Saturday, April 7, 2012


So much death today too. So many innocent people are Massacred , cruel sadistically tortured people today why why and world do nothing about and counting numbers as hell gatekeepers, you know whoever supporting this criminal your end like this too, I sure you your end just like this innocence people ending!  I hate human being,  nothing to pride of to be human being, just like animals no less than animals…

USA can kill the criminal if they want, they have incredible super high-tech - from the sky they have bird eye view whole thing- thousand thousand miles they can see things,  all of this they are doing nothing because of geo-political reason... security of Israeli and relations Iran but that is past, new Syria would be flexible, they  can make anyone friends and friend of Israeli..., Syrian people earned and deserve explicitly international support. They will not give up until the criminal is finished.   New Syria would be friend of allies, friend of democracy. Money is not issue Gulf nations dipping into their golden coffer. US  have incredible technology with Gulf nations money they can stop this horrendous massacre. They have indeed they can kill him, the world applause if they step in. Yes the NATO is the answer!  

Opinion: Bosnia's lesson for Syrian slaughter  we must say Yankee should step in must step in! NATO must step in! 

Syrian people would never turn against people or nation who helped them to toppled Assad  criminal regime