Friday, January 30, 2009

Building Your Own Portfolio

Three Simple Portfolios
As we survey the wreckage of our portfolios in the new year, it's worth considering this: You can beat the great majority of investment professionals by employing simple strategies that use low-cost index funds. Index funds track a broad swath of the stock market, such as big-company stocks, small-company stocks, emerging-markets stocks, and so on.

Some of the biggest brains in the world of finance -- from Nobel Prize-winning professors, such as William F. Sharpe, to, arguably, the greatest money manager of our time, Warren Buffett -- advocate a "passive" style of investing epitomized by index funds.
here is more to read A Random Walk Down Wall Street and

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boiling Melbourne

Boiling Melbourne, it was 43 degree all afternoon and until 7:00pm this evening, now 11:30pm still 31 degree. Still few days go yet. Wonder when rain comes. Thinking about the amazingly advanced and magnificent Maya civilization. The mystery of its endings, the speculative reason was not enough rain. We take for so many grants this precious water. We can live without diamond but we can not live without water. Why then water is not expensive as diamond in Australia? Of course other continents where much rich water resource is difference stories but I am asking question in Australia as we do not enough water. We should put heavy price on water too so people feel precious as diamond, that surly will come soon! I skip a running today. It is too hot to go out instead I bicycled. But I don’t mind sitting in a sauna much hotter then that which I do. Been thinking how we are so hypocrite and contradictory. Anywaythe Yarra River dried up, water level much low. It is heartbroken to see such thirsty state of beauty. All grass dried up already gone, bared soil like a child bride head wounds. The other day Australian day lots of people barbequed picnic on Yarra bank, already leaves were felling on the ground. I was rollerblading! They were all watching my performance made me feel bit of embarrassment but what could you do, just keep going! My friend who is an aboriginal artist rang me saying that he went beach today instead in his studio. I asked him that he got some nice tan his handsome face he chuckled himself laugh. Wonder when rain comes? I miss thunder too?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prof Krugman become a Sad Sack

He is very sad! Because all economic PhDs are become boneheads and lost all their faith and become cheap pimps of economic. So house of economic is a faithless cheap whorehouse! They don’t know anything about his faithful idol Keynes full body work! they are not sensational enough only mental that is why! The house of economic needs a reconstruction! Then he goes on and saying on sarcastic his founding “ I bet you lose!” a turf war against, “Aren’t you glad that Obama watered it down and added ineffective tax cuts, so as to win bipartisan support?” So he become a sarcastic sack!


Keynes is mine! Everyone says! So do I. I claim myself I found Keynes myself so he is belong to me too! It is nothing to do my charismatic economic professor who was banning my head, whipped my ass and put up with my insatiable questions after after whole course. Any but No no I don’t want a ghost Keynes, I want a real thing! His skeleton ghost chuckled grating his toothless dis/equilibrium teeth, gasping air few meters under ground and would say, “Common girl I give you my graveyard wisdom; there is no mean of corroboration of supply and demand. There is no value of the horizontal axis is equal to the value of the vertical axis ( anyone who committed illicit heated crime knows this intuitively –not creeping through a juicy afternoon adulterous notion-hoping- amours encountering with word!), therefore the dis/equilibrium of the ghostly notion. What is so fuss about me after all! Don’t blame me all balms yourself! Fiscal stimulus psychical monetary policies proofers!” I think he would never mean to his name is communicational infrastructural suffering.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Boneheads V Skinheads

Here is boneheads v skinheads fighting about stimulus and here is Krugman's “write off” and how to sassed out bonehead- antistimulus fraudulent deceptive conduct, against distorting twisting - whole saga of the house of economic. I think they are all fundamentally deeply devote their chosen roads whether; squawky clean, I-am-right, misleading, unconscionable conduct or false statement. Available remediates under constitution of your statutory right to “freedom of express whatever one wants” you only can do is that using your blog; verbal injunction or savage ancillary orders or declaration of war against whoever against you! You know, specters take the best-all through this fight, Heated bulldogs gearing up all nerves, alert standby ready to frenzy their zealous territory! they will spill juicy stuff! Nice zesty fight!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kiss To Death The Dismal Economy

Hello looking at my lips and kiss me your dismal science psychopath lips! I brought few lipsticks last few months. I bet most women they have more then few dozen lipsticks in their bathroom draws, with different colors; morning bit natural cherry pink and evening bloody red for vampire lips go with killer scents. Apparently this gloomy dark economy doesn’t affect lipstick sale, increase sale. I am not sure why…


Become a-off load of a Madoff and become a Ripoff

By the way Charles Dickens novel characters are acting like their name, that is why Madoff beocme a mad-off

Asking Question

Who has juiciest meatiest boniest question? All hands up?

Yes mister, we are all in here meatiest with boniest heads and juiciest questions plea please!

A Dog With A Bone

The CBO analysis doesn't cover tax cuts or efforts by Democrats to provide relief to cash-strapped state governments to help with their Medicaid bills. But it illustrates just how difficult it can be to use public investment to rush money into the economy. It usually takes bids and contracts to announce such developments, which invariably take time.
All overly stimulated their sensation. They need to let them go, a dog with a bone thing. Relentlessly pursue their meatless bone. Some people tax cut is the best way, others’ priorities long term - bridged and roads. I think both of them would be a great way stimulate if we have time and money. It is an emergency; say, a guy smashed his body by a car crash; eye popping out limps twisted around 380 degree, heavy bleeding and end up emergency table right now! What is the medico has to do first before everything? Make him stop bleeding otherwise he is going to kick the bucket. Well then, no point to plaster caste or stick steel into his dead body? Altogether asking his address and whether he has a lover, to inform his smashed fiasco. Building bridges and roads would take time, make time would delay forever; by boneheaded public servants( expensive sucker consultancies hold their boneheaded hands).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Timeless Beauty

Congratulations! The president of USA
How could one has everything; the power and the look?
It is unfair unfair you can say it but what can you do about it
You just eat bitter jealously in a raw plate!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chivalry Does

We find that deficit-financed tax cuts work best among these three scenarios to improve GDP, with a maximal present value multiplier of five dollars of total additional GDP per each dollar of the total cut in government revenue five years after the shock.
A shock treatment for a schizophrenia in a mad house, hopeless state of mania hallucination paranoia; it can be either insulin shock or electroshock, I don’t think schizophrenia can be cured by any shock treatments. Only can controlling. Schizophrenia and manic depressive or any mental illness are you get from your forbears so if you have one you blame them. Anyway here an authoritative work says deficit-financed tax cuts the best shock for the severe schizophrenia economy. So we presumed that deficit-financed tax cuts is the best form of shock treatment for the current crisis; through tax cut. Both people and company, have more money in their pocket. They might spend them or stash it right away under their blanket for extra padding for comfy; no extra jobs creates for the administration, no long queue for under mercy of 9-5 infrastructural brained public servants. It is the fast most effective does, the shock engrossed happily into the bloodstream; liver to move into all body tissues, and pumping blood into the brain, to gives oxygen. It circulate through all body and work out itself and to the kidney and filtering itself out; keep what is best for the body and rest excreted out of body. It is full body work. Ok than we know that schizophrenia is mental things. Can the chivalry does control chemically imbalanced emotion and behavior? I don’t know I am not an expert in this area. Or the does can change permanently the system, so that it is more productive? Certain nerve cells are keeper of the controlling normal cell metabolism, so thought this filtering process, the nerve system worked out itself and boost its mood?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Irrational Economic Analysis

What a turbulent nutter economic is! Here is start, penniless Lincoln! The old man in his 200 years birthday party without have his pecan pie!

Then the new Secretary of Treasury how to fill the coffer! The Treasury become a portfolio manager and diversification all assets, don’t put egg on basket but many different basket so one is busting but still others around they can be hatched. Then the Treasury become a nasty fest for festering everyone around traps unless you do this you never know who is ripping you off and left you high and dry! You have to know everything who knows what happen in the future so never never burn the bridge either side any side or inside or outside! In any case if anything not working you always delete them and restart again! Always work from the nothing!

Here, the boiling boiler Noah’s ark, incessant wondering, staved brains guerilla warfare; battles of against their restless 21cetnry house of manic depressive minds, to build on a rescue stimulus package their own fortress brain nests. And they declare a war; front line attack, weaponry attack tank, bulldoggers, snipping, bullroarers, blood hounds, leeches fleets, latches, stalking jackknifing backbiting, kickoff, just overthrow, brains wash-wash brains. Ongoing saga, dysfunctional the house of economic, happy and unhappy, groom doom, all blames their ancestors. And they all become economical sociopathic monsters, deeply disturbed eyeballs burning in their sockets like bloodroots. Conflicted filled rage, grief strike deeply utterly disturbed this mankind of triage of current crises. If they can use their toes they can gearing up ten-fingers –toes jobs in their stormy warring keyboards – FUCK! after all life is not give but take hooray!!!!!!!!

Here is another skeleton job stimulus, great lithium, doubtless against its given duty to stimulate but how to manage, who is going to manage all the process? Leave to the deem-wited pathetic public servant in their infrastructural wrong headed system to manage! You would deadly worry, they will never progress more then one page computer screen per year, unless their fat ass is whipped by a squirrel brained entrepreneurial killer!

The running for naked congress! You can not be a congressman unless you are a naked economist! Wow humph! You don’t need a degree but naked your heart and glued on your ass on few blogs and nailed down your heel; foreplay on the blindfolded sex-manic son-of-bitch economy! Time is not your enemy but it brings a relief your dark vision!

Economical bless from the cradle, he is the product of his parental misdemeanor -of the deadly sin!

Well! Yes You can change! Of course change all the time, go flow seamlessly if not you are brilliantly stupid or unbelievably fool hardy clown but you know that an eagle with formidable clews is also foolhardy too!

The White Papers of 8 years! Still I personality don’t know what has happens what was the problems so I really can’t pin point so I can’t tell but we always have tomorrow never say never again tomorrow will come! I will tell you when tomorrow come!

I am so happy to see that everyone knows that now we are finallyall crazy! I was so worried that people can see only the king naked body but they are not saying that he is wearing majestic rob. We are all stupid incompetent creatures of doggerel, so loveable humanly creature of argumentative happy sloppy rage full fly into obit your own minuscule ego. Whooray, here is “gut instincts lead to the best decisions” great! What else? I am told I am not logical I am irrational! Do you think someday someday the very “irrational people taken over this planet? Wouldn’t nice all think irrationally called this planet irrational ET colony and we create our own irrational ET republic, the irrational economy for trust and faith! We can trust on our own irrationality of course! I am looking at my fingers now yes my ringer finger is much longer then my index fingers this mean I will be deadly success on the trading floor, heehhhe...

Yeah I want to be a trillionaire in here Aussi land! Not in Zimbabwe, it is not a sovereign state anymore!

True of fallacies are all forms of fallacies! Lives of fallacies in this fallacies world fallacies itself, therefore the world lives are fallacies! Follies everywhere so we are not arguing follies for sake of follies but follies! You always can say things that are the truth in your own word!

Economy is in a rubbish dump and in a heavenly sweatshop

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We All Need Sparing Matches –Louder The Better

This post reflects a fundamental difference between Brad's approach to the world and mine. When I read others' work, I try to read between the lines and put it in the best possible light. In particular, when I read the work of an economist as distinguished as Eugene Fama, I am reluctant to jump to the conclusion that I am vastly smarter than he is.
Free entry giant brains sparing match! Heavy weight championship for “you’re deadly left I am deadly right’ punch left hook swing right hook each other KO OK; two different views of world! Right hook and left hook views! View of view sake! Their ten fingers eyes of steaming machine gun, firing into the keyboard and rolling in hot blood boiling tailing with sweating like silence brain foghorns. Do you think they can or know how to swear loudly, they might swear under blanket when no one listening!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stimulus Is Should Be The Entrepreneurial Fighter Pilot

Brave! Utter Cool Guy! Story like this people loves to love! Lighting up groom doom. WoW Wonder what sort of things went through his head the very moment! He had to think many many things lighting up meld them into a torch within a second! Bang!Hold tightly! Let's go! Here we go OK! My decision is The utter utmost The Only One! What was he thinking? He was a fighter pilot Wooop Hoooh… people die for this kind of story. So his legend will live for long time. The “fighter pilot” gone into people’s head, people thinking he was combating the current crisis executed most magnificently effectively! Mission accomplished! We all make decision! Then how we make the very “decision” deceivably! These are come from innate and can be taught. The very experience guide him how to make the very decision. But his superior decision making is not come from experience but his innate intuitiveness, which comes from his genetic heritage, as without this he couldn’t have been a fighter pilot at first place. So I believe that heroes are born and not made. This stimulus should be like the Fighter Pilot! The most optimal use of his innate skill! Intuitive mind with experience in hands! I bet the Cool Guy is a most optimistic intuitive entrepreneur! Wanna be a Hero? Then you should choose carefully your parent! Not the way around! You have the choice OK?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Importance Of Being A Timeless Killer

Wow! He is boiling!
Here he comes with his hot blood
Multiple heads in his keyboard
Rise the sword!
Kills a exogenous-less stimulus-less head one blow
Champion of defender of the just for argument sake!
Or sake of argument
You don’t need time but you make time!
You always make time at the time
As time is not make for you!
So you do for the time
Time comes within your forth!
Brightest pork-barrels in wolf deans
Vultures’ nasty clews
Fortress bloodsuckers
Hilted blow nick of necks
Fuming mouth volcano tongue
Stretched out all over world as a cannibalistic hunter’s justification
Sparkling stimulus multitudes no-time spare time
Horning spidery webs
Everyone randomized their experience how their tongue wiggled licked
Diagnosed malpractice deadpan results
Who cares a doctor kills few dozen men off
Buried name of experiment
Still he gets title-doo little-fang hilly-nag dilly-hoe--
Hold up! a shinning cherry grail
Blend a graced seamless bulldozer
Sublimes of exogenous
A randomized bloodsucker
Important of being a heck of timeless killer

The Best Randomized Timeless Bloodsucker

Incentive For Every Day Life

Great! Free lunch for every day life until its end!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Annoyed Demand Stimulus

If you hire your neighbor for $100 to dig a hole in your backyard and then fill it up, and he hires you to do the same in his yard, the government statisticians report that things are improving. The economy has created two jobs, and the G.D.P. rises by $200. But it is unlikely that, having wasted all that time digging and filling, either of you is better off.
Economics patty with few economic powerhouses. Brain-drain whiz nepotism - uncles and nephews, mates - bosom bodies, bestboy-bestgril, teachers – students, textbook – cases, I’m right – you’re wrong, fingers – keyboard bare their heart to another… world is in few man’s hands

Hello Stimulus

"...Apparently, Team Obama is not convinced by the recent research of Christina and David Romer, who conclude:

tax changes have very large effects on output. Our baseline specification suggests that an exogenous tax increase of one percent of GDP lowers real GDP by roughly three percent. Our many robustness checks for the most part point to a slightly smaller decline, but one that is still well over two percent.
That is, Team Obama assumes that tax changes are less than half as potent in influencing the economy as the new CEA Chair estimated them to be in her own research.

Of course, it is prudent to take any research, including that of the very careful, very sensible Romers, with a grain or two of salt. The same can be said of the mainstream models on which Team Obama is relying.
Hello Stimulus
I feel sorry for your smell, smoke and stream through your unbounded no-men’s land
Lure into a rotten flesh with a dress-coat assumption
Vultures in-waiting field of pork-barrel
A life of deflation seem to necessary course of your venturesome self-esteem
Basic calculation alone is not comforting
Rather preferred option for many
Make-it-easy take-it-easy
Under their nightmare under their cold sweat
Sewell well swell
Check-mate- messes
Dung dung tang

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Bang for McBuck ! My eating habits is old humble my traditional Korean still, so far few times went McDonald but than allergic meat and counted my five finger for drinking CoCa Color. So eating Big Mac (or any other food that matter) is not replacing my humble old Korean taste. But business point of view, this is very very tasty meal for sure! What is this McDonald magic bullets? An article from New York Times,

As of November, the latest data available, the company had delivered 55 consecutive months of increases in global same-store sales. During a year when the stock market lost a third of its value — its worst performance since the Great Depression — shares of McDonald’s gained nearly 6 percent, making the company one of only two in the Dow Jones industrial average whose share price rose in 2008.

Here are few magic bullets recipes;

“…being the world’s best quick-service restaurant” to being “our customers’ favorite place and way to eat,”

to focus on quality, service and restaurant experience rather than simply providing the cheapest, most convenient option to customers.

…recognized that consumer patterns had changed — more snacking, more drive-through…

…data to determine what consumers were eating and drinking and where McDonald’s could expand to capitalize on changing trends.

McGosh, McMoney McKatow, McBriansucker, McWorld, McSize, McDarling, McBulldozer, McLover, McWife, McProf, McNail&Hammer McArsshole McAngel McWhatelse McOBaby, McOrgasms, McScary McMassage Mcblurblure…. Mchumb… McWhataprettything…

Not Going To Work Cap And Trade

“…more direct, a more transparent and a more effective approach"

“…a cap-and-trade system would be costly, bureaucratic and create a "Wall Street of emissions brokers."

Here is also Jeffrey Sachs, was saying, emissions cap- trading system never workable and is doomed to fail, promoting straightforward simple less rort-prone carbon tax.

"...the new global financial structure should help to rescue the world from human-induced climate change. A straightforward tax on the carbon content of fossil fuels, levied by all countries, would do the job, and much better than the enormously cumbersome emission-trading system concocted and championed by the same financial engineers who brought us our current banking crisis. Most of the carbon-tax revenues would stay at home in each country, to help finance low-emission technologies. Some would be directed to finance three global public goods: research and development on sustainable energy; transfer of sustainable-energy technology to low-income countries; and climate-change adaptation. Read more here

Why Inject Equity Capital into Financial Companies?

The value of the assets of many financial institutions has fallen substantially. A fall in the market value of assets implies an equal decline in the market value of liabilities, with the big hits taken by equity and lower priority debt. The fall in the value of equity can cause a financial institution to violate its legal equity capital requirement. The first recourse for a financial institution that needs equity capital is the private market. But raising enough new private equity to meet its capital requirement may not be possible because of a "debt overhang" problem. Here's how it works.
Read this new financial blog! Recommended by an irresistible heavyweight brain-broker blog-broker Prof Mankiw and become a intellectual elite! You can printed on your name card a title “an elite brain-grain of salt” than you will be hired by a blinded numbness poisonous impotent earthly fanatical institution! Is the way to go!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Stimulus Daredevil

Daredevil, is buck busting on your gang bang tonight
O this must be a huge and may or may not hot and cold sweaty on your night
O we make it as a huge and exciting in our gang bang
If not a big buster make it as a hula-hula bang bang
Just increase the size that is all
Knock off hard numbers and nailed and twisted them around on the ground
Thrust with billions trillions must be have huge bangs for us
O we must be ETs
Melting in everyone tongues
Fanatical mania economists keyboards, pain in ass bloggers, numberless number crunchers and headless crashers, aimless gigolos, breathless whores, bottomless losers and dinnerless winners, pork- barrel cherry-pickers' projects at hard heading and high heeled hands.
O what a feeling baby I am in heels over in love again
Here comes the daredevil
Thunder in his cannon
I know it

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What a Smarty Puppet!

Huh Yeah! Yes defiantly has a generic "smart person" probably its proximity has Nobel laureates economics, that is why!

Time, Distant And Speed And Money!

Time, distant and speed and money! So here is if I rollerblade at the Yarra Bank at morning or afternoon, Vic Gov might creates a busybody-wear-tear-tax on rollerbladers along with joggers, bicyclers and walkers. So I have to rollerblading or jogging must be done at the lunch time. You must have a good pair of rollerblades or feet! So not wear-tear the road and not wasting your energy. But I want to burn my energy so that make me fit and feel good about! Than I would be a very fuel friendly car! Cars not fit but wear-tear-out. So people who drives their hammers and nailed on the road for their unconvinced inconvenience riding-tax but who has fuel efficient new car and off peakers can get subsidized. Everyone buys new cars and on the road fumeless time! Heelhesays I am a faithful mushy syrupy sappy spongy dawdle of your blog bog reader and I am a cold dispassionate detached composed poised ridiculous out-of-order fantastic questionable your blog whoosh reader!

Fed Love Play

Finally here money is sitting in a dark garret and doesn’t respond Fed’s working-guts-out and run wild and free, so Fed go down his knee and is singing Act I.

How cold your little basterdy wild hands are!
O money, will you let me warm your scoundrel heart for going up?
Why go down? It is dark there, you will be a frozen turkey!
You be will there until the thanksgiving for our feast!
The stuffed with hate and skeletons of glees, so
Going up with this night filled with loving whoring-light
Up there full of love thunder on your scrappy field
Please stand firmly on your multiples feet and I will stand by you with my one foot
How I make your multiples 1.2.3….
Plea please wait and tell me what I do for you
How I make you hot? I am the Fed
What I am! who I am? I am the burning Fed I am the desperate Fed
You keep me busy! Work at dungeon day and night, try to make you hot!
In this darkness I am a hot passionate Romeo
You are a icy whore Juliet
Lets build our dream love together
Wow I am a trillionaire!
Full of possibilities
I am a honcho macho
I make you quantitative easing
I buy you ice –cream shoes pearl earrings
I saw you in my nightmare
Full scale of bloodsucking love play
O don’t go down plea please
Tell me my love
How can I please you up up
Tell me
I will do everything

Stimulus Nightmare

A darkly tattered stitched frankenstein is walking down street wearing a tag; universal magic potion; Pascal physical stimuli of stimulus in your troubled life, take it easy life, make it easy life, no pain in ass, your dream come true, dream work, no tax to anyone, full infrastructural foreplay your life, generous ban-aid to any goves to yank off their numbness, you owe nothing Uncle Sam but he only asks you buy and sell, make it easy…

House of Politics

We hope that Democrats in Congress don't attempt to shut the American taxpayer out of this process by trying to pass a bill that hasn't been the subject of bipartisan review and that hasn't been available for public inspection
Well in a democracy, the majority rules! Whether you like it or not that is the choice given to the house of majority by majority American, well you have to live in! If you don’t like it you have to do it better next time around or leave the house, but than what it mean doing it better in a house of politics? Who is playing best chess or follow flow rather then doing the real best! But than what is “real best” anyway? Words are getting around around in my tongue… can play word game in any situation to get around!

Mankiw Blog -The Progressivity of the Tax System

Lowest quintile: 4.3 percent
Second quintile: 9.9 percent
Middle quintile: 14.2 percent
Fourth quintile: 17.4 percent
Percentiles 81-90: 20.3 percent
Percentiles 91-95: 22.4 percent
Percentiles 96-99: 25.7 percent
Percentiles 99.0-99.5: 29.7 percent
Percentiles 99.5-99.9: 31.2 percent
Percentiles 99.9-99.99: 32.1 percent
Top 0.01 Percentile: 31.5 percent

Top 0.01 %: 31.5 percent and 99.9-99.99: 32.1%, see the difference! Wonder, anyone out there not nagging the top rich 0.01% pay less then rest of 99.99. This mean only top 0.01% high net worth individual in USA? Been thinking these 0.01% probably deserve bit of special treatment since they are wealth creators I gather! Like Bill Gate, he created incredible things for the people and make heaps of money and gives it to the public again. He can not take his money to his grave! Even if he creates a diamond pyramid type of tomb for himself at the moon for his burial ground, how can you take $billons to the moon without pockets so still lot left over spillover everywhere! Even if he pays slightly less or no tax, what the hell anyway public will get them back another way anyway, it makes not much difference! Living life is not much difference whether you have $2 million earner or $20 million $2 billon in general! You can eat so much you can enjoy so much with money! Some people happy at fast line, but mostly you are much happier at yourself alone! The 0.01% couldn’t care whether they pay less or more.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Ready For Hefty Year!

What happen if the year doesn’t have a band- aid to yank off?

Update: By the way Happy New Year! If anyone forget to have one!

Wow Eat Me Alive!

Cleavage,O man, I stumbled across a lady has a huge pair of breast! A amazing they were melons! wow! She was weaning very low cut, so can see her really voluptuousness cleavage. Yes she was courageous! Irresistible they were! I am not sure that was a sheerness of size what… I know what you are thinking, don’t get it wrong! I could not take my eyes off, that’s why I trawled over on the road not looking at my steps but the lady cleavage! Almost I trembled on the ground to acrobat to air- lucky me or what a shame I could have bump into her indulgent. She saw my air dancing too, well she didn’t give a damm, but a sneering snare, riding smugness air like a Valkyrie with her sword, just past on me and saying as if “ see what I have get!” I have a shining formidable weapon! I am flaunting it of course, so watch me and watch you step!

Is this a progression?

Wow no-women to have a few woman or only men and a few man! Is this a progression? A great passing a decayed decade!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Public Passion –Stuck Together

A logical extension of this idea is to pick an indexed basket of securities: one candidate in the US might be the S&P 500, and to control its price by buying and selling blocks of shares on the open market.
It is a good idea, if this lead to give people confidence to spend, why not! By the way the other day I was sitting at a cafĂ© down the road, people flock to a department store hands and hands. I often think that why people hold hand and hands at public spaces; streets, stores and supermarket. I usually walk fast pace, except when I walk- lost-time. So when a couple front of me block my way I am immensely irritated by their hold- hand-hand blockage and so I tell them ultra “courteously” at right behind their ears “ex-ccussss--e mmm..eeee!” let them to know that I am utter pissed off their blockage and normally people get message and fell apart like a broken glass of their cozy public affection! Then I feel superior for possessing my rightful space, and also get a little satisfaction for destroy their coziness! Then I growl under my breath “ well probably they are fighting all the time at home or gosh what a disgusting, not have enough each other for years on the same roof! What on a little sloppy eventless public affection! As mostly in my observation, young lovers they don’t hold hands but thirties above, are holding like dead crops chic embalmed postures. Probably young lovers are burning passion inwardly but older people their sagging passion outwardly! Look how we stuck together this filleted boring life! It is a logical extension of dreary secured justification!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dark and Bright Side Session

Mankiw’s 10 transcendent principle of economic commandment – full body work

1)Economy is all about your Life - the Art of living and stealing!
2)Your comparative advantage is an strategic alliance with your alter ego – sell everything including your soul to your lover- rigorous selling regime
3)You have it! Flaunting it whatever! i.e “I am the Mankiw!”, engraved and gold plated it, stamped your forehead– looking good feel good, and love your self
4)Our life is marginal life - divided it totally and count it again again, make sure nothing left to count until the very end ok?
5)Your life globalization – Launching your second life, licensing, franchising, and cloning it whatever necessary; i.e Mankiw Epilepsynomic, Mankiw Coffinnomic, Mankiw Hellonomic Mankiw lullabiesnomic, Mankiw Devilnomic and Mankiw Happynomic, Mankiw 367dayswokingnomic…
6)You are your own god, honoring yourself, narcissism is a ground working yourself on the ground of your grave.
7)Doing number crunch, show and tell why capital punishment is economical.
8)Life is a short straight thread, time to time derail your life, and stretch it up!
9)Stealing is not a sin as long as done legally - then finally end up a jail.
10)You are a bloodsucker, webbing your life, marriage of convinces with your neighbors, so throw your dark heavy weight around their proximity, sucking their brains, drinking their blood and building your own castle!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Who is the Under-top

Q: What are common theme between Marquis de Sade and IMF?
A: All in the blue sky; saddest and happiest, try to proving a secrete of craziness; who is the master and who is the slave!

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