Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Syrian Solution!

Solution:  30,000- 50,000 armed special UN forces deployment in Syria!!!

...Another activist told AP: "Those observers brought destruction upon us. Any area they visit, the regime attacks. It's a tragedy."

Here is Assad UN observes are not peacekeepers but messengers of death! Bring to death to Syrian people!

Anaan he must should tell the true the UNSC that he failed his mission! Now Now! can he understand that he has to say to the world  he failed his mission!  Stop help that criminal  continues carried out this unspeakable  atrocity! Anann is guilty he is playing his ego expense of thousand of innocence peoples blood and agony! He is a stupid man with disgrace with humanity! 

All the “Friend of Syrian” country about 80 countries? The UN should ask them contribution about 300-400 military personal each countries, that fix up that criminals! Otherwise little 300 personals never work, waste time that give that criminal  more time!  Or it is time NATO should involved!   

O these young people innocence young people their sin is only they want to freedom they want dignity they know that what have been missing in their life, they want their country same as like other country they want their future same as like other people around world that is their only sin!   

Look at them that is what they want, freedom of sunny shade summer olive green trees their dream is large than whole blue sky their freedom song echoes every corners of the world! 

 "The Syrian opposition says this was a manipulated explosion by the government to show the UN observers that there are terrorist groups in the country," our correspondent said.

If anyone still believe this Assad lie “ armed gangs” or “al-Qaeda” accusing opposition they carry their brains on litter box so they  should going to exam their brains.This is war, an unfair war, a criminal Assad whose family which occupied Syria over years, lost legitimacy v over 21 millions Syrian people  who want their country back from its occupier!

 This is very an interest clips; it shows that how the opposition strategic city has been blocked off. No one knew what was going on… that is why so many people missing…   

This is from Reuters: 

(Reuters) - Bashar al-Assad's international allies must realize the Syrian president is "finished" and persuade him to step down to avoid further bloodshed, Tunisian President Moncef al-Marzouki said in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday. 
Assad "will go one way or another ... dead or alive," he added.

One thing for certain, he will be dead… after all of this  he is alive somewhere while so many innocence dead? Are you kidding?  we just hope that his ending near… so that  save innocence people life…