Thursday, October 24, 2013

What Is Going On Syria

The below is  nice start up reading someone who doesn't  know what is going on Syria so far; funny

9 questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask:    

Few things; Not U.S can't fix but U.S doesn't want to  fix, because they have this nightmare of Afghan and Iraq thrilled trillion dollars wounded wars haunted its memory, and re: chemical weapon,  the reason Mr Obama Administration threaten to  mass killer criminal  Assad blow up  not because the war less terrible but--( I must say it was so nice to see all the cool U.S  war battleships embarked Mediterranean Sea  and pointed  all the missiles to Syria and the mass killer Assad was terrified,  that was nice to see,  really nice!!!)---because Mr Obama promised to the world his " red line" so he had to do some kind of action when Assad attacked his people with chemical weapon early August... thanklessly or intentionally Mr Kerry slipped his words  during his press conference  "...U.S may be withdrew if Assad surrender his CW..."----Russia read fast  the U.S between line...signals,    come to quick rescuing for " offering Assad chemical weapon giving up" exchange U.S withdrew missiles attack.... all but under the blanket deal ... it seem... what is mean " less terrible war?" Or are they any wars less terrible?" War is wars, kill them otherwise you are to be killed! Civil war is you kill your own brothers your own  sisters, Syria is no one win but only Russia seem!