Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dictatorship and Starvation

Bashar Al-Assad’s army has been besieging the people in Eastern and Western Ghouta and Homs for over a year. However, having failed to break the will of the people through prolonged siege and violence, the regime has now dispatched mercenaries to these areas to bolster the blockade, until the people starve to death under continuous shelling.
These besieged areas are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster that could claim the lives of thousands of people, whilst the world stands idly by watching the Syrian people’s misery and suffering. The international community is patting itself on the back for reaching an agreement regarding the destruction of Assad’s chemical weapons. These are the same chemical weapons that he has only ever used against his own people, while the entire deal is being viewed as a victory for Israel.

The chemical weapon issue is just one side of the equation: One side ensures the safety and security of what the traitor regime used to disingenuously call the “enemy,” namely Israel, while the second side moves towards completely exterminating the Syrian people by any means possible.
Today, the regime is using the most horrible weapon of mass destruction: starvation. All the while, the world at large and international organizations are feigning ignorance. Everybody seems content with adopting feeble verbal stances expressing opposition of what is happening, but declining to take any action on the ground against this criminal regime, whose criminal and inhumane nature has been revealed.

The Syrian regime’s violent and aggressive nature, which can only be compared with that of a foreign occupation, has also been exposed. Assad is no true Syrian, and he is killing the Syrian people simply because they do not support him. Assad is not the true leader of Syria, and he has lost any and all legitimacy, particularly as any power that he now does hold emanates from his killing of the Syrian people, rather than serving their affairs and interests.

This policy of mass starvation will fail to break the Syrian people, who persists in their march towards freedom amidst an ocean of blood. The besieged Syrian people continue to stand tall after over a year of starvation, despite the massive death toll. The Syrian people in these two besieged districts are calling for the world to loosen the death-grip that the Assad regime has on them, saving whoever can still be saved, while not allowing negativity and defeatism to rule.

World focuses on chemical weapon, CW disarmed team is reward the Nobel Peace, while criminal Assad cut off all sides and  on slaughter and starving  Syrian people, there is peace talking going on… Russia still supplying arms,  Iran and Hezbollah fighting for  criminal Assad life…etc, we can not see the Revolutionary going to Geneva  without removal of Assad…! Saudi or any other countries -- put resolution to the December UN Assembly, they should submit to major change of the UNSC 5Ps, I mean they are not really superpower, why they  have right abuse or determining  world peace security- 7 billion people-  for their own interest, because of 60 years old self interest. Syria atrocity is because of Russia vetoes, so unsc is the biggest risk of all in the world peace and security. So unsc is a  pieces of useless mantra!     

Syria without Assad! Dictatorship is one of the biggest  enemy of mankind!

Addition: whoever stand for criminal Assad family, they should aware,--forced to or willing supporters-- with Assad no hope of any kind of deal with the revolutionary opposition, no matter what, end of the day  Syria matters most, what you are expecting if Assad family rule continues?  This is unthinkable,  as the ground is continual radicalization, the revolutionary opposition is more determined by Assad brutally... just keep going on and on ... with Assad... can not see the end!

Here from The Reuters also nice article about criminal Assad starvation tacit!