Thursday, April 5, 2012

One Voice One Action

Syrians wave revolutionary  protest against President Bashar Assad  Damascus, April 2, 2012. (AP Photo)

The world, people of decency, people of conscience, we should speak out with one voice, one action, we do not let the countries that they have own agenda to support this unimaginable inhumanity crime. UNSC loosely tied pea strings words and  avoiding their actions and commitment and  supporting the killer, name of world of diplomacy, and let the killer carried massive atrocity innocence civilians. Tell your government clear message to action to this mad slaughtering  innocence civilian. World you should not be blinded by this criminal  pile of his blurred vision of power and his obsession of crime. Why? Why the let this killer carried out his fagging crime for his own obsession, continuously let this happen?  How many how many thousands   people more blood you want? If you still have scrap of conscience, do not let your mutton conscience to polarize in a chemical porridge at demonic diplomacy!  

"Every word counts, and progress is extremely slow."   

This is how UN progressing, just make dragging on and let the killer bid his time to committed more killings, while innocence people are dying every single minutes, they sitting in an none - cockscomb  position and  counting innocent people bloody    - looking in here mascara 50 people!