Saturday, October 12, 2013

World Lost Its Marble

Because world only focus chemical weapon, daily killing still intense blaze, unbelievable atrocity on the ground while world drumming CW dismantlement. Most horrendous things world is a spectator,  don;t know what to do it... let them killing each other as if a game of killing, it will not ending.  Because Russia's supporting criminal Assad, now not only Hezbollah and Iran but also some of Iraqis to side with Assad, without him  solutions can be found, through intense propaganda while CW dismantlement saved  of Assad's life for while,  ground is more more radicalized, lots of willing young people are looking for eternal paradises, how many more people to die? This unimaginable agony of situations, only one criminal has to go!  This is a popular uprising...people's  revolution....Syrian people uprising against Assad's family autocrat  rule 40 years!!!