Monday, April 26, 2010

Foolish of Probability!

Probability! Here is STROGATZ's scary touch flesh blooded chances of his life! Humh our life is Probability, everything are made from chance. I always have been thinking about “Probability” in our life; being killed by someone, or run over by cars or something… here, the life of Probability of being a woman. I have seen so many battered woman many difference background, with so many reasons, the reasons are never the same, so many women have been killed by their lovers name of love in here I gather; “love her so much so I killed her…” that is their dedicated excuse. Love is paradox I think. Anyway as long as human existence we have to live with that Probability that is also Probability! I never thought about math is so enchanting guise, roofed rooted with every province of Probabilities in our life. Probabilities are everything! What a silly thing to say! I must say. But then life is all about beat Probability! It is a vicissitudes of epitomizing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Road of Enlightenment – Be Silly

I really like to write myself, a new found niche for expert in exert myself in this world. Show me off, no one do that add-on mighty job, so I do myself until I get a famous for my foremost art of work of autographical immortal poem in my silliness. Then other person do that for me.

Prof Krugman says The moral, I believe, is that only someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously is really fit to produce ideas that make the world a much better place.

I have been thinking, this is word for me really honestly, I am a such girl not really take serious of myself, so do you think I can produce hot shot ideas that make the world a much better place? Well I don’t care whether my ideas make this world good or bad but rather I would like to be a fame-famous that is all. I think really this word a living profit of my being ! I made it as my creed” SILLY”, as it really encourage me became a silly girl! But what happen if I don’t take myself serious who does take serious of me? When I was a little girl I was not encourage to smile, because my grandmamma used to say: you should not smile abundantly because no one take you seriously! So I never smiled alligator-ish until I left the oldy-mouldy squawky confused Confucius dogma. I thought that was really hard become a good human being, but this word is really encourage me become a silly and same time become a good human; you have a cake and eat too! what it means is that “ you must be a silly girl then you are in a business, you can finish off your unfinished business!” Alan thinks I am a ridiculously impossible! I think I am a very natural -- I must padded infallibility my shoulder and let the world know that I am deadly serious person in a silliness gown. How this sound? Here I go with full of silliness with full of great ideas which make this world is reeling shining! When I die I tombstone will bears “here the greatest silliness refused to die!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thank Young Sun Kim-Walker

Thanks to Young Sun Kim-Walker, for such nasty temperament, it is difficult to understand her why she is so bad tempered and boiling all the time. Any decent human being without unprejudiced unable to understand her. So normal sane human don’t try Ok. If you can not deal with her just condemn her but you should aware she is vengeful, the coiled demon rising dark night deep oceanic bed, she is a cold blooded demon, she is after you if you are a stupid scumbag. Dark night, she is rising in her deep abyss and stalk you through your sleepless night with your dead end. Her slithering poisonous tongue You will be shiver, cold sweat though your spine, she will stark your white night as she made you as her enemies. Young Sun is well known for “ a dog with a bone!” She will never let you go without her justification if you are her mouth. So if you are a succumbag arsshole you better worries deep worry until you stupid brain melting into blood clots or brain hemorrhage and then finally you will end your little life. I thanks Young Sun, for her irascible nasty tongue makes her enemies full hysteria, sodomy of their own mouth their own ass and their own undoing, Young Sun she can not separate herself sanity for insanity, she is excitable, moody and bloody, just natural as unveiling mystery of human nature, truly remarkable hence no vagaries understanding where she is coming from. Anyway many thanks to Young Sun her nice commentary about her characteristics, her vengeful lucidly warnings for her enemies and her out of orbital suggestions.

Upgrade myself: I think I don’t want to pin down myself all nasty kind of thing. You see I care my friends how they think of me, so I have to wretch my keyboard defend my nasty self or bit of attempt to influence what you think of me. You know I can be very sweet pea(inside of me, a very old man and a little girl co-existent) if you are my friend but then I don’t make friend, I know lots of people but I don’t know who are my friend that is also problems. O yes I don’t think that is problem at all. I think no one want to be my friend because I don’t want to be your friend anyway. It is such grief making friend but it is joy to be a just a friend. But mind you I can be very very loyal you know, if you are my friend even if you don’t care about me, I never betray you but I betray myself, as I am very sweet sweet you know I want you know that my other side too; rubbery dark bitter sour. We all committed each other to death but we all go alone. You know we all come from this world wet seed, few seasons we grow ourselves warmth arranged begins and ends, and we departure from the season a turf of dry ash.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Deadly Love!

Hey you! What are you looking at? Stop ogling me! Come hug me, I light a fire in your heart, burn together! From the Man and his bombshell.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blaze, Namugunsambosal… Halleluiah..,

Blaze, namugunsambosal… halleluiah.., neither respect nor not respect region of religion, I just can not get on very well with them. Like faithless friends. Fanatical glued map in your mind. I was born into and brought up deeply sure religious family one or another way, the tatted united systemic rituals, I still angry, I believe that I was brain washed by them, that makes me entirely derailed. You see if you over do, it twisted into opposite poles. I think a parent should respect child right; term of their choice of religion. Not put a child head from their cradles saying-- hey you believe this because - “ I say so!” Well if I were child “get stuff mamma!” I will pick my believe when I am 18 years old, then I know what I am doing = devil +angel = super confused full self centered brat. Sink or swimming, well eventfully come around… search yourself…

As my earliest memories; e.g, lullabies, moldy oldy smells candles, dark hard cold wooded floor beautiful heartless embroiders silk cushions‘” namugunsambosal… tuk-tak tuk-tak tuk-tak… sunbeam face wake up. And with went to bed with humble water stream, and Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah...Sunday church..., so if I denied them, they are not part of my make up, then the ten thousand god will send to me the Mujahidin camp for a silence gala training again. Still my way of thinking are based on this deep concoction of bit of pieces; Buddhism Confucianism, Shamanism, Taoism and Christen, 123ism, anyism, ism ism… etc… you name them… deep down there, I am under the “ten thousand gods spell!” They also on my disposal mind you so I am very powerful my own right under my spell! Believe is very powerful. But if you believe yourself you don’t have to bargain anyone. Once I told a friend who was very devotee Muslim, I said to him “ I am my own god!” he looked at me serenely beautifully with a great pity, but he was too polite to spill his thought and tell me I was mad. Whoe confusion chaos heehe and I cruises around if I find something interesting I take it, make my ownism. So my world of religious views highly hybrid. Freedom of choice-ism, one-human-god-ims, I hangs out my believe to search for ditch. Believe Or Not is my religion. No one disowned me or I disown nobody. As long as they not seduce me getting into their buggery self inflicted crumbling scrums, I respect their every believe believe even if their buggery. But I have problems the Catholic rapists’ saga make me deeply angry because children involved name of god. It is celibacy. Church says don’t make love, it is sin, but name of god buggery is ok, as long as you can get away! You dame smart enough so that make sure no one catches your buggery! If anyone catches you, well you are then dead! Another hand church says, begotten children as much possible for increase future buggery pool. How could any stainless breached god standing front of people and feed spoonful mouth two faced creed and saying “ clean clean!” well sterilized creed not for fertile minds because not tasty enough to feed immense human taste surly! I rather discussed with a life with a drunken whoring zen monk a sleazy back street bar then a rapist from a grand shining celibacy dean.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Prof Krugman's April Chant!

Here we gather, thumb up! a trade for equality to inequality good or worst, skilled and unskilled on g-string aria, smiling each other faces and back knifing each other back. Meet each other our intensities on PP line “Butt For” and make best of it, and get each other out Right! Sound good to me Figure 10, “Ass If” it is called April Chant!

Disclaimer: Any errors are unintentional!