Thursday, July 31, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Why everyone hates high gas prices

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Prof Dan Ariely's Crazy Hypothesis -- BDSM

Pardoned on your wallet – tyranny gasoline - finally we all know we are enslaved by the master, we hate it but we can not live without it. Hoping someday a shining knight with alternative sword rescues us this dependence --- it is not a yogurt matter it is soul matter! Drops of lewdness everyone’s tongue with a crude station!

  • Dan Ariely
  • Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: LHS, vindicated

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: LHS, vindicated

    Dear Heaven, Earth and Moon and Sun

    He committed unforgivable sin
    He engendered and imperiled for our human species
    His mind is off the rail track and runs wild
    He is undoubtedly mad lots of vile in his tongue
    He is a wicked master of devil incarnation
    A tyranny of nastiest
    Irreclaimability of warrant
    Embarked with a grand drops of conceit
    Reward him 1000000000000000000 whips at his bum!

  • Gender role
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: The GSE Rescue Bill

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Rise your swords, shining faithful knights at their services!

    Rise your swords, shining faithful knights at their services to her grace gravely fat sickly dowager! Gee, yes either way good or bad she commends attention the name of trillions. I think she has so much plastic surgery, without any decent exercise just feeding herself up many years, all her organs is going to shut down so need major surgery!

    Monday, July 28, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Save My Iced Grande Latte!

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Save the mutton brain, blanketed with a cavemen tool

    Congress to Halt Closing of Unprofitable Starbucks – but How? Why? What for?
    "Corporations cut unprofitable activities to focus on increasing the bottom line, and returning value to shareholders! --- The name of the game!
    “They would need ESL classes and cultural training to learn how to relate to ordinary Americans and function in society.”... What if the say “ the ordinary Americans are not their aspiration?” common fair go! Should learning from MacDonald what is all about the global brand – the colonization!
    ...we will reverse that trend... but who is going to pay tax for the aid?
    Anyway people who drink white Iced Grande Latte is a bosomy, I am hot straight tall black monopoly
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  • Ant
  • Sunday, July 27, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Resilience

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Resilience: "Resilience - Foundation"

    You remove few walking lawless evil nightmares of course bouncing it back. Economy is very much like a “human” need treatment sometime little sometime a major surgery, self –correction and up and down - Economy need a yoga practices, need a universal twist e.g - building up its flexibility! Prevent strains and stiffness!
    Foundation is important – without it, it is difficult to deal with the streets. Like me I am hardly sick I am very fit, I have a tank like endurance(Resilience is more correct?) I think, this is come from gene – all our family tall and fit- and years addiction of exercise. AND I was born a village where so many good things – no pollution!

  • Resilience

  • Young's modulus

  • Credit squeeze

  • Squeeze exercise
  • Friday, July 25, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The View from Chicago

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The View from Essential Window

    Gee, stimuli, mutiny mutiny!
    You will get the best echoed ripples...

  • Daniel Fischel
  • Political party
  • Ambivalence
  • Thursday, July 24, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand XII

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Mega surviving techs competition

    Flying feet forever – search for gasoline salvation, you only can find your salvation through greenery techs! Wow he finally takes off now!! Probably heading for poles! He might be a mad slave driver!

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  • Single aisle

  • Airbus A320
  • Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Thanks, LBJ

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: LBJ Dowager - One tidbit:

    What a feed for a dowager over the years, in her advanced years she still commends an affection with her fat hands, with handsome choosy gigolos, she might chocked herself during the peak.

  • Special purpose entity

  • SPE Are Often A Clever Way to Raise Debt Levels

  • Enron scandal
  • Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Time to pass out the WIN buttons

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Winning inviolable non-stop

    Now, economy, inflation is beyond dismal. You dare your luck to do nastiest. You are your own twin lodging in your brain. The sum of all the horrors; the disgrace the beggary the pitiable spectacle, all the stupid advance age and this terrible vision will reward for the weapon of your bloody nerdness and will be the best of luck!

  • Haggling

  • Price discrimination

  • Bargaining
  • Sunday, July 20, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: From The Daily Show#links

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: From The Daily Show#links

    Economy all about digging grave yard, who dig more deep who gets the points.There is no right or wrong in economy; everything is right everything is wrong, the point of the view of majority or minority that “only” count. When economy is going well – well no one talk about it. When their wallets on a gate of the graveyard everyone get blood in their eyeballs – bumping Bumper stickers their sockets for the bull terriers barking!! But then that make us so loveable creatures - when you are fighting you are more alive… Economy stupid is stupid stupid economy alalal a mad woman in a mad house.

    Why baby are generally happy? Unless they are sick. Because they have no worries. When they cry because they want to eat and their nappy been changed.
    If you don’t know much about things that probably make you more happy and an optimistic congenial beauty!
    If you know more you would know then you don’t know much about what around you that make you small and unhappy…? Do you think this make you a pessimistic pit-bull?

  • Mankiw's 10 Principles of economics translated- bla bla bla people are stupid and a basket of Snickersbar, Craniological stupid candybar!!!

  • Click here Daily Show - the Stupidonomy
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Income Tax Surcharge on Old, Sick People

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Great Mean - Testing

    Mean – Testing individual, if they hide their income somewhere; family or Cayman Islands e.g law reform for the provision. Australian we have “ Means-Test”.
    And also “The Statute of Frauds 1677, Agreement buying or selling land…required evidence to be writing”.

  • Means -Test

  • Welfare state

  • Superannuation in Australia

  • Baby boomers
  • Saturday, July 19, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand X

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Because of the Gasoline Price

    Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth - Crzy, Crzy
    Earth is choker block so we need another place to live, surely somewhere up there it waiting for us to discover!
    Hoping after I die the Earth gone to a madhouse so that I don’t know about her sad madness!
    Earth is fundamentally sick; mentally and psychically worn out – too many children, almost 7 billions, will grow fast, she doesn’t have resources to fed them unless she find another…, or and otherwise she might committed a mess suicide - just one BigBang! but then that is too simple way out! Or Or she is mad so she doesn’t have right mind so, gives her childern poison, drown or stave slowly slowly painfully die togther... sad... BUT?

  • Substitute Good

  • Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth

  • World population
  • Friday, July 18, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Ed Glaeser on Paul Ehrlich

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Butterfly Strategy

    Enchanting Butterflies. I love butterflies, I had so many of them in our old houses, best catch them at midday at summer, because they are resting at the flowers and listening summer songs. You don’t know what I am talking about the summer songs, only you can hear at the moment at the field and gardens. All thing beaming smile silently I think...

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Butterfly Strategy

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  • Female reproductive system (human)

  • Paul Ehrlich

  • Edward Glaeser

  • Mimicry

  • Butterfly

  • Butterfly Effect

  • Political entrepreneur

  • Strategic Dominance

  • The Population Bomb
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Who needs an inflation-targeting central bank when we have Pick n Pay?

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Pricing

    Good Try!! I know what you are doing! Fist of bribe - Villainy of seduction, but least summons its intention!

  • Pricing
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Wisdom

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Wisdom

    Greg Mankiw - Principles of Economics

    "Wisdom" - The word economy comes from the Greek word oikonomos, which means "one who manages a household..." drop off what you are doing - dig economy! Become a cool Wisest! Making lots of money, he must get his PhD economy for managing his money! He can paint his own money!

  • Milton Friedman

  • Wisdom

  • Eastern Philosophy
  • Thursday, July 17, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Competition is good for consumers

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Competition is good for consumers

    Discounted 0.50cent for the foot in the door, prove yourself as a reliable good worker and bargain again, this time $2.10. Here is another possibilities for an extension market(monopoly!); play cello for $2 and play piano $2(practices and making money same time! if your brother complained the noise, tell him you are “working”! and tell him he doesn’t have the tuning ears!) gathering fruit $2, pick up eggs $2, tidy up your room for $2 and comb grandmamma hair for $2, reading script for $2, change water altar daily $2, changed candles $2, maintaining Four Friends of the Study $2, feed chickens $2, feeding dogs(Yellow (Nuruyingyi (Korean))and Boop(Korean?)) for $2, cut flowers $2, watering orchid for $2 = Sum of $28, discount price altogether $15 weekly, as you don’t have to do them daily! You can buy lots of cartoon book! And ice-cream too! Wowww, gees gees geee…gigs this is very profitable market! Make sure positioned as monopoly yourself! If you brother try to enter the competition, well yell YELLLL….at him with your foghorn voice, saying this is your market!

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  • Personalized marketing

  • Employment Trends (EMP/TRENDS)
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand IX

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand IX - Flying Econo-obnoxious

    Korean cars hit the jackpot! Nasty gasoline price good for the Korean car industry! Gasoline, you are a hansome-ist meanness!! High High up up!! He he…

  • Histroy of the Automobile

  • Used Car

  • Automobile
  • Tuesday, July 15, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: What I am doing this week

    Greg Mankiw's Blog:He is doing the HP Filter this week

  • James H. Stock - Optimal Invariant Tests for Instrumental Variables Regression

  • Wow! he stays at a nice hotel!

  • Time series

  • Linear filter

  • Kim, Hyeongwoo - Hodrick-Prescott Filter

  • Kim, Hyeongwoo -Working Papers

  • Hodrick-Prescott filter - Wiki
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: Career Planning

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Career Planning - Life Planning

    Concur career planning model!

  • All about Career

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH), 2008-09 Edition
  • Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: A Reading for the Pigou Club
    Fearful madness fortunetelling “Gas”, Let me see your fat face. A lucky face. You are a big nosed Pinot Noir flavored expression only in your night-cap. World now listen your spiral string orchestra, grace of every end of human existence. Gas, recover your memory where you had your price was a scrape of a hanging gallows. I am not envy your greasy eminent face, rather I would like to be a lean and mean rollerblading face-physic.

  • Pigovian tax

  • Alarm on carbon trading scheme - Jeffrey Sachs

  • Health topics
  • Sunday, July 6, 2008

    Climate Change All Saved in Here -

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Rogoff joins the Pigou Club: "Rogoff joins the Pigou Club"

    A while back, Greg Mankiw gave four reasons not to join the Pigou Club:

    1. You deny the existence of these externalities as a type of market failure...

    2. You recognize the externalities but you don’t think the government should try to respond to them. You are such a believer in small government that you are willing to live with inferior economic outcomes, such as pollution and congestion.

    3. You recognize the externalities, think the government should try to correct them, but think the current low taxes we put on gasoline are sufficient...

    4. You recognize the externalities but think the government should try to correct the market failure through regulations (such as CAFE standards) or through market-based solutions that do not raise government revenue (such as cap-and-trade systems)...

    The Pigou Club

    Bryan Caplan Politely Declines to Join the Pigou Club - Yeah, he might have better ideas!

    Garnaut Climate Change Review

    Garnaut Review

    The Pigou Club Manifesto
    All you need to know about Garnaut

    Reserve Currency

    Reserve Currency
    Forex Online Training Courses- Learn how to make money online

    Saturday, July 5, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Snarkiest - Coolest url of All Time

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Coolest url of All Time

    I think it is a great idea for the Chinese image, all culture events are nice touch feeling. What An enchanting invitation!

    Societal psychology is characterised by fifteen key propositions:

    1. Human beings need to be studied in a sociocultural context
    2. The individual and the collective cannot be separated ontologically
    3. The ecology of the environment, its objective characteristics, needs to be studied alongside its mediated reality
    4. People create social organizations - but it is the social organizations that recast people
    5. Innovation is as much an imperative of the social system of relations to the environment as is conformity
    6. The aim of societal psychology is the development of conceptual frameworks or models rather than the forlorn search for invariant laws
    7. The need for theoretical pluralism
    8. There is a need to maintain a historical perspective
    9. Cross-fertilization between societal psychology and the other social sciences is indispensable for the adequate analysis of social phenomena and social systems
    10. There is a need for cross-fertilization among societal, developmental, and personality psychologists
    11. There is also a need for cross-fertilization between basic and applied research
    12. Societal psychology requires a systems approach
    13. The study of a social phenomenon requires a multilevel approach, at the macro as well as the micro level
    14. We need to accept and examine the implication that there is no such thing as value-free social research
    15. We need to adopt a much wider range of research tools


  • Photo Essay: Revisiting the Most Controversial Olympics of All
  • Culture of Australia
  • China Culture
  • POP CULTURE; The New Colossus: American Culture As Power Export
    Symphony of Millions - Melting Love
  • <

    Greg Mankiw's: Moving down the NX(e) curve

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Moving down the NX(e) curve - International price for brain currency - Mind Bargain, Cycle Sale

    Everyone gets bargain: Oversea student can study top universities, USA can attract quality of human resource to build knowledge economy(if they decide to stay at the USA after they finish their education, even they return their own coutnry, good for the building a relationship) without any taxpayer cost; the student bring their own money for fee, lodging etc… the old saying goes; you can eat chickens as well as eggs. But heheh becuase of the economy suffer … in a life you can not get everything what you want. Give some take some, but occasionally you can get everything; a such as…. Let me think… Yes eventually the economy picks its belly up then you get both brain and money. Conquer with knowledge and mind not a gun! The knowledge economy is the lasting comparative advantage!

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  • Foreign Policy: Your portal to global politics, economics, and ideas
  • Friday, July 4, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Good of Affluence

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Good of Affluence
    Slave of money or Owner of money - The choice is yours!

    Happiness, so many happiness written form; ethic sacrifice confrontation dedication appreciation, etc… I am not so sure which one which but question is what is really happiness, what is it? Can I feel, see and can touch? The fleeting moment, I don’t know… must worthwhile looking into the life. Why everything so tangled? Why can they simple as baby smile! I am happy now I just feel. Keep this way then…

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  • Psychologist Produces The First-ever 'World Map Of Happiness
  • Maslow's hierarchy of needs
  • Happiness
  • Thursday, July 3, 2008

    Every civilization start from the bed room

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Not exactly what they had in mind - "Exactly" what they had in mind

    Wow - Wonder how many women fantasized George Bush during their stimulus session – ripple effect.
    Spending multiplier; great increase bed room performance – increase people's happiness - increase productivity at the work –– Decrease inflation – decrease unemployment – Increase nation's GDP

    Wednesday, July 2, 2008

    Greg Mankiw's Blog: Machiavellian Entrepreneurs

    Machiavellian Entrepreneurs - Survival fitness perfect competition – whores shoes pimps tail, oldest cure-all gentle - manly business

    ...And when using the power of the state to thwart competition, they can both pretend to be acting in the public interest.-- Yes, indeed best of the public interest that is why the business sustainable forever as long as where the human is.
    Noble and virtuous sustainable practice: the baits of living is dolly jolly business!

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  • Niccolò Machiavelli
  • Speech of Captain William Eastwick

  • ...the Treaty of the 25th November, 1838. Let us read Article VIII. It runs thus.In order to
    " improve, by every means possible, the growing
    " intercourse by the river Indus, Meer Roostum
    " Khan promises all co-operation with the other
    " powers, in any measures which may be hereafter
    " thought necessary for extending and facilitating
    " the commerce and navigation of the Indus."
  • Inevitability of the Conquest of Sindh by the British in 1843