Thursday, February 18, 2010


She was a beautiful with brown hair few strips of dark pink and dark pearly eyes. Blooming summer flowers, no hint of make up. Un-rolling entirely green lane with her carefree entrance.

“ hi! It is hot day, it is nice spot in here, wow what are you doing? waiting for someone?
I just finish my first job interview city and before I go home to tell my mom and come down in here for while!
She just said that to me as if I was her sister. I was quite stunned because, no stranger whom I have never met before --- no one talk to me like that familiar way. But funny thing was that I was coupling to her spontaneously eagerly
“O how was the interview? It was a good? I asked her.
O yes hospitality, waiting on restaurant and bartending, $30’000 per annum! She said. Wow that is very handsome indeed!
You will be right!
I am sure you will get it! I was exciting that was right I was exciting.
We just met few minutes ago we hit hot air on her professional career I was humbled by her freshness, her frankness telling because I was not sure why but amazing thing was I was very eager to pleasing her because I was grateful that I was the first persons she confided her first job interview. Was she stressful? So she wanted let it go? I was wondered.
Nice to get the job in the city I don’t mind travelling! She was breathless.
Where is your home? I asked her.
O do you know Lilydale? She asked.
Yeah! I answered.
Not so far from Lilydale, I stay with my mom and dad, if I get the job I want to pay mom $100 per month O maybe $200! She said.
At the moment I am studying hospitality at an online a TAFE collage. She was singing, a nice voice.
O that is great! I rolled my words.
I could move into my boyfriend house I could give his mom that money but I rather give my mom that money! so my boyfriend come to stay my mom’s house, his mom said I was best thing happen to him! She twinkles in her eyes.
I bet, you are very beautiful you know? I said.
I met him when I was 11th grade we went out for while, we didn’t do anything for while. My mom said I should know him first, so we get together you know what I mean? She asked me. What that mean? I asked her back.
“Sex! Everyone doing it straight way, they even don’t know each other, eleven years old twelve years old girls doing it, and they get pregnant and disease too! She was informative.
Really amazing really? I earnest.
One of my best girl friend she is nineteen now, had her child when she was 16 years old, and she dropped out school! Her baby is a beautiful boy, she and I massive fell out on my eighteen birthday! That happens you know? She said.
O I don’t know I have no idea! I was talking to myself.
Did she know what she was getting into? Having a child? I asked her.
Yeah, her mom was supporting her and also she gets money from the government too! She said. Who is the father of her child? Does she has a job? I asked her.
I don’t know she doesn’t say, she knows but she doesn’t tell me! she is training to become a aerobic instructor but… too early I think, I want to have children when I am in lest twenty five, not before! She said.

That sounds great, you could get a nice job and doing lots of interesting things for yourself then…see the world! I said.
Yes I would like to be a flight attendant, one of my aunty is a flight attendant, then I can go different places! She was getting exciting.
O that is great O what a great idea…. You will go interesting places and meet lots of interesting people …. I said to her

What a warm summer earning evening! Crested crescent on her sky mighty nuptial her night.