Monday, April 2, 2012

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

"Its list of participants did not include either the Syrian government or many of the influential groups of the Syrian political opposition," it said.

Deeply touching Russian half barked potato song sheet!  If they barrow from Pushkin theme song least they are sincerely wholesomely evil. Look in here since when they care about Syrian opposition, O O may my… they may afraid of losing their “ enjoyment” killing weapon to Assad, goofed consonant for his killing spree at  nice cozy narrative duel in the geo-political field. Well well that is Overrrrrrrrrr….!!!! Syrian opposition is not stupid so don’t try there! There is always disagreement that is natural and healthy that is so called democracy as long as they know their object! So you hey comrade, you go back, study again and should learn from your forbears’ mastery song sheet and  learn how to sing  love song when you are in truly in love not a muddy crocodile love! Crying windy wolf  all night long at Siberia, no one listen!