Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nobel Peace Prize

Some strange things happen, some people pet on Assad for giving up (some of his chemical, in my view) his chemical weapon…”good on you boy...”looking at him as if he carried out some kind of  good deed to humanity  and while  he blocked all around Syria, carry out mass killing continues… rest of world watching it as if none of their business and  celebration of Nobel Peace Prize?! Next year Nobel Peace Prize for Assad? Indeed strange…what is going on? 

Assad's forces executed 130 men in Damascus suburb, Syrian opposition says    ...

AND Here CNN article says: 

Weapons expert: We are all safer because of Nobel winning OPCW

Wail... no one mentioning on going killings, I am sure OPCW good work but how about Assad's bombings, and killings? All these innocence Syrian people suffering? All these million of children are losing their chance to learn? Remember autocrat tyrants and dictators far more dangerous than chemical weapons! 

Here, world of optimisms grand grace and beauty all that, and killing, atrocity, ugly, staving and spoilages are hidden beneath, don’t want to mention them, fair enough! But after all without bloody sweat and agony beauty and grace can be vain!