Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dictatorship and Starvation

Bashar Al-Assad’s army has been besieging the people in Eastern and Western Ghouta and Homs for over a year. However, having failed to break the will of the people through prolonged siege and violence, the regime has now dispatched mercenaries to these areas to bolster the blockade, until the people starve to death under continuous shelling.
These besieged areas are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster that could claim the lives of thousands of people, whilst the world stands idly by watching the Syrian people’s misery and suffering. The international community is patting itself on the back for reaching an agreement regarding the destruction of Assad’s chemical weapons. These are the same chemical weapons that he has only ever used against his own people, while the entire deal is being viewed as a victory for Israel.

The chemical weapon issue is just one side of the equation: One side ensures the safety and security of what the traitor regime used to disingenuously call the “enemy,” namely Israel, while the second side moves towards completely exterminating the Syrian people by any means possible.
Today, the regime is using the most horrible weapon of mass destruction: starvation. All the while, the world at large and international organizations are feigning ignorance. Everybody seems content with adopting feeble verbal stances expressing opposition of what is happening, but declining to take any action on the ground against this criminal regime, whose criminal and inhumane nature has been revealed.

The Syrian regime’s violent and aggressive nature, which can only be compared with that of a foreign occupation, has also been exposed. Assad is no true Syrian, and he is killing the Syrian people simply because they do not support him. Assad is not the true leader of Syria, and he has lost any and all legitimacy, particularly as any power that he now does hold emanates from his killing of the Syrian people, rather than serving their affairs and interests.

This policy of mass starvation will fail to break the Syrian people, who persists in their march towards freedom amidst an ocean of blood. The besieged Syrian people continue to stand tall after over a year of starvation, despite the massive death toll. The Syrian people in these two besieged districts are calling for the world to loosen the death-grip that the Assad regime has on them, saving whoever can still be saved, while not allowing negativity and defeatism to rule.

World focuses on chemical weapon, CW disarmed team is reward the Nobel Peace, while criminal Assad cut off all sides and  on slaughter and starving  Syrian people, there is peace talking going on… Russia still supplying arms,  Iran and Hezbollah fighting for  criminal Assad life…etc, we can not see the Revolutionary going to Geneva  without removal of Assad…! Saudi or any other countries -- put resolution to the December UN Assembly, they should submit to major change of the UNSC 5Ps, I mean they are not really superpower, why they  have right abuse or determining  world peace security- 7 billion people-  for their own interest, because of 60 years old self interest. Syria atrocity is because of Russia vetoes, so unsc is the biggest risk of all in the world peace and security. So unsc is a  pieces of useless mantra!     

Syria without Assad! Dictatorship is one of the biggest  enemy of mankind!

Addition: whoever stand for criminal Assad family, they should aware,--forced to or willing supporters-- with Assad no hope of any kind of deal with the revolutionary opposition, no matter what, end of the day  Syria matters most, what you are expecting if Assad family rule continues?  This is unthinkable,  as the ground is continual radicalization, the revolutionary opposition is more determined by Assad brutally... just keep going on and on ... with Assad... can not see the end!

Here from The Reuters also nice article about criminal Assad starvation tacit! 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Appreciation of Beauty

The Wildflower of Korea 1
from Bak heungsik on Vimeo.

Grand splendor, aren't you learning something from the beauty?
Bit of minimise your ugliness,  purified sinfulness …

When you look this gorgeous work,  full of magnificent beauty,  just  sheer of joy, visual enchantment!  You know how beauty can be so humble, yet so enthralling and cruelly surviving,  nature made everything so perfection within imperfect moment!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Good morning beautiful,
You are the dawn breaker
Discard darkness nightmare
Fair refine perfect glory
Garment glistering rob
Walking with mighty sun
Harmony of all the creation

Jihad in Syria

Jihad in Syria

  • This report examines the presence of jihadist groups within Syria, explains where various Syrian rebel groups and foreign elements operating in Syria fall along the spectrum of religious ideology, and considers their aggregate effect upon the Islamification of the Syrian opposition.  
  • The Syrian conflict began as a secular revolt against autocracy. Yet as the conflict protracts, a radical Islamist dynamic has emerged within the opposition.  There is a small but growing jihadist presence inside Syria, and this presence within the opposition galvanizes Assad’s support base and complicates U.S. involvement in the conflict. - See more at:
  • Internally, Assad has used the threat of jihadists within the opposition to build support for the regime among the Alawite and Christian communities.  It has also served to discourage middle and upper class Sunnis from joining the opposition.  Externally, Russian and Iranian leadership have consistently pointed to the presence of radical Islamists as a critical rationale for their support of the Assad regime. Compared to uprisings in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, the opposition in Syria faces a much greater threat of jihadist infiltration.  …
  • Moderate political Islam is not incompatible with democratic governance. However, ultraconservative Sunni Islamists, known as Salafists, envision a new world order modeled on early Islam that poses a significant threat to both democracy and the notion of statehood. Salafi-jihadists are those who commit to violent means to bring about the Salafi vision.…
  • The vast majority of Syrians opposing the regime are local revolutionaries still fighting against autocracy; while they are not Islamists, in the sense that their political visions do not depend upon Islamic principles, they espouse varying degrees of personal religious fervor. There are also moderate Islamists operating within the Syrian opposition, including those who comprise rebel groups like Suquor al-Sham and the Umma Brigade, who are typified by a commitment to political Islam that is compatible with democracy. - See more at:
  • Al-Qaeda’s direct involvement in Syria has been exaggerated in the media. However, small al-Qaeda affiliated networks are operating in the country, including elements of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Abdullah Azzam Brigades, Fatah al-Islam and Jordanian Salafi-jihadists. Rather than sending large numbers of operatives, these networks are providing operational support, including trainers and bomb makers, in order to capitalize on the instability in Syria and expand their influence in the region.
  • The U.S. cannot afford to support groups that will endanger Syria’s future stability.  However, if the U.S. chooses to limit its contact with Islamist groups altogether, it may alienate a majority of the opposition.  Identifying the end goals of opposition groups will be the key to determining whether their visions for Syrian governance are compatible with U.S. interests. - See more at:
  • The U.S. Government has cited concern over arming jihadists as a reason for limiting support to the Syrian opposition.  However, U.S. allies are already providing material support to the Syrian opposition, and competing sources of funding threaten Syria’s future stability by enhancing the influence of more radical elements. The confluence of jihadist interest with that of the Gulf states raises the possibility that these states may leverage jihadists for their own strategic purposes, while simultaneously limiting Western influence.
  • In order to counter this effect, the U.S. should seek to channel this support in a way that bolsters responsible groups and players while ensuring that Salafi-jihadist organizations such as Jabhat Nusra are unable to hijack the opposition movement. If the U.S. hopes to counter this threat and stem the growing popularity of more radical groups, it must clearly identify secular and moderate Islamist opposition groups and encourage the international community to focus resources in support of those groups alone.  Such focused support would increase the influence of moderate opposition groups and undercut the appeal of Salafism in Syria.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Snide World Diplomacy

Give Syria peace, not a process

Instead of pushing to end the conflict, the Geneva conference looks more like a US ploy for endless talks

Instead of demanding an unconditional ceasefire, a lifting of Assad's sieges on civilian areas and immediate access to humanitarian aid agencies, the Friends of Syria merely suggest the regime should take "confidence-building measures" before the talks. Meanwhile, without real international pressure, the Assad regime – which has Russia's full support – continues to regard Geneva as a PR platform on which it will make deals with what it calls the "patriotic opposition" (small groups outside the mainstream opposition), which it has been nurturing so that when the times comes it can pretend it is reforming.
But if there is no push towards a real political transition and, more important, a cessation of hostilities, there is little point in the meeting – especially when the decisions of the first such conference over a year ago (Geneva I) are yet to be applied. So why so much lobbying by so many international powers?
Clearly, the US is desperate to move the Syria file off its desk and to pass it elsewhere – crucially, not to a specific entity, but to a process. After the Assad regime's chemical massacre and President Obama's backtracking on his declared red lines, Washington is eager to avoid future situations that could lead to calls for its direct involvement. It hopes to internationalise diplomatic efforts and lock everyone into unlimited rounds of talks, while paying lip service to the need for transition. But Obama's "no more wars" position will merely allow others to fuel the conflict, and make the world more vulnerable.
For all Obama's platitudes about the world's responsibilities, it is the US foremost that has the power, interest and obligation to help bring justice and peace to Syria and end the conflict. Real friends of Syria would break Assad's siege, neutralise his air power, and convince Syrian people and revolutionaries alike that there is hope in Geneva, that a transition is imminent, that the nightmare is ending. Anything less than that merely pushes Syrians into further despair, and the region into even greater instability.

When U.S et al  get rid off criminal Assad then there is really chance to achieve some kind ceasefire without remove Assad there is no chance at all.  Regardless what mass killer Assad promotes for his life,  still foreigners fighters are minority on the ground but large of number Syrian revolutionists who sided with groups whoever have better  resources, they go with resources and they will not give up their fight until Assad is removed.  And because of the U.S's reluctance that gives a greater leverage of Russia, "both counties snide each other sopping mining games... Russia hijack unsc continuously make its own hostage...time to time beep... doing by its vetoes, continuously sell its arms and U.S et al just go along, and rest of 190 some states too.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Syrian Solution

War criminal Assad's destiny and the Syrian solution!  

Today Song

I come across this song... it is very very nice, I like it ... simple uncomplicated .... "Everybody wants a flame,
They don’t want to get burnt...."

Syrian Starvation Vs Wordmongers unsc

UN Security Council  urges all sides in Syrian crisis to immediately provide access for humanitarian aid

“The magnitude of the humanitarian tragedy caused by the conflict in Syria requires immediate action to facilitate safe and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance” across the entire country, the 15-member body said in a presidential statement which also deplored the escalating violence that has already killed more than 100,000 people and driven some 6.5 million others from their homes.

The Council condemned widespread violations of human rights and international humanitarian law by the Syrian authorities, as well by armed groups and called on all parties to immediately end such violations in a country that has been torn apart by increasingly brutal violence since opposition protesters first sought the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad in March, 2011.

The Council noted with “grave concern” the fact that several million Syrians need “immediate humanitarian assistance, and without urgent increased humanitarian action, their lives will be at risk.” Gravely alarmed, it called on Damascus to take immediate steps to facilitate the expansion of humanitarian relief operations, and lift bureaucratic impediments and other obstacles, and voiced “deep concern” at the consequences of the refugee crisis caused by the conflict, “which has a destabilizing impact on the entire region.”

This is how unsc dealing with world peace and security as: “ the unsc urged … the Council condemned… the Council noted with grave conerce…etc….etc…”  Have we seen anyone afraid of  the Council's statement?  Wind, you blow I silent… you deliver dummy drum I think of wit of honesty!  

Read more  how criminal Assad staving million of Syrian people.... 
Assad's War of Starvation

Race Against Time

Valerie Amos, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, called upon members of the Council on Friday "to exert influence and take the necessary action to stop this brutality and violence". 
"This is a race against time. Three weeks have passed since the adoption of this Council's statement with little change to report," Amos told the Security Council. "As we deliberate, people continue to die unnecessarily."
Keep reading 
There is a dimwit king  
Its name is little “unsc
Sitting at a long lounged horse dung throne
Offering stinking world of peaces and security  
Swing swing chilly wind
Snarling snarling to birds  
Orgies, gorges and giggles to blue sky
A bunch of seasonal scarecrows
Garmented with credence lies bullies
They only know how to suck its own navels 
But they don’t know how to suck others 
So people will ask surely
Where is my spring?  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Is Going On Syria

The below is  nice start up reading someone who doesn't  know what is going on Syria so far; funny

9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask:    

Few things; Not U.S can't fix but U.S doesn't want to  fix, because they have this nightmare of Afghan and Iraq thrilled trillion dollars wounded wars haunted its memory, and re: chemical weapon,  the reason Mr Obama Administration threaten to  mass killer criminal  Assad blow up  not because the war less terrible but--( I must say it was so nice to see all the cool U.S  war battleships embarked Mediterranean Sea  and pointed  all the missiles to Syria and the mass killer Assad was terrified,  that was nice to see,  really nice!!!)---because Mr Obama promised to the world his " red line" so he had to do some kind of action when Assad attacked his people with chemical weapon early August... thanklessly or intentionally Mr Kerry slipped his words  during his press conference  "...U.S may be withdrew if Assad surrender his CW..."----Russia read fast  the U.S between line...signals,    come to quick rescuing for " offering Assad chemical weapon giving up" exchange U.S withdrew missiles attack.... all but under the blanket deal ... it seem... what is mean " less terrible war?" Or are they any wars less terrible?" War is wars, kill them otherwise you are to be killed! Civil war is you kill your own brothers your own  sisters, Syria is no one win but only Russia seem! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Syrian Civil War

World of lost land,  Syria...

And this criminal Assad airstrikes indiscriminately everywhere... that is civil war

Every single Syria has been destroyed... who get most benefit from this? Russia, except Russia,  everyone are losers from this war.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Criminal Assad Personal View

Criminal Assad who killed more then 150,000 people and millions of Syrian people faces on mass starvation and drive millions of Syrian people out of their own Syria,  drag Syria into midst major destruction,   because Syrian people against and  want to end his family rule of more than 40 years,  the below is his recent interview: 
...Assad considered that no obstacle prevents him from running for  the next presidential elections in 2014,..." 
Can you believed this?  Endless... lies his grandiose lies and illusion,...  read the below

As long as Assad there, the civil war will going on... people will be killed( both-side), more refugees will be flow... more destruction, more unstable around the region...etc...etc... O one more,  the battle field more radicalized...Syria without Assad!    

Wonder Why?

Vladimir Putin meanwhile says he cannot guarantee "100 per cent" that all of Syria's chemical weapons would be destroyed. It's a fairly significant  thing for the architect of the plan to say publicly after the events of the last two weeks...

From Reuters: 
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday he could not be 100 percent certain that a plan for the destruction of Syrian chemical weapons would be carried out successfully but he saw positive signs for hope. 
"Will we be able to accomplish it all? I cannot be 100 percent sure about it," Putin told a gathering of journalists and Russia experts.  
"But everything we have seen so far in recent days gives us confidence that this will happen." 
World of  illusion,  Putin and criminal Assad speak truth about Syria and his chemical weapon and believing that Assad give up all of his precious CW, again again...I repeat many times in here--- the world all was deceived by Assad again!  How can you believe lairs' truth? Their truth is only truth to the world when convince the world  that their telling the truth! Anyway this is significance point Putin admit that he can not trust Assad! Putin open up a channel for his way out for not accountable for himself.    Here more of what Russia stands for criminal Assad! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Criminal Assad Commits Dozens of Atrocities Every Day!

Rami Abdel Rahman, the founder the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, spoke out against, what he called, the hypocrisy of the international community in focusing on chemical weapons and overlooking the "endless bloodbath" in Syria.

Day after day, from a base in the drab central English city of Coventry, the exiled Rahman and his volunteers have counted the human toll of Syria's civil war ever since the conflict erupted in March 2011.

"In Syria, out of more than 120,000 people killed, 500 were killed with chemical weapons. Are these more horrendous deaths than the others?" Rahman told AFP news agency in London.

"Nothing has changed at all. The clashes continue. Blood continues to be spilled and the intensity of the conflict increases," said the 40-year old, through an Arabic translator.

"With the focus on chemical weapons, we forget about the daily deaths of the Syrian people by shelling, tank fire, gunfire, car bombs, mortars falling on civilian areas."

Rahman says that according to his figures the conflict is still killing 4,000 to 5,000 people a month, from soldiers, pro-government militia and Lebanese Hezbollah fighters to rebels, and civilians.

"The regime commits dozens of atrocities every day," says Rahman, but he adds that the other side is also responsible for war crimes, as Al-Qaeda-affiliated groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the al-Nusra front try to establish an "alternative dictatorship"

World of Hypocrisy

Criminal Assad  must allow aid convoys to starving civilians

Assad closes off all Syria and endless bombs attacking everywhere ... millions of people face on mass starvation, their immense suffering ongoing ... while  OPCW rewarded  Nobel Peace Prize for... WHAT?   World thinks people were killed chemical weapon is not ok but people were killed by bombs tanks and starvation are ok! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Useless Fat Body --UN

(CNN) -- It was certainly an unprecedented surprise when Saudi Arabia announced -- on 18 October, only a day after its election to one of the 10 rotating seats on the U.N. Security Council -- that it was turning down the chance to participate in the world's top forum for discussion of international issues.
So what happened?
The Saudi statement turning down the seat spoke of international double standards and the international community's failure to resolve key conflicts, homing in on the Syria crisis, the long-running sore of the Palestinian issue, and the failure to achieve a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. The Saudis demanded reforms to the Security Council, and said they would refrain from membership until that body was capable of discharging its responsibilities to maintain international peace and security.
Of course, many countries outside the magic circle of the Permanent Five (the UK, U.S., France, Russia and China) have wanted to see Security Council reform, and some of the P5 countries have themselves worried that the Council's failure to reflect changing patterns of world power -- and the wider ability to open up the government of international bodies to new players -- will inevitably eat into the legitimacy and credibility of the U.N.

The Saudi argument that steps should be taken to arm the Syrian opposition was driven by a belief that those being oppressed had a right to self-defence. But they were also keen to prevent a further hardening of the "'Shia Crescent" stretching from Iran via Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and Hezbollah. I believe nevertheless that they have tried to target their assistance towards non-extremist groups, having learnt better than almost anyone else the lesson of Afghan resistance against the Soviets -- that arms in the wrong al Qaeda hands will one day become a threat to the Kingdom itself. It is however also hard to guarantee in whose hands weapons will end up in such murky situations.

From a Saudi perspective, the message the West and above all the Americans have sent through their handling of the chemical weapons crisis is that it is has lost the will to get tough (a message which they think will not have been lost on the Iranians); that it lacks consistency (not all that long ago Western spokesmen would say that Assad was toast, and now even Kerry is praising his government for its cooperation with the OPCW inspectors); that it is not concerned about the strategic consequences of the conflict and the risk of refugee flows and other pressures destabilizing Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq; and that it lacks morality. Surely, they would argue, the signal conveyed to Assad is that it is acceptable to shoot protesters, but not to use sarin against them. They remain to be convinced that the West will put in a serious effort to achieve a result at the Geneva II conference now scheduled for late November.

Least one country stands up for the bully 5 p members, it is not magic 5p but cynical sick disease unless a major surgery UN will be a useless brainless body with massive  gigantic fat in their body!  Certainly Saudi rejections are healthy and good for the world! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Graceful Democracy

Boehner urges House GOP to support Senate deal

House Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday that "we fought the good fight, we just didn't win," adding he would encourage his Republican caucus to support a Senate agreement to reopen the government and avert a possible U.S. default. Boehner's comments came in an interview with WLW radio in his home state of Ohio.

How great! A great leadership knows how to admit his defeat..too, true democracy  is work of art... hey world don;t worry be happy! Happy news for the world....! Happy day! Not for the tyrants ofcourse!!!  I must say the GOP set out a losing battle, in million years they would not default their LOVE to take it into midst a banana republic....!!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Deal With Bullies!!!!

Teeth to Teeth ... a lesson of the day!  Via Krugman, by the way I am an impartial ....but I am concerning of how the rest of the world economy....

Notes Board

A sushi bar hang on its  slogan as
“ …we made our sushi from our hearts and souls…” I am so afraid that next time they may say as:
“… we made our sushi from our brains and our spirits…”
or “…we made our sushi bottom of our heart…”
or “ …we made our sushi from our sleepless night…”

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Coward World Should Face On ...

Fire fell 'like rain' in Syria

Chemical weapons killed only 1% of, rest of people were killed by criminal Assad bombs! Nobel Peace recipient said that " is safe because of their nice work..."  BUT their glory is cost of many million children lost chance to learn... many millions of people agony... and many thousand of people blood and life... world you should not turn your head cowardly from  this agony... criminal Assad brutality and  this incredible human suffering... you have to face on the truth....  

Assad evoked sectarian hates from  poplar uprising, evoking sectarianism could get him into the only way support from  alawite sects, Hezbollah and Iran,  now some of Iraqis and veto by Russia and the Oppositions are  moderate FSA along with other moderates revolutionaries, some moderates Islamists  and another Opposition is  hard radical jihadists  all around world and looking for eternal  paradises... they are even not only Assad but also against moderate FSA et al too...   become full blown sectarian war in Syria. Where is the Syrian people’s resolution? How this will going to be end? When Assad goes picture become more clear... unless then kill each other ... unbelievable... autocrat tyrant Assad  is the problem!    

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Syrian War and U.S. Interest

When U.S. interests are best served

This view is reminiscent of former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger’s infamous position regarding the Iraq-Iran war; that American interests are best served if both combatants lose the war. The proponents of this “cynical” view as described by many analysts, believe that U.S. strategic interests requires depleting the resources and capabilities of the Syrian regime, helping the extremist Jihadists to sink deeper in the Syrian quagmire, and trapping Iran and its ally Hezbollah in a long drawn out war of attrition.
This cynical approach became more credible when theWashington Post revealed on Oct. 2nd the true objective of a limited clandestine CIA program to provide light weapons to the rapidly losing ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels. According to U.S. official quoted in the report the CIA’s mission “has been defined by the White House’s desire to seek a political settlement, as scenario that relies on an eventual stalemate among warring factions rather than a clear victor. 
The historian Luttwak must have been thrilled when he read the following sentence in the Post’s article, “As a result, officials said, limits on the agency’s authorities enable it to provide enough support to help ensure that politically moderate, U.S.-supported militias don’t lose but not enough for them to win.”That view was given an intellectual veneer when the historian cum military analyst Edward Luttwak wrote in a New York Timesop-ed last August that “a victory by either side would be equally undesirable for the United States,” therefore “a prolonged stalemate is the only outcome that would not be damaging to American interests;” and the best way to achieving that objective “is to arm the rebels when it seems that Mr. Assad’s forces are ascendant and to stop supplying the rebels if they actually seem to be winning.”
Read more 
Certainly no winners in this war that is for sure... and lots of sadists are around enjoying watching people's suffering....! You know modern day sadists are not necessary criminals but it can be world leaders, they are wolves with sheep skin robs.

Nobel Peace Prize

Some strange things happen, some people pet on Assad for giving up (some of his chemical, in my view) his chemical weapon…”good on you boy...”looking at him as if he carried out some kind of  good deed to humanity  and while  he blocked all around Syria, carry out mass killing continues… rest of world watching it as if none of their business and  celebration of Nobel Peace Prize?! Next year Nobel Peace Prize for Assad? Indeed strange…what is going on? 

Assad's forces executed 130 men in Damascus suburb, Syrian opposition says    ...

AND Here CNN article says: 

Weapons expert: We are all safer because of Nobel winning OPCW

Wail... no one mentioning on going killings, I am sure OPCW good work but how about Assad's bombings, and killings? All these innocence Syrian people suffering? All these million of children are losing their chance to learn? Remember autocrat tyrants and dictators far more dangerous than chemical weapons! 

Here, world of optimisms grand grace and beauty all that, and killing, atrocity, ugly, staving and spoilages are hidden beneath, don’t want to mention them, fair enough! But after all without bloody sweat and agony beauty and grace can be vain! 

World Lost Its Marble

Because world only focus chemical weapon, daily killing still intense blaze, unbelievable atrocity on the ground while world drumming CW dismantlement. Most horrendous things world is a spectator,  don;t know what to do it... let them killing each other as if a game of killing, it will not ending.  Because Russia's supporting criminal Assad, now not only Hezbollah and Iran but also some of Iraqis to side with Assad, without him  solutions can be found, through intense propaganda while CW dismantlement saved  of Assad's life for while,  ground is more more radicalized, lots of willing young people are looking for eternal paradises, how many more people to die? This unimaginable agony of situations, only one criminal has to go!  This is a popular uprising...people's  revolution....Syrian people uprising against Assad's family autocrat  rule 40 years!!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

How About Daily Killings?

"They forgot about our blood," he said. "Our problem is not just chemical weapons." 
"We welcome the removal of chemical weapons that were used by Assad against civilians," Safi added. "But demolishing the regime's chemical weapons alone will not bring peace to Syria because many more people are dying because Assad's troops are killing them with all types of conventional weapons."... Read more 
International show,  this dismantlement criminal Assad chemical weapon lead by Russia, basically the show  is looking good for Russia and Assad. While unsc 5Ps going along with Russia. HOW ABOUT DAILY KILLING BOMBING? World's illusions that Assad give up all of his chemical asset!

The below is  Youtube video is Hezbollah carried out killing wounded  Syrian Rebels

And read the below articles...

Hezbollah 'execution' video sparks online outrage

World of hypocrisy is the unsc' Charter! Why chemical weapon dismantling team for Nobel Prize? 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monkey Business In Real Business

Buddhism in South Korea

It is not all sweetness and light at the biggest Buddhist order

THE Venerable Jaseung has, of late, become good at saying sorry. When eight senior monks were caught smoking and boozing over a game of high-stakes poker in a hotel room last year, the leader (pictured) of the Jogye order, South Korea’s biggest Buddhist sect, led the 108-bow repentance. Many thought he should resign. He assured them he would not run for election again. But on September 16th, he belatedly entered the race—and swiftly apologised for doing so.

It is called revolution in evolution in the order, they should get marry too and have family seriously. C’mon you can not ask them doing things that are inhuman,  Smoking, gambling  and boozing are inhuman….? How could they preach to people they don’t know what is so essence of human being, joys and to feel...have a good time! Go to MacDonald and pinball parlors ..., according to the science(?!) these things are normal, if any human can not do what are so normal to be human being that is called evolution of defection, which lead to religions fanaticism...?! (Which I personally don't agree!)  Finally they come down from a mountain  to real world…Good luck!

P.S I personally  respect individual choice of their belief, anything that make them comfort of their well being, their choice of believe I try  not to judgmental what other are doing... as long as they don;t hurt or harm to anyone...but then anything that are safe in this universal...everything that are  unintended consequence ... in my view sciences is the  most compellingly powerfully dangerous things... or may be safest  thing...?????!!!!

P.S A mother gives birth of her child, she never think of her child's death but only one thing her  mind... to give a life... but the first of child's crying is  the beginning of  the child ending... 

Science Is Dark Most Dangerous?

Curiosity kills the cat...don 't kidding yourself ...religion is also science too?  Religious fanaticism is result of evolution went wrong and  defection...Science can be responsible for it....

Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Funny Matter

Stewart says: "...son of bitches ..." cry for the laughing stocks...

Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Ps Narcissism

Saudi Arabia's frustration at international inaction over Syria and the Palestinians led it to cancel its speech at the United Nations General Assembly for the first time ever this week, a diplomatic source said.
..."The Saudi decision... reflects the kingdom's dissatisfaction with the position of the UN on Arab and Islamic issues, particularly the issue of Palestine that the UN has not been able to solve in more than 60 years, as well as the Syrian crisis," said the source....
Glade least that the Saudi Kingdom's demonstration.... Putin telling the world "global power..solving Syrian chemical weapon ..." while along vetos every single words nit picking for criminal Assad...other gutless permanent members just are dragged by Russian meanness,  no countries stands up for the 5 ps, now million of people face on mass starvation... 197 couturiers hopeless put up with out of dated 5 ps narcissism.

Update: UN is a bunch of zombies, just go along with the mass, no member stands up for the people straggles(i.e. Syrian revolutionary et al voice are ignored, but a criminal Assad puppets' lie are heard) ...but go along... that is easy...after all diplomacy mean other word give up give in blackmailers bullies, UN shows a good example!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Current Health Regime

This is my current diet and exercise. Believe or not.

1) My breakfast morning
  • Boiled oat bran; three table-spoon oat bran(small), two table-spoon of almond nuts, one egg.
  • One banana
  • Two cups of black coffee 
2) Morning Snack: some berries and cherries, other fruits  

3)      Lunch: A bowel bowl of fresh green vegetable, or various fruits, I love broccoli,  hate tomatoes, hate sushi because I had  them my years of  school lunches suspicion of where they are made...sushi trolleys hangs around  morning  traffics... 

4)      Afternoon snack  apples you can have two or other fruits

5)      Dinner: Fishes, salmon I like best, some times chicken(sometimes I skip this main course ...)

  • Bowl of green salad with chili paste, olive oil lemon juices (this is my own receipt, try it your own risk!).
  • Sometime sweet potatoes, beans, lentils…  
  • A glass of red wine (sometime bored of drinking)  
6)      I drink least 2 liter of water daily
7)      I drink least two cups of green tea during the day
8)      I run every day about 45 minutes and Sunday I run 90 minutes, yoga stretches 
9)      Treat myself a ice-cream or do other things sometimes
10)   Saunas and meditations
11)  I am super fit! Fitness freak(always has been, but I can be very very lazy at times)!!

P.S.  A friend of mine taught me how to cook salmon soup, amazingly very tasty salmon soup I can make 5/10!   You put salmon into the pot last 5 mites so that salmon is not disappears,  before I put it beginning of,  all together boiled down about 30 minutes salmon is all disappeared...!  

P.S. O I forget my favorite vegetable spinach, sometime dinner I make them salad with bit of nuts and anchovies this is  my childhood food.  

Assad Ordered To Use Chemical Weapon

Criminal Assad ordered to use chemical weapon and he will not give up his precious chemical weapon...but he will blackmail the world  again again ...

The world's illusion  Assad telling true...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Freedom IS A Spoiled Brats

You know sometime too much is not so good for your welling being, you don;t know meaning of appreciation of something that so precious... you see Egypt... Syria and North Korea... people dies  because of fighting for the freedom, give their one life... you are born with the freedom, that is your birth right that doesn't mean  you have right to be ABUSE it but Cherish, but then you don;t know how precious it is because you  have never had experience without it! ARE YOU LUCKY OR CURSED?

Banana Democracy

U.S democracy is a banana democracy! Democracy is not so good sometimes, at stormy sea so many captains on a ship, the ship is face on wreckage  of  unknown shore! If an autocratic despot, they are  all executed at firing squired for a mutiny and the ship will be saved!   When I deeply appreciate of dictatorship!

Korean Embassy Failed Its Duty

Wisdom, Korean officials should learn their services delivery from other mature democratic countries. Still Korean government officials are not familiar of their service of  the nation but they consider they are above people. Among many virtue of Confucius ethics of Korean officials mentally also some bad habit of many centuries... they consider they are above people...Economic power should matches its graces and wisdom, this is Korean embassy officials'negligent their thinking!  Unbelievable... Korean means  all Korean not just South but also North too! This is not just refugees but they challenge the regime, we all encourage them whoever challenge the autocrat regime...  Korean embassies officials's duty to look after them and their challenge are successful these  who escape  from North. Wails... they can not afford to fail this kind of duty!