Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Ps Narcissism

Saudi Arabia's frustration at international inaction over Syria and the Palestinians led it to cancel its speech at the United Nations General Assembly for the first time ever this week, a diplomatic source said.
..."The Saudi decision... reflects the kingdom's dissatisfaction with the position of the UN on Arab and Islamic issues, particularly the issue of Palestine that the UN has not been able to solve in more than 60 years, as well as the Syrian crisis," said the source....
Glade least that the Saudi Kingdom's demonstration.... Putin telling the world "global power..solving Syrian chemical weapon ..." while along vetos every single words nit picking for criminal Assad...other gutless permanent members just are dragged by Russian meanness,  no countries stands up for the 5 ps, now million of people face on mass starvation... 197 couturiers hopeless put up with out of dated 5 ps narcissism.

Update: UN is a bunch of zombies, just go along with the mass, no member stands up for the people straggles(i.e. Syrian revolutionary et al voice are ignored, but a criminal Assad puppets' lie are heard) ...but go along... that is easy...after all diplomacy mean other word give up give in blackmailers bullies, UN shows a good example!