Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lion Song

A Huge Defection in Assad Army 
#FSA#Aleppo#Harateen..Reports of huge defections in the Assad army in Aleppo in Harateen, and Loyalists from Assad forces are clashing with the defected soldiers, also Assad forces have been firing from the air to the stop the defected soldiers, May Allah swt be with them!
...#FSA#Damascus#Douma: Assad forces disconnect all communication means ,landlines, mobiles and electricity this is always done when they storm a city with their tanks and begin with the massacres and destruction on the people of Syria.
Ongoing massacres innocence people and destruction...  

#FSA#More than 100 martyrs are reported on the 4th of April Most from the town of Taftanaz (Idlib), the reason why in the Town of Taftanaz, Idlib is because our FSA in Taftanaz had to withdraw from the town, the were low on supply on Arms.We hope that they are able to get more supply of Arms and fight off Assad forces, thats the unfortunate thing, and saddest of all when some battalions are forced to make the hardest decision and do a withdrawal from the towns because they don't have enough Arms supply, and when Assad forces know of this they increase the onslaught on the civilians towns.
Warriors need more weapons they need more lots of weapons....Please .... useless futile UNSC rubbish bin in their heads empty their mind futility  and bye bye assad criminals  and the Warriors FSA is laurels in their heads….Beneath right side ear slash slant...

Yeah This is My  Kingdome!   FSA Says!

Can I Have  Kitty-Burger Pleeze...

This is nice to know  via from FSA site 
Homs, FSA warriors  found 70 dead bodies inside Homs’s  hospital, it is so terrible to human life in such way, have no dignity! I lost my word. How can world you didn’t do anything to prevent this atrocity?  Right side angle slash