Friday, October 11, 2013

How About Daily Killings?

"They forgot about our blood," he said. "Our problem is not just chemical weapons." 
"We welcome the removal of chemical weapons that were used by Assad against civilians," Safi added. "But demolishing the regime's chemical weapons alone will not bring peace to Syria because many more people are dying because Assad's troops are killing them with all types of conventional weapons."... Read more 
International show,  this dismantlement criminal Assad chemical weapon lead by Russia, basically the show  is looking good for Russia and Assad. While unsc 5Ps going along with Russia. HOW ABOUT DAILY KILLING BOMBING? World's illusions that Assad give up all of his chemical asset!

The below is  Youtube video is Hezbollah carried out killing wounded  Syrian Rebels

And read the below articles...

Hezbollah 'execution' video sparks online outrage

World of hypocrisy is the unsc' Charter! Why chemical weapon dismantling team for Nobel Prize?