Friday, April 20, 2012

Talking Tougher

Here is my interpretation of just in case you don’t understand what the conversation is!! 

Wolf: why don’t you call Assad a criminal? He is a war criminal, isn't he? 
Clinton: Well  ahh…humb…Well I am not call him a criminal, but I am here trying to force  him stop killing innocence unarmed people, there is bundles of evidences his killing and torturing;  babies,  children and mothers and innocence people, shelling cities and destroy cities, drive people out of their home.  You know I never call him a criminal; I try very hard to stop his killing innocent people in here that is all!  Do you get my point?  
World; !##%%^&*()__+++_@!#$%^^&??????????????????????????????????????????    


Timor Goksel, a former UN spokesman who served with the UN Interim Force UNIFIL for more than 20 years in Lebanon, told Al Jazeera

"But they need one thing from the Syrians, and that's what the Syrians are going to use - they [the UN] are telling the Syrians that 'you are responsible for the safety and the security of these observers. That gives Syria a lot of latitude in saying 'you cannot go there today, it's not safe'."

But sitting at the hotel room with computer screen how they monitor what is going on?  How could they feel people movement? amazing I can not believe! Why? opposition has no incentive whatsoever threatening the UN observers safeties, on the contrary!!  We need unbiased UN observer in here “unbiased”; they should not let down the world the whole world is watching, for their unbiased observation and assessment on the ground, on site assessment not in the hotel room assessment! The UN can not afford biased assessments the eyes of the World!

"We don't want to be used as a tool for escalating the situation. So we will avoid going on patrols on Fridays," Colonel Ahmed Himmiche, from Morocco, said.

No one using the UN observe as a tool for sure! They should  observe on the ground  unbiasesly   that is the world asking for!  I think the world hotshots don’t get the messages… they know  the criminal should go  and for the 98% Syrian people think he is a criminal as they can not accept him and there is no ceased fire  on Syrian soil until the criminal goes…  


...French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told a French news channel on Friday that France was also drafting a resolution designed to allow a larger observer force to be deployed in Syria with up to 500 observers as well as helicopters.
I like the number 500 and as well choppers!


This is interesting re: Syria. When Assad régime fails that is a major for blow Iran, this is may work…