Thursday, April 19, 2012

Warrior’s Magnificent Whip

To the members of the Syrian National Council,
You are the first to know that the Syrian regime did not implement the ceasefire and you are the first to know that Homs’ neighbourhoods and its suburbs are still being shelled with heavy artillery and mortars.
You are the ones who know that there are tens of martyrs and injured every day. You are the ones to know that our houses were destroyed upon our heads and that the residents have been displaced from their homes.
But unfortunately, we have not read for you a single statement or an official press release.
We are dying day and night and you are only watching the news bulletins as if the cities that are being shelled are not your cities; and the people who are dying are not your people.
You must, as soon as possible, release official statements and daily announcements saying that the Syrian regime has not implemented the ceasefire
You must pressure the UN Security Council to send the international observers to Homs as soon as possible.
You must hold daily press conferences to expose the videos documenting crimes, which prove that the Syrian regime did not implement to the ceasefire.
You must submit official requests to the UN Security Council demanding immediate direct military intervention, direct military strikes and the arming of the Free Syrian Army.
These are the demands of the Syrian people. And anyone who does not respond to these demands does not represent the Syrian people and has no right to speak on behalf of the Syrian people.
Today, 19 April, 2012

This is the SNC daily work schedules “To Dos”! They should read and remember every single word for their holy text made from Syrian peoples’ blood and agony! They must carried out their daily “To Dos” dutifully effectively that is their obligation for the Syrian people! Their Leadership is servicing their people, carried out their request and executing their demand that should comes first foremost for their services!

Update: I just quick look at the SNC website, they are busying of promoting their images, picture with Kofi Annan et al…, Syrian people suffering images are nowhere or Homs et al other cities’ destruction no where  to be seen!  Hidden somewhere? I can not find. SNC leadership if they are genuinely want to win this war or cares about freedom they should  prepare kneel down to whoever can help to free to  the peoples from their immense suffering!  SNC  to represented or don’t understand their role clearly in my view.  Every country politician’s policy decisions are based on public opinion, no every politicians are very sensitive public opinion. So SNC try influencing and  changing  French et al politician mind, they should getting into “French People heart” not  meaningless pictures with politicians,  five star dinning…, none of these SNC pictures getting world’s sympathy of, people don’t want their  tax to  aid to well tailored suite well nourished at five star dinning ineffective people  at living at safe country. But they don't  mind share of their fortunet to “Syrian peoples’ suffering, dying, starving babies, violation human dignity, how FSA fights, how activists risking their life for their dream etc… images,” getting into Friend people heart” fast immensely effective! Trustworthy!  Well without winning the war there is no point promoting you for positions! I think the Free Syrian Army Commander should be the head of the SNC! In my view the Commander has more capability than any of the opposition leadership, he has proven his leadership for commanding vast spread around FSA!