Monday, October 28, 2013

Snide World Diplomacy

Give Syria peace, not a process

Instead of pushing to end the conflict, the Geneva conference looks more like a US ploy for endless talks

Instead of demanding an unconditional ceasefire, a lifting of Assad's sieges on civilian areas and immediate access to humanitarian aid agencies, the Friends of Syria merely suggest the regime should take "confidence-building measures" before the talks. Meanwhile, without real international pressure, the Assad regime – which has Russia's full support – continues to regard Geneva as a PR platform on which it will make deals with what it calls the "patriotic opposition" (small groups outside the mainstream opposition), which it has been nurturing so that when the times comes it can pretend it is reforming.
But if there is no push towards a real political transition and, more important, a cessation of hostilities, there is little point in the meeting – especially when the decisions of the first such conference over a year ago (Geneva I) are yet to be applied. So why so much lobbying by so many international powers?
Clearly, the US is desperate to move the Syria file off its desk and to pass it elsewhere – crucially, not to a specific entity, but to a process. After the Assad regime's chemical massacre and President Obama's backtracking on his declared red lines, Washington is eager to avoid future situations that could lead to calls for its direct involvement. It hopes to internationalise diplomatic efforts and lock everyone into unlimited rounds of talks, while paying lip service to the need for transition. But Obama's "no more wars" position will merely allow others to fuel the conflict, and make the world more vulnerable.
For all Obama's platitudes about the world's responsibilities, it is the US foremost that has the power, interest and obligation to help bring justice and peace to Syria and end the conflict. Real friends of Syria would break Assad's siege, neutralise his air power, and convince Syrian people and revolutionaries alike that there is hope in Geneva, that a transition is imminent, that the nightmare is ending. Anything less than that merely pushes Syrians into further despair, and the region into even greater instability.

When U.S et al  get rid off criminal Assad then there is really chance to achieve some kind ceasefire without remove Assad there is no chance at all.  Regardless what mass killer Assad promotes for his life,  still foreigners fighters are minority on the ground but large of number Syrian revolutionists who sided with groups whoever have better  resources, they go with resources and they will not give up their fight until Assad is removed.  And because of the U.S's reluctance that gives a greater leverage of Russia, "both counties snide each other sopping mining games... Russia hijack unsc continuously make its own hostage...time to time beep... doing by its vetoes, continuously sell its arms and U.S et al just go along, and rest of 190 some states too.