Saturday, April 28, 2012

Inevitable People Power

Reuters via NYT
 “The desired outcome is not collapse and civil war and a failed state and a couple lost decades for Syria,” said Paul Salem, director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut, adding that resolving the crisis requires time for both raising the pressure and providing an exit. “Without pressure the regime will not look for an exit, but without an exit they are going to fight to the death,” Mr. Salem said. ...

The great people of Syria, they deserve  and are commanding support from the world, the world should not fail to deliver what they want! Tyranny comes and goes,  the Syria embodies of Syria people!

Damm! Damm! That would have been a great help for FSA, have to establish supply chains without go through well charted seas. Have to arm Free Syrian Army so that they can defend by themselves!  do you think FSA defend the criminal tanks with bar hands? Ridiculous, course for the horse,  again again we know all that which side lying and attacking, the Opposition revolutionaries  are not lying or whatsoever has no incentive attacking first.  The criminal goes round killing peaceful protest or innocent people, again again.   Thank you so much your kindness benefactors to the Syrian people, they will remember you kindness forever bottom of their heart! I love Libyan people they help Syrian people they know what is like to be help when time like this!!  That is why they are the winners!   

Now the criminal run out all the lying and option, no one believe his lying now turn against the UN, well so far basically the UN shield for his crime for drags on so far, finally the UN had enough of the criminal lying and his mad rampage,  so this criminal attacking UN!  He says why the UN and the world against my killing innocence people? I have every right to kill the Syrian people because they against me, I am innocent for my crime for killing tense thousands of innocence they are guilty becase they against me! Why they want freedom and dignity?  

A great to  the revolutionaries are empowered, they go after the criminal everywhere sea land and sky! That little duck drown to black sea with alive! 

SUMMARY (28/04/2012): At least 52 martrys have fallen, mostly in Hama, Damascus, Aleppo, Idlib and Homs. Many places came under shelling today, including Hama, Homs, Hayyan, Atareb, Saraqib, Jabal az-Zawiyah and Bakh'a. The recent increase in protests in Damascus has been accompanied by an increase in the number of explosions in the capital. Just a few hours ago there was an explosion in Bab Touma, which came after explosions in Qazaz, Midan, Adawi, Kafr Batna, Jaramana, Duma - all in the last 48 hours and coinciding with the regime accusing Ban Ki Moon of encouraging the "terrorists."

UPdate: Without arms you want to the criminal  kills all of the Opposition  and wipe off the Syrian people from this earth? BE reasonable, the Opposition  FSA is self defense as we all entitles to do so… what are you arguing whether the FSA get supplies weapon from outside if they do that so what? Hoping the ship  "Lutfallah II"   was  intend to the opposition  as they have perfectly  right reason to have to have weapon. It was nice to know they get weapon from outside. Again blow up things, suicide bomber kind of thing that is all come from Assad planted, a purpose of manipulation to world so that the criminal would say he  has lawful reason to attack the Syrian people("armed gangs"), hey we heard that before! So not sways by his lie anymore please, please do not gullible ok?  he tries to tell world that it may be al-Qaeda et al inside of the revolutionaries, so the killer try to fend off  US allies (US et al are paranoid by al-Qaeda) to help the Opposition.   be reasonable the Opposition painfully aware that  what is US et al’s  opinion al-Qaeda and they don’t want ruined their chance to help from US et al  so all the be al-Qaeda and suicide bomber is all planted by assay he is again bullshit to the world!

Update; we don't believed what is the criminal regime propaganda machine broadcasting, that mouthpiece of the criminal as everything is lie.  

UPDate: Just quick note that, apparently the above re "Lutfallah II"  weapon shipment story  acutely unconfirmed sources of, the weapons  intended destination, whether for the criminal regime or to the Opposition revolutionary, we have to open mined about situation like this. The criminal is everything making  up lie or fabricated story, look as bad as possible to the Opposition revolutionary but it has been so long no one believe his fabrication. The below is from Al Jazeera: 

"There is still a lot of mystery and speculation about this ship. We don’t know where it is coming from or where it is going. Why should we believe the story of the regime that this shipment of weapons is going to the rebels, why don't we say that it is actually going to support theshabiha (thugs) of the Assad regime … there are no independent investigations in Lebanon. The Lebanese government is supporting the regime and they will emphasise his story."
- Farah Atassi, a Syrian political activist