Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whole World is Watching


Syrian people think UN monitoring team is safe heaven so they went out greeting, in their heart “how dare” Assad using guns, front of UN personal but … he did it front of UN monitoring team.  It is interesting thing in this video is, all the people move together with UN cares, kind of protecting and greeting, hoping doubting and chanting… then suddenly gun shot, all the people went back  ran back and but the street was cleared and UN cars drive away fast…    monitoring team Colonel Ahmet Himmiche denied the cars had been fired upon. "No, we did not come under fire in Erbeen," he told Reuters news agency….   Yes obviously the gun shot was a kind of “warning…”  amid to  the people who move toward along with UN cars but not the UN cars… interesting things is  when you are carefully looking at the video, the gun shot sound a kind of signal to the people warning so make them running backward but the UN care, speed up  drive fast to the gun shot fired direction... i am just saying in here!  ( I underlined). 

"May God Immensely Support the Free Syrian Army,They Have A Huge Windfall Arms
"May God Immensely Blessing The Syrian People Dream And Punish Assad "

Not many people  trust Annan plan, as a wise man  he should do the right thing the Syrian people and  what is best for them  not the regime sake of his plan, says he is failed his plan and a recommendation to the UN and the plan B.