Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Dear Syrian People you are never alone your courage your bravery we the world applause your courageous standing against the tyranny criminal, and your  laurel of humanity will shining at the summit!     

Free Syrian Army

PLEASE HELP TO SHARE THIS VIDEO AND INFO WITH THE WORLD: PHOSPHORUS ++ BOMBS USED IN HOMSRASTAN: 11.4.12 a new massacre committed against innocent people, where many martyrs fell and many of them seriously wounded, mostly burns ...seen here in the field hospital Rastan.Bombs used today in Homs and its villages contain chemicals; these chemicals are mixtures of white phosphor and burning thermal [TH3] which burns the skin badly; there could be another chemical that heats up to 2000 Centigrade which causes awful burns and bad injuries. Many people injured in this way today by this substance that causes the skin to melt and the flesh to peel.

Please anyone tell Annan now is the times telling the true he failed his mission! how long he is going to lie, yes Annan is also lying too!  

Cease fire?!! What Cease fire?!! Assad Militia are still bombarding the cities and homes of Syria ! Just now #Homs: The Assad forces is bombarding Al-Sultaniya and Jubar areas heavily at the moment, and a large number of civilians were wounded so far!...
#Homs: A building burns after getting shelled by regime forces. The cameraman states that this is one of the many buildings destroyed by regime shelling.

While innocence people in a furnace, UNSC and world hotshots are sitting as a rowdy dumb fence,   licking rapturously their own dumb wit. Gosh it would so graces if the Allah  punish all of them and put them into hellish burning furnace  melting their stupidity! Then they know what their hotshot hotseat mean! Compassion Allah please  punish and remove the dumb wit sadists hotshots at their festering moral derogatory hotseat make them cold turkey and cold duck!  

World should know  again again you are dealing with a habitual psycho criminal  lair. Could anyone please tell Mr Annan that he should tell the world true? Smart people should know there is the times,  they can or they should tell the true, saying that or admit that they are failed, so that prevent a doomsday fiasco!  It is the times Annan should tell the world the true, but then dumb wit seat-hots their wishful thinking that psycho criminal lair is telling the true, that is right the criminal lair telling the world  his true is precisely he is telling his true!  He only know his honesty  is lying!  You can not blames the psycho criminal lair in that regard so you dimwits you blames yourself! Dear Allah punish the bunch dimwit please!  

O yes Dear Allha put the bunch dimwits in a pottery furnace, heat them up about 10000000 degree and  make them decent cracks around their thinking and  take them out see whether they able to think clearly! Dearest Allah PUNISH the dimwits hotshots!