Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ceaseless Ceasefire

Free Syrian Army 

FSA Facebook

To army  personal who are serving  Assad personal army as:
Be a man, defect!  Like the Free Syrian Army warrior, protect your Syria and your people, you will be the proud of emblems of gallantry warriors who fight for  freedom and dignity to the Syria history,   instead of a bunch of zombie servant of a criminal, who destroy and commit  atrocities  for  Syria and Syrian people, that you will be inflect of shameful and disgraceful chapter of Syrian history! 

I think Free Syrian Army is the true warriors of lawful Army in Syria! Have a look what Assad army has done. Destroy all  of Syria; her towns villages and killed her  tens thousand of innocence civilian. Why all of you assay private army not defect?  Why are you serve one criminal gang? Why should you not serve your Syria and your Syrian people!  Defect right now! Be a man to be serve your own nation instead one criminal!

I like the above picture a nice picture of banner of Free Syrian Army Facebook, warriors and  proud of Syrian people. I like uniform that gives us comfort, of course that is only democrat they are warriors of protecting their nations and its people. We called them heroes. The very essence of Free Syrian Army, the goodness and justices.  On the other side  Assad private army are  gangs  they are thugs, evils and injustices,  they kills their own people, destroy everything and drive innocent  people out of their homes and towns,  and lost lawfulness and credibility but a just criminal gangs serve a criminal.      

I think new Syria, its leadership should be come all corners of the people, regardless their gender, ethnicity and their religions, especially revolutionaries inside Syria actively, risking their life who fight for their country! 

Hero Sameer Shalab dead! I can not post the Hero gruesome image in here,  but you can click the below  link and see the clip. Very sad unbelievably sad, so much his great work so much danger in risking  his life but he did what most heroes do for their love!  His heroic endeavor is a foundation of the freedom to his  beloved Syria, his children and his grand children  will be live free Syria!  

Via from FSA: Homs#Qarnabees Sameer Shalab a 26 year old photographer who has been risking his life to bring us out the videos that we have been seeing everyday coming from Homs, he came too close to one of the Assad tanks and they fired at him, he lay dead on the ground for about an hour till someone was able to retrieve his body, such a Tragedy! such a loss! he risked his life to get us and the world what is happening by the Assad regime, and he paid the ultimate price..his life, leaving behind a wife and small children. To the highest heaven our hero Sameer Shalab! 14-04-2012

Homs#Qaranabees im leaving this one to you all to comment on what you see an hear, because i dont know what to say anymore to this bombardment and evilness ! from FSA.

Dear Friend our  Hero our Warrior of justices,  please be careful, please be careful your heroic work for the justice should continues until the freedom flowers blooms among this destruction in Syria!  The world pray for your safety! Mighty Allah please protect you so that  your  gallantry mission for the justices of witness! 


You know in Syria, people may die if they go to shop or play or go a funeral, some areas there is no shops to shop. Homs complete destruction.  This young man in his beautiful youth, that is very desirable asset to Syria yet to bloom to contribute his share of Syria here he is gun down. Assad shooting bullets like his golf bowels why not shot his own children, then he would know what is feeling like other people pain but then..., 

WOW UNSC hotshot made it, cross final line…, they made it from haven of no earth and heaven  shakings but better than nothing caldarium slippery performances.  Squeezed twisted around each other arms shows the world “ right” thing for sake of performances. 30 men not much give it way by Cossack standard so they nibbled. 200 man comes what is goner be? How about  Assad's Shabeeha,  they are the worst of gang, houses search, arrest innocents people etc…,

Via FSA - Report: German ship halted with weapons for Syria | World news | The Guardian