Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everything has Its Purpose!

The other day I stand at a bridge and was looking down at water, it flows seamlessly. Tenderness boldness it has temperament in that flow. What a feeling of intensity in that flow, but nevertheless seamless. I am always amazed by force every time I see. Many difference colors; expression of its mood; dark green dark charcoal, rainbows color, bright blue all colors in there with moody acquaintance. And then I turn around see building, sunset and people. O that is right splendorous of the nature the law of physics; gravity times motion matter energy etc…, that make me humble too. I can leap from deep flow and sending me to sky, saying how magnificent the nature is! How it works how it works with us; small flowers, children faces and cloudy at the sky, people walking their little momentary movement, all ingrained at a time of day. The nature, the fundamentals and our life, it seem to imperative daily fitness work, endlessly! Born in spring, thriving at summer and harvest autumn and decay at winter! Everything has its purpose!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Don’t be Fooled!

Read read and make yourself become ugly bulgy economists, autonomous depend no but only yourself internal accord so ugly become a beauty! Wear it proudly gaudily put on your forehead token of achievement! Gosh what vermin venin, why people are showing off their ugliness in a guileful glassiness. Here is Paul Krugman’s Import-substituting industrialization make your own. You know all imperialism. Manipulation general population of a countries few dictators and ruins, ransack people’s sovereignty. So they become poor all the time. So if you want become a rich the democracy is calling the shot! E.g Uncle Sam’s MacDonald, Cola-cola, Hollywood, Google and Prof Krugman’s brain-washing blog, which attract-probably- for millions people around world is the very best way colonization of world. The Uncle Sam’s way kind of rip-off people’s brain-drain. You can see everyone flee to NYT, bloodsucking his blog. Saying eating the Nobel brain - gable gable yam yam-every morning so people are thinking that his Nobel is belong to them, they all think they are in sitting at Uncle Sam knees - that is part of devious riff-off seduction strategy, be aware he might make you high and dry! Don’t be fooled! Anyway here is what I am saying is that, you know people never have any clues that they had been rip-off their souls by the devil Uncles Sam’s charming capitalist mask. When you have a certain level of credibility like Uncle Sam; has credibility proven his track record under his clews ( although last few years bit dinted his ego but still) and his seduction is much easier that is how I see. Another hand the poor mates of his, ever struggling each other, so endless war against the bully Uncles Sam! Do you think any other bully comes up and challenge the bully? Wow that would the WWIII! I want to go my own star make my own so I will never see the ransacking WWIII! You can now ask yourself Prof Krugman’s ultra agenda for his Class Note for the blog!! Make you addictive his blog like my addiction for Disney cartoon!

Here is the strategy; not seduced by cunning bullies, build your own internal strong ground, believe system; it takes time but not possible… allied with common good instead of your own greediness! The end justified mean!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trade, Trade Your life!

Prof Paul Krugman Feb Class Action
I think major reasons decline interwar trade is slowly down competiveness among countries probably linked with the ineffective dispersion of automation in production line and its techniques? Full of bottle neck around all production line. As a result poor economic growth. (E.g. Deming’s TQM was the bible of the Japanese managers after WWII)

Another reason declined is that protectionism, the international trade flourished late 1800s ends in early 1900s and replaced protectionism until the great depression in 1930s. The first global trade starts this period of time I think 1913s. So increase international trade through ocean transportation with a huge cargo ships instead steam trains ships through canals and railroads. Another factor is currency devaluation also contribute the fact. It really means two things are determined global trade; transportation costs and tariffs. I think of the old silk roads the romantic camels across desert roads.

Up date: Wow nice to see he is puzzling! I though he knows everything in economic! He wrote very easily in here for us! He thinks we are all undergrads, babies! Patronizing, I hate people patronizing me! Anyway glade to know unknown area. I never thought economic effects in every our breath! Wonder all these economists thinking economics while they are; sleeping eating making love and calming and under top etc…etc…! Physicist think of law of gravity, and light of time, Don Juan think of seduction in every his breath! Don’t get it wrong I am very innocent; mind you I have wild imaginations that is all! Do you think we are heading for WWIII? Who is going to be the initiator? I don’t mind being the One? Some one has to the start always and the person is not necessary the last person in the planet! Anyway last person in the planet won’t be fun! He has to lots of dirty to bury all the dead corps but he can be the Victor! I like economic because our life story and law as well all the tales tales, we have some great stories in our case laws in Australia, all histories, some of stories quite sad, heart broking and enlightening to read. Professors who taught me both law and economic were very charismatic dynamos! Anyway all teachers like bit up themselves, all patronizing I think! I mean real teachers I am talking, you know what I mean! Trade is deadly business indeed! All related; politics philosophy geography cultures etc..., endless… how could we learn these things our short life that is I am asking!

Why things are so beautiful?

Superb stuff, why things are so beautiful? She is roaring, but sad she is dead. Beautiful as she is wild as she is, traceless she is, fleeting warm tempos in her breasts, these things are dead that is why so beautiful forever! Great pity I didn’t have chance to see her live performance though. Once I was very young, saw her performance at TV, she was with her husband, just like the clip, I was awe struck; it was Dvorak Cello Concerto then. When I listen her performance I feel very spooky ghostly haunting, that is right she has possessed haunted aura. Bit of goose bump goes up, feel strange always fiercely she comes to me with tears tears agony so sad about her. I always like her best in that way!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


She was a beautiful with brown hair few strips of dark pink and dark pearly eyes. Blooming summer flowers, no hint of make up. Un-rolling entirely green lane with her carefree entrance.

“ hi! It is hot day, it is nice spot in here, wow what are you doing? waiting for someone?
I just finish my first job interview city and before I go home to tell my mom and come down in here for while!
She just said that to me as if I was her sister. I was quite stunned because, no stranger whom I have never met before --- no one talk to me like that familiar way. But funny thing was that I was coupling to her spontaneously eagerly
“O how was the interview? It was a good? I asked her.
O yes hospitality, waiting on restaurant and bartending, $30’000 per annum! She said. Wow that is very handsome indeed!
You will be right!
I am sure you will get it! I was exciting that was right I was exciting.
We just met few minutes ago we hit hot air on her professional career I was humbled by her freshness, her frankness telling because I was not sure why but amazing thing was I was very eager to pleasing her because I was grateful that I was the first persons she confided her first job interview. Was she stressful? So she wanted let it go? I was wondered.
Nice to get the job in the city I don’t mind travelling! She was breathless.
Where is your home? I asked her.
O do you know Lilydale? She asked.
Yeah! I answered.
Not so far from Lilydale, I stay with my mom and dad, if I get the job I want to pay mom $100 per month O maybe $200! She said.
At the moment I am studying hospitality at an online a TAFE collage. She was singing, a nice voice.
O that is great! I rolled my words.
I could move into my boyfriend house I could give his mom that money but I rather give my mom that money! so my boyfriend come to stay my mom’s house, his mom said I was best thing happen to him! She twinkles in her eyes.
I bet, you are very beautiful you know? I said.
I met him when I was 11th grade we went out for while, we didn’t do anything for while. My mom said I should know him first, so we get together you know what I mean? She asked me. What that mean? I asked her back.
“Sex! Everyone doing it straight way, they even don’t know each other, eleven years old twelve years old girls doing it, and they get pregnant and disease too! She was informative.
Really amazing really? I earnest.
One of my best girl friend she is nineteen now, had her child when she was 16 years old, and she dropped out school! Her baby is a beautiful boy, she and I massive fell out on my eighteen birthday! That happens you know? She said.
O I don’t know I have no idea! I was talking to myself.
Did she know what she was getting into? Having a child? I asked her.
Yeah, her mom was supporting her and also she gets money from the government too! She said. Who is the father of her child? Does she has a job? I asked her.
I don’t know she doesn’t say, she knows but she doesn’t tell me! she is training to become a aerobic instructor but… too early I think, I want to have children when I am in lest twenty five, not before! She said.

That sounds great, you could get a nice job and doing lots of interesting things for yourself then…see the world! I said.
Yes I would like to be a flight attendant, one of my aunty is a flight attendant, then I can go different places! She was getting exciting.
O that is great O what a great idea…. You will go interesting places and meet lots of interesting people …. I said to her

What a warm summer earning evening! Crested crescent on her sky mighty nuptial her night.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Study the cave men’s recolonization
Gentlemen deceive themselves. It is not free trade that they are recommending to our acceptance. It is, in effect, the British colonial system that we are invited to adopt; and, if their policy prevail, it will lead substantially to the recolonization of these states, under the commercial domination of Great Britain…. Henry Caly, 1832

Gentlemen, that is right it is men’s world. All the way long cave men ruling, when I think of the men, conquerors. very territorial savage beasts prowling around. So they keep going with their stone age tool, they had they have they will have nations states commonwealths planet and spaces, colonized and recolonized again again. Mistresses multiple wives, will be forever! While we women, little piddling brassieres fighting, saving armpits or not, encapsulating nipples, who cares second sex or first sex! Anyway I went the Sydney Myer Music Bowel Bowl summer concert!- As I told you I am a free rider! - That is right, he was a man. I was thinking while drinking and listening and watching sky stars. What a night what a life after we all gone still the stars sky there will be all the same! I had more than my normal! If we women want to improve our wo/menhood we have to more systematic bold approach like the cave men! Lay out conquerors spirit. We trained ourselves thinking like them; of nations, of states, of countries, and planet and fellow wo/men. Good for everyone…good for whole… that is why they rule from dark caves forever with enlighten beastly eyeballs, never worry about residential women’s flanking nag. They never changed never will be all the same. Actually like a cradle song then what went so wrong … humh

Monday, February 15, 2010

I Am The Free Rider!

Nice things come freely without politics so no tariff so no deadweight loss therefore end of the day go around the around about, everyone gets bargain and gains, therefore make them happy and sweet! Wow this mean everyone going to jolly fat? But world is fair that mean no politics that mean not fun! A guerilla strategy is always effective so. That is right I am a free rider? Love so much free things who cares as long as I get the free sweet things and fat my pocket and everyone are dead by deadly deadweight loss I don’t care!

Hey, I never heard about this guy before!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Executive Summary!

Image from Wikipedia
Love is pain in ass, deadly toxics addictive wiht many faces, the evil genius bastard! When you are hit by the evil genius you crumbled down you knees and kisses its ominous deadly mouth and give dark intoxicative deadly kisses. Demonic pledge for the hellish nuptial! --Goethe's Faust, come to mind. Goethe was lustful deadly bastard!-- Day and night yearning for dying in its hands, that is right! Your tormenter kill it or to be killed by it. The dark sinners hellish traitorous the better. Well, anyway all lovers kiss so much they had bee stings lips, put lip ointment in their sore lips for valentines day. Gosh they had brush teeth and gargoyle gargle every time they kiss kisses. Having garlic food for a romantic dinner; king pawn prawns stir fry, garlic scallops stir fry with onions that make them stinking smell all around with their nice rose scented mouths and meaningful commercial kiss licks. Merchant of love goddess blessed at the quick buck day. Love handling; young lovers hold flowers with eyeballing each other and hold a day for together in their eye sockets. Well when they die theses are sockets. See the painting van Gogh skull. So they gazing at their dead lovers in their anatomical sockets, lits neon lighted sockets; finding and lost loves. No eyeballs but sockets of sockets. Rose flowers was ugly they were everywhere – a walking rubbish bins. Love become so cheap breathlessly hanging its necks on the plastic wrapping. Wonder that is why the legend of star crossed lovers; Juliet asked Romeo, “dear Romeo we should committee suicide when we are young and beautiful that make us legend!” That is why they are legend. You never heard of old people dead love. Wow love is only for young then? That is right love mean young, poor and beautiful agonizing and committed suicide too, it supposes to be. But love is cheap whole sale! Everyone gets bargain! Love is no more exhilarated but exhausted, because young mean no more poor but rich unromantic, Love is dead!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cave Men's Symphonic Poem!

This interesting article from Project Syndicate:
…The commercial shows a beautiful nude woman, posing in front of her mirror, taking pleasure in slipping on sexy black panties and black stockings with garters – before covering up in a black burqa. All we see, as she looks out of the window, are her eyes, nicely framed in mascara. The tagline? “Sexiness for everyone: everywhere.”…
Precisely, around the world, sales figures of woman things, you can easily figure out what is hu/woman nature is. Doing economics! Wow still “feminists” around? I thought they all dead by now! Ugly bums rite of sainthood, they should learn nail-nut-bolt, nitty-gritty number crunch first places. Their hysteria is a little rat-hole view-point, without numbers they “missed-the—whole- point” and. “feminism” (I still don’t understanding the meaning of this word and what they were/are doing) squawkers on their warble warble’ picker fence, and hangings their old cheap wear-tear floppy bras bracing in their stinking hairy armpit/legs parodies. For me this is “fat ugly” ivory towers female’ men haters dome. I have never seen any good-looking female doing feminism stuff. --- they do dos “how to do nitty and gritty, nails and bolts, or dogs with bones kind of gleams --- while ugly females are, try to cover up their rejection, so they using word “degrading”, hey no one degrading women wearing head gear. Wo/Men in general don’t like ugly women! But mind you, beauty is strange thing! Anyway a woman in a dark garment and covering up their entire body at a heat, they are hot stuff! I hold my gaze on a dark scarved vigil lady with little admiration of their heat proof. Ideology cookie baking at a walky-talky oven or mourning for dead woman alter ego society! For me, this kind of issue is an individual choice. I don’t think their men asked these women (who live outside of Arabic world) covering up their faces but a choice of their own. As these women want to hide their fat/ugly under loss cloths. Not-Have-it-not-flaunt-it! It was hard to tell whether their covertures; sexy curves or pumpkin beeper-bump. But their movement showed that they were walking-fat trays, walking rain-water-tank zombies.

Cunning, they want to easy life and easy way out( women in west much hard life), hide their ugly bloopers under floppy garment, rubbing their grandmas’ cooing ointment their men’s ears and saying to them, their beauty is only to be seen by their only man, so stay at home and fatting their bums. So matter of choice. Young women were wearing their dark head gear very beautifully with top of their tight blue jean and high hills that is ok. Little girls wear them with bright colors. What a pure enchantment!(I tell them please “don’t grow up ugly!”). What the hell, if women want to cover up their ugly(beautiful) body and mind, only for their only man at a dark cave and journey for their flogging “only you” ideology, that is ok. And. Another side, women overjoyed with their full silicon booted breasts as a medallion of womanhood, celebration of many men-holes stage that is ok. Their bodies they can do whatever they want as they belong to them and they also belongs to them too. They can do their overture and conciliation in their young –bodies- minds at a graveyards and a candle lit dinner for their second life. Get it! A cool judge with his wig with bikini that would be a hot verdict!

Belief is demonic goddess. Goddess demand worshipers; enemies are masked by many different forms. You can find every faces of your own enemies if you want. “Feminists” feed their cheap greasy food name of women liberation. Their cozy life didn’t know what take to women forward as they didn’t the homework..., no hard data. Thus they didn’t or will not do, how to improve of womanhood. Women in today simply, as their men want them go out work!! Devious Cave men sitting at back cave take all the honey fruits, smiling and watching stupid fool front seat feminists’ claptraps. And saying; go girls, go kill, here are our tools makethem yours thanks thanks! Men are the victors, have cake and eat it too!

By the way if a man suicide boomer, for his eternal reward is 72 virgins in his harem for his ardent blows up, what is the eternal reward for the female-boomer? Ultimate discrimination! Full of it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Very Nice, Kind and Strange Free World!

Gee Wow Wow Gee so many nice things are freely come! Have a look this Prof Krugman’s freebee class action! and here too. Well I don’t care “there is no such thing as free lunches!” as they say, but as long as I get things free I feel free I freely admitted that I love free things! Of course this is free world! World is freely kind! That there is lots of free sumptuous dinner around. As long as that is not my opportunity cost, my eyes only there is a “ lots of free lunch/dinner” is good, hoping lots of free things are freely around, that is what I am saying freely. Any way lots of visual feast for your hungry mind. Eat up all these hard physical data in your statistical mouth, chewed and hammered down in your vicious/carnivorous teeth, tuck them into your insatiable mind and storage for your rainy day! Get it! Economic chart are same as like Chagall paintings. Full of everything have been engrained. Also they are smell of blood, charts of warlords, unfairness, to be eaten or to eat. As result the world are imbalanced today and the imbalances are shifting due to course ofcourse. Whenever I see Chagall’s, I feel like inside of womb of my village, nice timid backward, world went by nice hiccups and come back with silkily detailed derails. Chagall’s paintings tell tales of my village. I think we human endeavour is all the same whether you are economist or painters, using similar type of visual, symbolic festivities in their field of work. They make me bit weepy/indigent because these tells us our childish turf war days and grown up world not much different. Among many other Chagall’s, “the birth” I have been thinking recently, I saw a exactly same scene in my village when I was very little. A lady who was pregnant heavily at the time - I think a cosmetic sales person, during her visit in our village and start her “water break (?)” on a roadside so she had to give a birth her child on road side. Not so far from our house but she could not move so she had to her labour on the spot! That is right on the spot job - of road side work - an instant room for her labour, a tent with blankets and sheet. All the village women like flees, a huge fussed about from nothing really I think! But for me immense thing I never missed a such event - I was/am a busybody "want to know" by nature you know- I saw the child with a thing around s/he head. It was an amazing unforgettable scene. I have been thinking that eerier scenery recently. It comes to my mind vividly; the sunny day all the things are blessed with dancing motion and welcomed the child field of green, greeting with velvety rush blanket(can be called a primitive but least in a clean air for the child first feast!), with full of joy and love from the earth. They said it is a good omen for the village. Not a concrete with full of smell of disinfect. Any way trade made us bazillion of wealth and, and prosperity of civilization as the data indicates, but also lots of nice things disappeared. I always think of the romantic Silk Road Trade. People no longer cares of each others, mobility made us we live apart saggared and beguiled distant, through world come closer by this fast efficient/closer knit global family, but emotionally we are far away from each other. We all become strangers of our own surrounding in our time! Indeed strangers of our time! Estranged ourselves within ourselves! Why am I linking to Prof Krugman’s economic and Chagall painting? That is a good question!

Correction: I just have been looking the definition of “busybody” is not really good definition for my angelic personality(don’t you dare laugh!) but rather I am not a trouble maker but I just want to know things that is all that was what I am trying to say. So don’t get it wrong as I don’t want to be branded as an evil trouble marker but rather I want to claim my right to be know if I want to know things that are even if that is not my affair! so what I am? A bloodsucker