Saturday, January 3, 2009

Public Passion –Stuck Together

A logical extension of this idea is to pick an indexed basket of securities: one candidate in the US might be the S&P 500, and to control its price by buying and selling blocks of shares on the open market.
It is a good idea, if this lead to give people confidence to spend, why not! By the way the other day I was sitting at a café down the road, people flock to a department store hands and hands. I often think that why people hold hand and hands at public spaces; streets, stores and supermarket. I usually walk fast pace, except when I walk- lost-time. So when a couple front of me block my way I am immensely irritated by their hold- hand-hand blockage and so I tell them ultra “courteously” at right behind their ears “ex-ccussss--e mmm..eeee!” let them to know that I am utter pissed off their blockage and normally people get message and fell apart like a broken glass of their cozy public affection! Then I feel superior for possessing my rightful space, and also get a little satisfaction for destroy their coziness! Then I growl under my breath “ well probably they are fighting all the time at home or gosh what a disgusting, not have enough each other for years on the same roof! What on a little sloppy eventless public affection! As mostly in my observation, young lovers they don’t hold hands but thirties above, are holding like dead crops chic embalmed postures. Probably young lovers are burning passion inwardly but older people their sagging passion outwardly! Look how we stuck together this filleted boring life! It is a logical extension of dreary secured justification!