Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Unbelievable inhuman, gruesome and absolute sadistic. People should not watch FSA Facebook video clips if you are under age. It is very sad and appalling human dignity is abused in such way.  

  1. Complete Family Massacre a mother father and children and other family members by the forces of Assad..Syria is literally a slaughterhouse for the Assad forces..absolutely heartbreaking no words to describe this but sheer Evilness by the Assad forces.

Been talking all the medias and hotshots, they starched tongue stretched global scales; meaningless pre-emptive forgone voices are skating around slimy rails, innocence people life are just quantified political apologies sums. Sake of attendees or confessional dodgers at geopolitical dullness, clicking ticking their dear dismal tediousness. Well yes  politics is the holy hoi polloi temple of sinners,  of there is no integrity no honor yes only richly adorned humdrum empty headed obsessive liars. We have to realistic in here what we want from them!  Anyway I think FSA should not give away anything about whereabouts them, using one theme of background when they are making videos(blank no window not field scenery, give away no clues). The entire social network sites closely are monitored and filtered, possibly, fewest people charge that posting, filtering.  Any contacts other side keep secretes also protect the sources. Yes the world need to know so filtering whatever necessary to the world need to know.    

I am not sure all the human rights what they are doing; they are keep saying ‘watching” what that mean? just watching? Or just dummy work?  UNSC? We all give them up too! they  are Knights of  dooms day round table,  lair competition.