Thursday, April 19, 2012

News Headlines Syria

 This is how the day unfold!     




The criminal at his breakfast table and reading his morning news at this tablets:  
Thanks all the fools UN and Paris march,   I am enjoying my bloodymary for cheering up my bloody good day! Thanks for all you fools!  And he signed off “highest shiniest medallion” for Kofi Annan for his highly attributable contribution to his bloody regime!  
And tells his emergency aid for blood supplies thugs, “the fools’ days in Paris finished so  dispatch thousand tanks more! I need thousand gallon of fresh blood for my dinner!!  

I am having my nice coffee... moving on...glancing... grumbling how could Syrian people  endure all of this and unbelievable  hotshots dimwits… how could the world so rotten… are we all  rotten too?  Do you know how many years are you living in this world? Few of decent things you should do while you are in this planet, think of.  We all go disappear one tuff of dust one day!  All these millions Syrian people yearnings, their dreams their sacrifice their blood for just one criminal’s madness that should bring to end! As our consciences clear, our dream is burning that shall never be extinguished by unspeakable mere little criminal, no matter what and there are millions of or billons of lovers in this planet against injustices!       Happy day all!