Saturday, October 26, 2013

Race Against Time

Valerie Amos, the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, called upon members of the Council on Friday "to exert influence and take the necessary action to stop this brutality and violence". 
"This is a race against time. Three weeks have passed since the adoption of this Council's statement with little change to report," Amos told the Security Council. "As we deliberate, people continue to die unnecessarily."
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There is a dimwit king  
Its name is little “unsc
Sitting at a long lounged horse dung throne
Offering stinking world of peaces and security  
Swing swing chilly wind
Snarling snarling to birds  
Orgies, gorges and giggles to blue sky
A bunch of seasonal scarecrows
Garmented with credence lies bullies
They only know how to suck its own navels 
But they don’t know how to suck others 
So people will ask surely
Where is my spring?