Friday, April 13, 2012

Syrian People’s Project

Kernaz, Hama province:

Quseir, Homs province:

 Darya, a Damascus suburb:

From FSA: 
HELP SOS!!!! We have credible information that this ship, owned and managed by a German Co, and therefore under EU weapons embargo is carrying Iranian arms to Tartous, currently in the Med and due to arrive tomorrow.  Wonder where it is heading for? current position in here!

Iranian Mullah Khameini States said that the Syrian revolutionizes “armed gangs” so if all the revolutionaries should surrender than the criminal Assad would forgive them. O man God you must made from mad outlandish land of evil, mighty Allah please sack this mullah his dodgy hullah derogatory seat!  

From Coalition For Free Syria

Look at the UN peace endeavor hangs on cliff as a piece meal! They don’t have plan B so they are hangs on plan A cheap, junkyard jukebox broken pieces string: ceasefireee… ceaseeefirrre…mutual affection of their dearest dimwits pieces string of peace!  What they are doing in the car do you think? May be drink cappuccino and blow chewing cum for their mouthpieces!  By the way where the car made? USSR or USA?