Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hoping 30,000 UN Troops and Many Aircraft To Send Syria

American leadership is needed,  in a such way; Gulf nations( they meet the cost as trillion GDP economy),  other Arab countries “friend of Syria”  they just need a bit of powerful leadership, stoop that Cossack continuously bloody interest of innocent Syrian peoples' blood. Mr McCann' wording is simply make sense to us that is all!  

Syrian opposition members and international officials say Saudi Arabia and other wealthy Arab Gulf states have yet to start distributing money from a multimillion-dollar fund designed to prop up Syria's anti-regime rebellion and entice defections from … al-Assad's army.

In my view, the money should controlled by directly Free Syrian Army leadership, so that effectively all the FSA personals and revolutionary( activities)   coming into under one umbrella, now they have cool imperative technology they can do this network set up, distribution chain set up, yes bank account will have problems  inside Syria but it can set out outside country  i.e. Turkey or any Gulf Nations temperately, cash also but anyway there is lots of smart ideas among FSA… that can prevent less corruptible…  Encourage more defection...  

“ …250 international observers was a "reasonable and logical" number to monitor a days-old ceasefire in the country, after the United Nations said it may need more troops and aircraft.

You are kidding yourself 250 unarmed personal where? Eyes on for corner candy stores? Yes in candy store  monitoring yes but vest Syria, how many streets, cities, towns and villages in the Syria? I think with  aircraft, drones and about armed "reasonable and logical" number are 30,000 special paramilitary troops and paratroopers, cannons O yes tanks O yes assad using tanks killed so many innocent people we should do the same things to Assad thugs… wow getting exciting!  anything else I missed out in here? O man UN actually thinking!??