics, we all have to play our priority, but why you  bullied by Russian, if you keep compromise Russian they are keep nagging!        

Tariq al-Hashemi, the Iraqi vice president, has exclusively told Turkey's Zaman newspaper that Iran is smuggling weapons to Syria through Iraq's airspace. from Al Jazeera.

In my view Assad try to creates desperately secretariat confliction as there are evidences here and there but revolutionists should not bite into his traps, must try to united all Syrian regardless religions.  The new Syrian is democracy- freedom to choose whatever they want to believe- is tolerance of all religion, whether you are Sunnis or Alawis…etc, everyone are Assad’s victims.  This was is Assad’s personal war,  against Syria and her people! 

I am just asking as I don’t know how the NATO works, but obviously where Russian  interest in the regional geo-political view, they embanked a ship permanently on the shore, they will not give in inch, no point try to purse to  Russian, so go around where they can not influence their vetoing power. By the way I read somewhere Assad tries to sell $30 billion sovereign( Yeah it belongs to Syrian people) bond. Yeah need funding for killing the owner of bond!  The UN monitoring team is useless not help the revolutionary side at all.  Assad said that they can not guarantees the UN monitoring team’s safety, as UN monitoring team useless(by all mean I have no intention of offending  their honourable mission in here!)  like Arab monitoring team, useless as it can be but it can be very detriment to the Syrian people  uprising! As Assad is already lying “armed gangs attacking…” revolutionary never fight unless they have been attacked, also they are not lying, they don’t need to be lairs, so this UN monitoring team(30 unarmed men? you kidding) how much effectively  they can monitor whole Syrian, I think if need about least 3,000(with armed),  people need to monitor whole around Syria, then assad nagging about which country they come from! While Annan et al take good care of these necessary demanded by Russian(assad), while assad carried out mass killing I can see that so do you if you are little to care to think?! I need my blanket now? Hey you need your blanket too! That is why we don’t want to be nasty scum-bag grown ups they are very very ugly!

Dissent: Thousands gather in the town of Douma, near Damascus, to protest against government violence

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How could military personal effective if they are unarmed? They are all trained to be combats that is their mission. I think, anyway  the above shows that people in power we need now bit of world pumping on their  muscles!   

Just one question,  why do you think assad so vengeful to Homs?  In his mind Homs is the biggest his enemy? So he has  to destroy Homs and  all other cities for who just asking  for democracy? I want to go into my blanket and think over why this world like this!!!