Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fire Cease! Fire Cease!

"What ceasefire? There's an explosion every five to six minutes,'' said Yazan, a Homs-based activist, contacted via Skype by the Associated Press news agency.

[Still image taken from video footage said to have been uploaded from al-Khalidiya earlier today]

I tell you what we should fire work at the hotshot bums! What do you say?!!  burning the hotshots’ bums, that can be very exciting?!  The hotshots need  feel fire at their asses! Allah please set a  nice fire at the hostshot bums please,  punish them as  make their bums hot-burning pumping methane gas station, smoke come out as they can not reach their own ass so around around to try catch their own fire at the asses! They have to call out a  help for a fire extinguisher for their burning asses! Then they know what is mean ceased fire or fire ceased! Allah please set the fire at the dimwit bums! 

Most kind Allah please protect our dear hero for his gallantry! 

Hey we set the fire at Mr Annan’s cold bum! So he feels the heat!


Mr Aanns should tell the  world his failed mission and set the fire at the UNSC hotshots bum!