Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chemical Weapon at Homs

Assad using Chemical Weapon  at Homs 

Hey you UNSC Well done!  Unbelievable unbelievable gosh what a bloody… how could any human being endure this atrocity unbelivalbe, you know whoever you support this criminal against humanity,  you will be your ending will be precisely  like this remember this remember! Your ending also bloody too remember this! Annan is a criminal gofer, tens thousand of skeletons and million of wounded souls hangs on his neck as a medallion, a token of his criminal mate’s gratuities getting plenty of  time to finish his job!

World is lugubrious places, it was beautiful autumn day, was so many things were so beautiful, houses streets, sun shines was fully gowned  with leaves colored leaves at streets, gosh I was thinking I should lift my brush again, misses the colors and smells, thinking of  abstract clear images happy about a thought occupied in my mind,  I could do that I thought that was this afternoon so I brought some colors beautifully roughly woven canvas.  I will agonizes this autumn again becase of these leaves, I will suffer this autumn again because of the beautiful agony of autumn, so autumn is not beautiful but agony. But harvesting autumn too?  How about fruits? I thought, but I have to paint again I must I will do it for me... Gosh the world gone mad...Why do you think word this way?  So many ugly within us, human are so ugly do things our own kind incredible ugly!