Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Current Health Regime

This is my current diet and exercise. Believe or not.

1) My breakfast morning
  • Boiled oat bran; three table-spoon oat bran(small), two table-spoon of almond nuts, one egg.
  • One banana
  • Two cups of black coffee 
2) Morning Snack: some berries and cherries, other fruits  

3)      Lunch: A bowel bowl of fresh green vegetable, or various fruits, I love broccoli,  hate tomatoes, hate sushi because I had  them my years of  school lunches suspicion of where they are made...sushi trolleys hangs around  morning  traffics... 

4)      Afternoon snack  apples you can have two or other fruits

5)      Dinner: Fishes, salmon I like best, some times chicken(sometimes I skip this main course ...)

  • Bowl of green salad with chili paste, olive oil lemon juices (this is my own receipt, try it your own risk!).
  • Sometime sweet potatoes, beans, lentils…  
  • A glass of red wine (sometime bored of drinking)  
6)      I drink least 2 liter of water daily
7)      I drink least two cups of green tea during the day
8)      I run every day about 45 minutes and Sunday I run 90 minutes, yoga stretches 
9)      Treat myself a ice-cream or do other things sometimes
10)   Saunas and meditations
11)  I am super fit! Fitness freak(always has been, but I can be very very lazy at times)!!

P.S.  A friend of mine taught me how to cook salmon soup, amazingly very tasty salmon soup I can make 5/10!   You put salmon into the pot last 5 mites so that salmon is not disappears,  before I put it beginning of,  all together boiled down about 30 minutes salmon is all disappeared...!  

P.S. O I forget my favorite vegetable spinach, sometime dinner I make them salad with bit of nuts and anchovies this is  my childhood food.