Friday, April 27, 2012

Immense Syrian Voice

Who can denied their dream and hope? 

Syrian Kurdish women wear the colors of the Kurdish and Syrian pre-Baath era national flags during a rally in Qamishli [Reuters]

They are lilies of dillies, all forms they will planet at olive groves at barren soil that will spring up at gallant hills valleys and heart of lovers and their victorious laurels 

What a love humh? All the Syrian people, take immense risk their life to try to make their dream come true. So brave so much sacrifices  so much love in them. So much precious life, young yet extinguished their life because of a senseless a criminal madness without flourish in their potential,  they could have been glittering stars of world, possible contribution of the world too we should consider. Cost so much not only Syrian but the world as whole is immense. That is why all the stupid tyrannies or tyrannical system that drag down lowest cast of  human dignity they  must eliminated with all cost sake of  our collective humanity! That way our civilization make  advance and  forward that much nice place to live with harmony.  

We human are proud of ourselves different than mere animals because we able to think able to expresses ourselves with all forms  that is our holy privilege. we have morals, of course everyone difference standard but we all certain we “should not do” we “should do”  that is depended on how where which we brought up…etc. one things so clear Syria, the criminal Assad treat with Syrian people nothing more than animals, disregard their dignity as human being, and their intelligent  in all form that is appalling. So we don’t regard him as our own human kind  but he is nothing more than lowest level of some kind animal, who happen to be power just went out madcap rampage killing people because they don’t want a madcap animal.  This is my blunt thought of day! 


One simple  reason so many people have been killed because  the criminal assad   wants in power,  he and his family occupied Syrian more than necessary, all the outsiders whoever  support this criminal remember this is  Syrian people v one lowest criminal.  getting rid of this criminal shall bring peace within the region.  Why are you backing up a hopeless criminal?  For what? Do not wastes your breath and energy!