Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Assad is Doomed

A no-fly, no-drive zone on the border with Turkey would critically alter the terms of engagement. Everyone is waiting on Washington's leadership.
 There is enough outrage—and resources—in the region to bring down the regime in Damascus if and when an American decision to do so is made. And there are two borders, the Jordanian and the Turkish, from which a determined effort could be made. 
A no-fly, no-drive zone on the border with Turkey would critically alter the terms of engagement and encourage greater defections from the regime's forces. Everyone is waiting on Washington's green light and its leadership.
 Turkey would act, but only under the banner of NATO, and in partnership with the U.S. Importantly, none of the proposals for Syria's rescue call for American boots on the ground. In the markets in Dubai, the Assad dictatorship is dumping its gold reserves—at a discount. In the long run, this regime is doomed. But that is hardly consolation to an outgunned rebellion.
 We shouldn't be waiting on a Syrian Srebrenica before the regime is pushed into its grave. It is a waste of time—and of precious lives—to buy into a wishful diplomacy that maintains that a few hundred U.N. observers will ward off the evils of a merciless sectarian tyranny. 
This is 23.04.2012

IDLIB (23/04/2012): The massacre in Hama wasn't the only massacre yesterday. 13 people, most of them from the same family, were killed in the village of Jarjanaz in Idlib province when a tank shell landed on their house. This video shows their funeral last night.

Let’s face is the Annan’s mission failed whether you like it or not! I think all the “Friend of Syrian” counties under the American leadership; send well trained well armed marinas or special military personals to the Syrian as observes.  About 80 countries “Friend of Syria”. I believed they all happy to send around 300-400 armed millinery personals until the Assad is finished. They all comes with their own resources, Gulf countries is willing to meet extra resources!  Why are you asking the criminal for stop killing people? Instead you should kill him! If this drag on cost immense world economy, Syrian people will not stop until the criminal is finished.    

Opposition leaderships inside Syrian along with free Syrian Army leadership actively directly engaging other Arab counties i.e. Gulf Nations other “Friend of Syrian” countries” for help. We have seen their superhuman bravery, willingly to give their life to  their country and their people, so  going to talk to other countries for help their dream  a  pieces of cake.  Assad is finished! 

Update; Media says the criminal doesn’t want “friend of Syria” a part of UN observe mission… he want only his friend i.e. Russia China, and Iran and ganged up killing all the Syrian who against his own family business! So our question  the UN has to listen the criminal demand this and that?  Or a criminal who is in death row, has right to chose his own exclusive witness of his crime! So Russian hold criminal  hand for killing, and he make things up  as he goes…